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29 reviews about The Successful Investor

03 Oct 2016

As a client of The Successful Investor, I've found the people at TSI are very knowledgeable in property investing and are always reachable to answer so many of my questions.

I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to start investing in properties.

Thank you for your feedback. It's been a pleasure helping you through your property investing journey and we look forward to assisting you further in the future. Kind regards, Michael and the team at The Successful Investor.

04 Aug 2016

The Successful Investor is a fantastic property investment company. My partner & I were referred by a family member when we decided to start investing in property. The team at TSI are so organised, knowledgeable and have all of the information you need on hand so that you can make an informed decision in terms of investing in property. They make the entire experience very personable and it has been smooth sailing whilst working with them as a company so far. At the moment we are even more pleased as our first investment property has just been completed! Thank you to The Successful Investor and all staff involved, you've made our first investment property purchase a breeze of an experience. We can't wait to jump on board soon to look at purchasing our second investment property with you! We will and have been sending your details to all interested family & friends! Congratulations on such a fantastic business idea!
Kate & Mark

19 Apr 2016

I was initially quite sceptical about the services offered. A colleague recommended Anthony and the team after purchasing a property through them... About a year later, we committed to a property, and another not long after.

I believe they took the time to understand our wants / needs and helped every step of the way. I've been truly impressed with the service all the way through. Highly recommend having a conversation.

Thank you for your complimentary and very honest review. We're very happy to hear you've had a positive experience with The Successful Investor. It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to assisting you to build further wealth in the future. Thanks again for your feedback. Warm regards, The team at The Successful Investor.

01 Apr 2016

To The Successful Investor Team, or shall I address you as 'The Dream Makers?' As today you have made our dreams come true. You truly are Gods amongst men, Kings amongst peasants, Scousers amongst Mancs. Today I cheered for joy in the staff room, celebrating ownership of our first property, I explained to my work mates how exciting this was, and how The Successful Investor team (The Dream Makers) helped me achieve this. May all the Dream Makers live long and prosperous lives, our gratitude is with you forever. Joshua and Fiona.

25 Feb 2016

We have researched many property strategy companies and have decided to go with Michael and his team.
Karen has helped us every inch of the way calmly and professionally.

We would highly recommend their services.

Thank you for your lovely feedback. We have enjoyed helping you through the property investment process and look forward to assisting you further in the future. Regards, The Successful Investor.

25 Feb 2016

My partner Greg and I can't thank Anthony & The Successful Investor team enough for what they have done for us. The two Queensland properties that they sourced for us have ended up serving our needs extremely well.
We really enjoyed the last seminar that we attended in Richmond ( Love life Evening), the information was invaluable and the food was amazing too.

We really appreciate the feedback. Helping Greg and yourself has been our absolute pleasure. We're glad you enjoyed the seminar and agree, how yummy were those stuffed mushrooms!? We look forward to supporting your family into the future. Warm regards, Anthony and the team at The Successful Investor.

24 Feb 2016

I attended the LOVE 2016 event organized by "The Successful Investor" team. It was an amazing evening, really enjoyable with lots of information. I have known Michael now for many years and he is just a great mentor. He and his whole team are honest and very professional. They do all the hard work and make it very easy to buy an investment property.

Thank you for your very complimentary feedback. We're glad you enjoyed Love 2016, we did too! We are hosting another educational event on April 16th that may be of interest to you. Please send us an email on for more information. Thanks again, the team at The Successful Investor.

24 Feb 2016

When my husband and I attended their LOVE 2016 event, we were not very sure of what to expect, as we haven't bought a property yet and are still quite new to all this. But the event was very informative, gave us a good idea on what to expect and look for. Michael, Karen and the whole team are very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. We definitely will consult them when we buy our 1st investment property.

23 Feb 2016

I was very happy with the service I've received from everyone so far. Karen has been excellent. We are looking forward to a long and successful investing relationship.

Thank you for your feedback. It has been a pleasure working with you to achieve your investment goals.
Kind regards, Karen and the team at The Successful Investor

30 Sep 2015

I haven't bought a property from them yet but their service has been great, I went to a property forum where i learnt a lot from the guest speaker and I am on track to buy my first property. I met with 2 other companies and they both wanted money up front but i didn't pay anything here and they came to see me which was great. So far so good.

Hi Zoe
Thank you for your complimentary feedback, albeit a while ago now!
We have another event that may be of interest to you. Please send an email through to and we'll share the details.
The Successful Investor

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