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11 Jan 2017

I have been going to Roxie for my hair and Julia for my waxing for over ten years. I could not be happier with my hair, the colour and cut is amazing. I could not be in better hands. Roxie is a must, she does become booked quite fast but will always try and work something out. Julia does all my waxing and facial needs. My skin has never looked better her collagen facial is out of this world. Ladies you need to visit my girls xx

23 Jun 2011

I have teenage daughters.. and we are heading into "formal" season. I have found the most amazing salon -Tint Line at Spit Junction Mosman. They offer a comprehensive service from all hair services to waxing, facials and nails. The value is extraordinary. I took my daughter in there the other day to make a booking for her hair to be done pre-formal. The blonde hair stylist asked her what she wanted - she has dead straight hair and wanted soft curls. She told the lady that the pre's were at 6pm and that she was doing all her girlfriends make up so asked fo an appointment at 1pm. The lovely lady said to her....do your friends make-up and then come and have your hair done at 3-4pm - that way your curls will hold - especially when you are dancing. So she got the lot done....looked gorgeous, cost me less than $60 and best of all the curls lasted all night. So Mothers and daughters book Tint Line.....ask for the blonde lady - she is fabulous....and the happy service won't break the bank. It is so good that we are able to support local businesses who provide service and quality of work that you would usually expect from an upmarket CBD salon.

Approximate cost: $60

23 Jun 2011

I have been going to Roxie for nearly 5 years now and would not know what I would do if she were to ever leave.She has outstanding customer service qualities, among most is her listening skills, product knowledge and reflective questioning skills.LET ALONE HER HAIRDRESSING SKILLS-COLOUR,CUT. SHAMPOO BLOW DRY WEEKLY.Her compassion for her customers was illustrated when a close member of my family died and her kind response to this..I highly reccommend Roxie and team at this establishment ...

22 Jun 2011

I've been going to tint line hair and beauty for 3 years now and as a women with very difficult hair to treat it's hard to find a stylist that knows what their doing, i always request the "bottled blonde" as I have complete trust in her capabilities as a hairdresser and she has never failed to give me a cut and colour that was anything less then exceptional. Around a year ago I had a few medical conditions that eventually started to affect my hair, I was as any women would be embarrassed of my appearance, at my next appointment I felt it was nessasery to tell my stylist so she knew how to treat my hair. And honestly I never expected to recieve such compassion and concern from "the bottled blonde" she really reassured me and didn't make me feel ashamed and was a great comfort. So I thank her very much from the bottom of my heart and can't wait to see you guys at my next visit. X

Approximate cost: $120

22 Jun 2011

I have been with Roxie for 8 years I have followed her from salon to salo. I love Tintline hair and beauty the girls are great they always make you feel special, they listen to what you want and they give you the best service. I am a bottle blonde and I love the way both Roxie and Sal do my hair and make me look like I was born this way. Julia is the best beauty therapist and does all of my beauty needs. All in all these girls are fantastic. This is why I will never leave Tintline hair and beauty

Approximate cost: $167

22 Jun 2011

Four years ago I walked in off the street...I was having a bad day. I have had "bottle blonde" hair until that day for 35 years and I usually hated it. I waled in to the salon and was greeted by this lovely young and bubbly blonde lady. She sat me done, listened to what I wanted done, she made some excellent suggestions....I left that day feeling a million dollars. I have never been to another salon since, nor would I. It is warm, friendly, the service and quality of craftmanship is exceptional....and it's a fun place to go. It is really good value and you know when you are there that you are always special. I love the place and can't understand anyone leaving there with a complaint of any kind. BTW - the head massages are awesome.

22 Jun 2011

by far think this is the best hair salon all the hairdressers there are by far the best.... This so called "bottled hair blonde" done an amazing job. I absolutely love my new look. She made it a great experience as well as give a great hair do... The service is great. She was so friendly and nice to talk made me feel as though i was at in the comfort of my own home. I would recommend this place and the same stylist to all my friends and family. She was great to work with and id not just give me the hair i expected she really did go above and beyond. I also recieved so many complimets and offcourese i referred them the "bottled blonde haired" girl.... Tint line hair and beauty is now the only salaon i would ever visit. I definately recommend it to all you girls.....

22 Jun 2011

I have been going to this hairdresser for nearly 5 years and I can honestly say I will not go to any other. The service is brilliant and my hair always comes out magnificent. I usually get just a normal hair cut and wash which is about $25
The hairdressers all know what they are doing and the 'bottle blonde' one in particular has in 5 years never given me a bad haircut, not only that she is fantastic to talk but she will keep you smiling! The price is excellent for Mosman and the atmosphere is even better, I recommend this to all my friends and won't stop anytime soon.

Approximate cost: $25 haircut

22 Jun 2011

I have never found better hairdressers than the girls who work at Tint Line. I have been going there over 3 years, I would trust my life in their hands. My hair always comes out looking great. They are the first people I call when I have a work event on and need my hair coloured and styled, everyone also loves the styles and colour and comments on it and asks where I got it done. I have recommended them to all my neighbors and friends who love the friendly service that is provided and have never had a problem with their hair cut or coloured, the price is really good as well for the local area. I have always recommend them and will continue to do so. The blonde hairdresser is my hairdresser and guess what, I have bottle blonde hair and it appears that the negative person has bottle coloured hair as well.

Approximate cost: $100

13 May 2010

By far the worst hairdresser I have been to. I was served by a girl, who seemed more interested in engaging in another customer's conversation than servicing me. I had highlights done, and I now look like a zebra - she did the worst job of anyone I have ever been to. I also took a photo in of my own hair that had been cut the way I wanted it a few years earlier by a different hairdresser, and asked for the same cut as what was in the photo ... but she completely ignored what was in the photo! She went on to say "I'm just going to cut it a little shorter and straighter to even it out". All I wanted was what was in the photo, not her version of what it should look like. The cut she gave me was a straight edge so I like a girl next door! I will never return to this salon. It was a waste of time and money.

Approximate cost: $100

nickyt 22 Jul 2010 · 60% Trust

I had the same experience last year so totally agree.

darrenn2 12 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

omg that sounds scarey thanx for the tip!

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