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15 Dec 2016

I would highly recommend Total Cleaning. Hany and Nadir arrived on time and did a fantastic job cleaning tiles, screens and floors of 2 bathrooms, one of which had been neglected for some years. A very professional team. I will have them back for future jobs.

Approximate cost: $390

Thanks Denise, it was a pleasure serving you

23 Aug 2016

Fantastic job. We had very soiled Austrian curtains and thought we would have to replace them for sure. Hany did a great job, very professional and prompt, and they turned out really clean.
Thanks for a job well done. Margaret, Cockatoo Cottages.

Approximate cost: $300

Thanx Margaret, we were pleased serving you yesterday and looking forward to serve you again

20 Aug 2016

Hany and Nadir did an excellent job cleaning our tiles and grout. All areas (including our problem area kitchen!) were cleaned and looked brand new. Hany gave us a fair price and took measurements before starting the work. We were very happy with the service and would definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you Hany and Nadir.

Thanx Dunyaa, we appreciate your business and looking forward to serve you again

18 Aug 2016

Team were friendly and did a fantastic job with oven, cleaning shower, fixing grout and steam cleaning furniture and carpets all in an afternoons work! Highly recommend!

Approximate cost: $850

Thanx Hannah, it was a pleasure serving you

16 Aug 2016

Quick response for quote followed by prompt scheduling. House looks like new! Great teamwork saved me a lot of trouble. Owner and staff all pleasant, friendly and approachable.

Thanks Dianne and we wish you all the best

12 Aug 2016

One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. TCM showed up to wash my walls. At $425 the price was high but I was led to believe the cleaning would be fantastic. They showed up and immediately started trying to get more money. Apparently the walls of my ordinary 2 bedroom workers cottage are unusually high - even though no mention had been made about height when the job was booked. It is just a normal little house but they showed up without ladders or equipment. They then went on to say that they would only wash the walls as high as they could reach. Washing walls half way up was not what I had in mind for $425 for a 2 bedroom, small house. But it got worse. They would not clean the skirting boards, the door frames or the window frames. When asked how much time they had allowed for the job, they said 2 hours - over $200 per hour!!!! Great work if someone is willing to pay. Finally as it became clear that they had no intention of cleaning I asked them to specify exactly what they would do and I made it clear that I would be back to check the work. With accountability hanging over their heads they chose to leave. Thank goodness. On the recommendation of my real estate agent I rang another provider and explained what I wanted done - all walls washed all the way up and not just eye level. The recommended provider quoted $33/hr with an estimate of 5 hours which turned out to be more than adequate for the job. I ended up getting windows cleaned as well, so for $200 I got all the walls washed including skirting, frames, cornices, doors and the windows washed as well as all the light fittings wiped down . Thank goodness I asked questions of TCM because they were not up to doing the job. This saved me $225 and ensured I got the job done properly. I would never recommend this company - they are over priced and not willing to work.

Approximate cost: $425

It was a complete nonsense, you deliberately hid some crucial detail about your job which made us unable to do it at that moment, the standard house ceiling height in Melbourne is 2.7 - 3.0 m and your house ceiling height is 4.0 m and all my clients in the past always mentioning this point at the time of their inquiry, but you didn't do that in a bid to get a lower quote of the job, also you have showed a disrespect to us when we met you and decided straight away not to service you because of that, you should show respect every time you meet a service provider whatever he is doing for you, you need to keep that in mind all the time.

rosey1357 15 Aug 2016 · 90% Trust

And yet another company managed to do the job without issue or complaint AND they charged less than half what you were asking. I have called TCM out on poor service and a lack of customer understanding. I would hope that they would benefit from that criticism but clearly that is not to be the case. Never mind. Plenty of competitors out there.

As I said before, you need to show respect to everyone first to get them work for you with a smile and you should give full details about the job without any hidden details, but with your disrespect attitude TCM will never service you.

08 Aug 2016

I am so disappointed with their service. They did two bathrooms and I really could see no difference if I did it myself. When I arrived home there was a trail of water from my ensuite to lounge room on my new carpet and they were just walking through it with boots on. When I said something he said "it's only water !" They then did my polished floor boards and I don't understand what they did. It left a film on the timber and when I called and asked about this he said sorry I meant to tell you this would disappear after a day or so. I had already told him I had a open house inspection the next day! Anyway it didn't disappear after a few days, it remained dull so I had to re polish myself and although it looks good now, patches still are dull. I am so disappointed with myself that I actually paid over $600 for this. Very disappointed with level of service and value for money

Approximate cost: $600

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I am not rude and never been too, I am just telling other customers what I have been through.

julieg47 13 Aug 2016 · 10% Trust

Very pleased to see another customer has agreed with me, I understand that people have all different experiences with services but I couldn't understand why there were so many positive after my awfull experience, so to see the re was another one was satisfying

rosey1357 14 Aug 2016 · 90% Trust

Hey julie47, could not agree more. What amazes me is this - rather than try to resolve his customer service issues, this operator thinks that abusive responses will impress future customers. Just so people know, his abusive attitude is in person as well, not just online. Womo is about true recommendations. I just left a great review for another cleaning company that completed the job these guys refused to do. These guys called me "immoral" for calling them out on bad service. Since when has an honest review been "immoral"? Potential customers can make up their own minds.

10 Jun 2016

Absolutely fantastic service from Hany and his team! At 39 weeks pregnant I needed someone to overhaul my hiuse and Hany delivered. Not only did he do a brilliant job, he was on time and I felt very comfortable leaving him and the team in my house to get on with the work. Could not recommend them highly enough and will absolutely use again!

Thanks a lot Kristin, it was a pleasure serving you today and looking forward to serve you again

23 Mar 2016

Our office flooded over the weekend. Hany and the team responded quickly and had the water removed by the afternoon. Very professional service, highly recommended.

22 Dec 2015

Very professional service and attention to detail . Will definitely use again. Tiles look amazing after cleaning.

Thanks Naveen and we look forward to serve you again.

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