7 reviews about Tides Inn Seafoods

16 Aug 2011

this place used to be great, they were always packed and you could get good fish and chips there. sadly over the past couple of years they may have changed hands or something because the fish is now aweful and we haven't gone back after a couple of bad experiences. I wish they were better, because now there's nowhere good to get seafood in albany creek. they've got the potential to make a fortune with a captive audience in albany creek, they just need decent food.

29 Jul 2011

Enjoy the food. Staff are always really friendly and the food is delivered in a timely manner. Worth dropping in.

14 Jul 2011

Good service & product has always been good when we go there. Nice to have access to fish & chips in the Creek.

Approximate cost: $14

06 Jul 2010

YUM YUM YUM!!! Food is fantastic! Staff are friendly (despite being soooo busy!!) Generally good portions for price although recently disappointed with paying $2.50 for a REALLY tiny prawn cutlet! Orders are generally fairly quick although on Good Friday, you might like to start lining up the day before ;)

30 May 2009

This is a busy little takeaway, so the food is always fresh as it has a constant turnover. It gets very busy on the weekends and they offer good little deals. Sometimes they even offer discounts for your birthday.

Approximate cost: $5

22 May 2009

Option to pre-order by phone and save on waiting time. Reasonably quick service. Fried food has nice clean crisp taste and is always hot. Friendly staff. Can eat in or take away.

29 Jan 2008

I buy from this store often because it has really fresh good quality fish n chips, no greasy stuff here, just good quality seafood at a good price, they serve it hot and even take phone orders so by the time you get there its ready to pick up

Approximate cost: $10

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