10 reviews about Tookaiya Japanese Restaurant

06 Aug 2016

service needs to be improved. went for dinner the other night, and yes it was busy, but the mains were all delivered split up instead of being delivered all at one time, plus they forgot my drink order.

30 Jul 2016

a bit overpriced, and i don't think the staf/fowners are japanese. this wouldnt be a problem if the food was good - it's fine, but nothing special.

Approximate cost: $25

30 Apr 2016

Nice Japanese food. Always busy. The food is always very good. Prices are a bit up there (but ten again it always is for Japanese food). Recommended.

12 Jun 2012

Fantastic food! Must book on a Friday night though. The sashimi tastes fresher than most and the servings are generous without being too much

Approximate cost: $30

marym66 07 Mar 2015 · 100% Trust

Yes. I went last night 6.03.15 and was told they didn't have any tables. Must be good, it was packed. I can't comment on the food, but the decor was indeed very nice.

19 Dec 2010

Amazing sushi, so much better than the sushi you can buy at the shopping centers. I am their number one fan of the terryaki chicken- it is packed with flavour.

17 Apr 2010

We have been visiting this restaurant since 2008, and we found this place is quite good in terms of their dish taste and price. I enjoyed their sushi rolls, which taste better than most of sushi shops.

Approximate cost: $28

13 May 2009

had a great meal, decent price scale, nothing special in looks but lovely food, staff are friendly and up to standards, meals aren't large so may need to order rice and entrees

Approximate cost: $30

27 Nov 2008

Although small, this restaurant offers some excellent dining. The menu is expansive - with pictures and explanations of each dish and the food is always very fresh.
The service can be a little slow at times but I continue to dine here year after year and the friendly staff and delicious meals more than make up for this.
If you've never tried Japanese food before, this is a great place to start. There are inexpensive banquet options which allow you to sample many tasty dishes.
The green-tea ice cream and the plum wine are delightfully sweet ways to end your meal.
Tookaiya is also BYO and is a great place to take a group of friends or to go with a partner.

One of my Top 5 restaurants - consistently excellent.

Approximate cost: $15.00

15 Sep 2008

I love this place. They always seem to have good quality, never to loud and the food tastes great. They are conveniently located on keilor road (plenty of parking available at the Safeway accross the road)

Approximate cost: $20

12 Dec 2007

I've been eating here for years, and the food is excellent and well-priced. If you like fresh, good quality Japanese food, you'll love it. The service can be slow but is more than made up for by the great food.

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