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109 reviews about The Pets Hotel

09 Jan 2014

My 2 dogs and cat have just spent 10 days staying at the Pet Hotel whilst we were overseas. As my pups are only 1 and never been away from me I was extremely anxious and distressed about leaving them for so long. From the minute I arrived at reception (in floods of tears) I felt happier by the minute that they were in the right place. We loved that we could check in on them via the webcam and watch them playing and enjoying their days. We had contact several times with the staff via email and phone calls and each time were so impressed with the professionalism and kindness they showed us and our fur-babies. They arrived home in the Pet Hotel Limo smiling and calm. We cannot thank everyone at the Pet Hotel enough and we will recommend them to everyone we know....10/10 experience

Approximate cost: $2000.00

20 Feb 2018

I highly recommend the pets hotel the comfort I felt in knowing my pet as being taken care allowed me to enjoy my break. I will definitely use them again.

20 Feb 2018

I got back a new dog , a got good mixer with other dogs and a much better eater, he was a picker when we left him. To say 90 characters is unnecessary when you can by saying it with 30 .

Approximate cost: $900.

20 Feb 2018

From the moment we walked through the doors at the Pets Hotel we loved the friendliness, cleanliness, their obvious love of the animals in their care and the atmosphere in general.

We already booked our furry friend in for another stay.

Loved it!

25 Jan 2018

Our dog is less stressed when at the Pets Hotel than other kennels and the staff seem like they are into it and genuinely concerned about your pet.

22 Jan 2018

Great staff and quality of care for all animals!!
Our dog had been going to daycare once a week since she was 4 months old and loves it!
It’s fantastic for her soclisation!
All the staff and lovely and the building is air conditioned which is important in summer.

21 Jan 2018

I always leave my dog with these people during X'mas and they takes good care of him. They are reasonably priced as well.

21 Jan 2018

Cariad, as a very regular visitor is always well taken care of & although often meowing loudly is very content with life when collected. All due to the very caring staff. Thank you all

20 Jan 2018

It's a great place that really does love dogs. It's a bright, happy, clean environment and not wildly expensive.

19 Jan 2018

The staff at the Pets Hotel are just awesome. There care for our Dog is like its there own highly recommended.

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