8 reviews about The Reject Shop

22 May 2014

I shop at Reject Shop often & I accidentally purchased 2 of the same item & realised when I got out the store, so I took back the extra item I didn't need for a refund. The lady in charge of the registers made suggestion that I had stolen the extra item & that I could've just gone back in the store, got the extra item & then said I want a refund. I didn't got back in the store for a refund, I stood behind the cashier that served me so she would remember. I would never go back to that Reject Shop again & the item I purchased fell apart (Bond's bed socks @ $3 a pair)when I got home so I will have to deal with this rude women again. Never accuse anyone of stealing unless you are absolutely sure they have stolen something. How embarassing.

Approximate cost: $56.69

07 Sep 2011

great service , great products , what else can you want . always great prices .....reject shop has what you want for that spare $2.00

28 Jan 2010

Staff at this reject shop can be quite rude and not approachable others are fantastic. I always purchase things from here and they are always of great quality and very very cheap. This shop can sometimes be quite dirty

27 Oct 2009

I love going in to a reject shop and spending a few minutes just browsing. You can always find something that you really need without even knowing you need it!!!

07 Apr 2009

i like the reject shop for their prices so i always shop there but find it frustrating sometimes with the range of products, i enjoy shopping here for the service as it is usually a very quick and easy shopping experience

14 Sep 2008

The new management team are making a difference come in and see it for your self. Some of the staff member are very helpful and ready to please. If you are not happy please contact the manager on duty at the time.

11 Nov 2007

I was in an isle and there were 3 employees stocking the shelves, they were carrying on, screaming, laughing out loud, throwing stock at each other, swearing and just having a bitching session. I was too intimidated to go and ask where something was, so I left.

Approximate cost: $0

misstl 22 May 2014 · 100% Trust

Thanks for your comment. The Checkout Supervisor was very rude to me & now I hear about the immature, swearing staff members that are stocking shelves, just monkeying around. Go into Bunnings & most of the staff members always greet you with a smile & ask if you need help with anything. Maybe they should send their staff to Bunnings to show how a real retail business is run. Just goes to show that whoever is in charge of staffing, only cares about profits & not customer service & professionalism at Melton Reject Shop. I wonder if the other stores are the same?? They need to lift their A-game is they want to see brilliant results.

04 Oct 2007

I use this shop frequently but only when I notice they are not doing a big stocktake or loading up shelves as the store is frequently a mess when they do this. I'm also careful who I will deal with at the register as some of the people are incredibly rude and arrogant - especially those in management.

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