15 reviews about UFS Dispensaries

24 May 2017

This pharmacy on Sturt Street, Ballarat is fabulous. It has your usual prescription service, over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, baby needs, vitamins & minerals & a great range of trendy personal gifts & home decor items plus more. This store is always open... 24 hours. Very handy.

I purchased some pain relief medication recently, after dental treatment & I was given UFS (store brand). These tablets were hard to swallow due to their size & I nearly choked on a tablet several times. I broke it in half but the rough broken edge got stuck in my throat. The tablets need to have a polished coating which makes them easy to take, without incident. I took them back to replace them with tablets that were easier to swallow. But they wouldn't replace them, free of charge, which all their products need to be guaranteed. You pay enough for each product. 100% satisfaction or replaced/refunded. I am very happy with UFS Dispensaries usually but most of us are on a budget & they need to stand behind all their products they're selling with a100% satisfaction guarantee. More people will shop there also so they'll gain a better reputation.

Approximate cost: $60

10 Nov 2015

This dispensary has very professional staff that are very friendly & extremely helpful. Along with prescriptions & over-the-medicines, they have an extensive range of products including women & men's fragrances, handbags, purses, era gifts, candles, jewellery, makeup etc. A really great business to visit for more than just prescriptions & over-the-counter medicines. They also have a loyalty card program which gives you a great discount. Well worth the visit.

Approximate cost: $25

24 Sep 2013

UFS Dispensaries are great establishments.
Not only do they process scripts, they have a large range of all products. The store has a great lay out. Easy to get around and find things.
Prices are a tad high on their own products but that's to be expected.
They also have a members program which is great is your a regular

Approximate cost: $Average

28 Aug 2012

I got some pregnancy tests and some waxing strips ,the service was very good and they gave me some helpful information about some thing I wanted to buy

25 Aug 2012

Staff are friendly. They guide me to find what I exactly want. They gave me a card for membership which brings me 20% discount. It's comfortable and easy to brows something you like ...

05 Jul 2012

Great business, the staff always friendlly and willing to pass on any extra tips you may need. Discount card alway handy. The extra community nights that they have from time to time are also very imformative.

Approximate cost: $varies

05 Jul 2012

They managed to misread my script and refused to dispense my medication. They confiscated my script and I had to go back to my doctor, through another appointment, and get another script because UFS was too stupid to call my doctor and ask what his instructions were. They eventually apologised, but only after I spent a whole afternoon chasing up this script. Not good enough and I never go there anymore.

13 May 2012

The discount card is terrific! If you have a baby, I recommend joining their free baby club also. The change rooms are clean and inviting, it's a much better alternative to the public toilets across the road. The staff are friendly and helpful, when your baby has their first cold or cough and you're extremely stressed, the staff members will point out all of the products you'll need.
The member discounts on homewares and medicines are great and I love the occasional 25% off everything for members.. One membership I'm glad I have.

13 Mar 2011

customer service is good. some prices are very dear even with your card. the weigh loss program is also good and you are able to weigh in every week with out problem

Approximate cost: $10

10 Dec 2009

Friendly staff, great products, good member discounts. They have good specials on baby stuff. Worth becoming a member. There a few around too which is good.

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