7 reviews about Tracye Ready Podiatry

30 Nov 2017

Qualified podiatrist offering true results. Simply follow your prescribed regime and attend follow up visits.

05 Nov 2017

Tracey is a very good podiatrist, however her interpersonal skills are not. She can be quite abrupt and nasty. Puts money before people's feelings

davidh322 30 Nov 2017 · 60% Trust

Great podiatrist looking after your feet.. not your ego! Very reasonable rates. Time you got a sense of humour!

06 Sep 2011

I had trouble with heel pain when I was running but since getting the Podiatrists and strengthening exercises I am able to continue running without any pain. It has been absolutely awesome ! Everyone there was a great help .

28 Jul 2011

I have been getting my feet pampered here many times. Pleasant friendly and professional staff. The Podiatrist was nice and professional and everyone should go to there. Highly recommended.

03 Mar 2011

Tracye Ready is a very caring person who knows what she is doing. Tracye has been in the area for many years and is very well respected.

Approximate cost: $55.00

07 Oct 2010

Both my elderly parents are patients of Dr Tracye Reddy and are so impressed by the results they have been getting from various treatments received. They would never think to go elsewhere. The results speak for themselves. My parents are still going their for their followups and with great results. Also Dr Reddy will use the Medicare system of arranging for medical payment benefits. This has been very useful to my family.

10 Jul 2008

Tracye is a very experienced Podiarist with many years of experience and is well known in the area. She is very caring person who caters for everyones needs.

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