17 reviews about Thresherman's Bakehouse

02 Aug 2017

Delicious and affordable meals, great service and calming atmosphere where you can chat and relax with others!

02 May 2013

staff aren't very accommodating, but a decent cheap go to breakfast place

is very massive with lots of seating, looks very melbourne with the indie and quirky posters

got the big breakfast for $10 which got me small servings of spinach and tomatoes, eggs, sausages and bacon

jettyb1 03 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Tops review mate, spot on

30 Aug 2012

Been going here on and off for the past 4 years. I do feel it has been slipping over this time period which is a shame. The standard of the food and the size has definitely gone down hill. It still is an alright place for a quick drink and a impromptu bite but it just has lost some of its appeal that makes you plan or want to go there now.

babenreviewer 12 Mar 2014 · 100% Trust

i do admit i have been going there less...

20 Aug 2012

This is really interesting restaurant. Its great for university students because their prices are very reasonable. Sunday mornings are really lovely there.

MazB35 20 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

Its a great place to stop for brekkie
Thank u for sharing :-)

sandrar6 20 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the comments.

06 Jul 2012

I absolutely love coming here. The only problem is there is so much choice,i can never decide! Lovely hot home cooked meals and soups,Fresh sandwiches and rolls, and very big bakery area with cakes,sweets and breads. The place is always busy because it is that popular. Highly recommend it!

Approximate cost: $12

MazB35 06 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

I agree, great place!

ashleyj 30 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

That's my problem too!! Too many yummy things to try!

babenreviewer 27 Feb 2014 · 100% Trust

it's always hard choosing which options to pick during lunch!

06 Jul 2012

nice big place with added charm, very popular for breakfast and lunch, or just having a coffee break

freshly made big breakfasts available for about $10

wide range of cakes and sweet too - had the yummiest choc iced doughnuts last time I visited

good range of hot meals available at lunch time (not sure about dinner time as I only go for breakie or lunch)

they also sell beer and wine

09 Oct 2010

This place is great if you study or work near Melbourne Uni and you want a quick meal that is reasonably priced and healthy. The dining hall atmosphere won't appeal to everyone, but the staff and clientele tend to be friendly so it never bothers me, even when I have to share a table with strangers :)
Overall, a very decent selection of starchy foods, vegies, and meat. This will be a favourite of mine for a long time.

Approximate cost: $12

18 Nov 2009

Was meeting friends who recommended this place for a light lunch in the Uni of Melbourne area. This was our meeting place and liked the ambience of a warehouse turned into a dining hall with all the choices of coffee, pasta, cakes, hot meal dishes for a very reasonable price! Had the chance to enjoy lunch in an unassuming conveniently located place as we had some errands to do in the city!

babenreviewer 12 Mar 2014 · 100% Trust

this is also one of my meetup places for lunch at uni, mainly because it's so close & it's not as busy as the shops at uni

10 Aug 2009

As a uni student, this place is a must! They serve warm food in big portions at great prices. The ambiance is always friendly and there's always a great selection of warm meals.

Approximate cost: $10

02 Mar 2008

Finding a good place to have a cheap lunch that has a lot of different foods can be hard to find, but that's where Threshmans comes in. Its and interesting cafe, not your run of the mill "what can i get for you" type place, but could almost remind you of an american school cafeteria, if it was inside a barn. Great atmosphere and usually filled with Uni student and business men and women. They have plenty to choose from, including pies, cakes, pasta, fried rice, rolls, and everthign in between. Great value is the $9 3 choice meal. May be hard to find a seat at lunch, so best get in early or later on.

Approximate cost: $12

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