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23 reviews about Untangled Living

02 Aug 2016

I had a Sciatica problem and a general sore body due to renovating. After an hour with Ebony which went so fast i walked out of her practice feeling fantastic! Saw Ebony for about 4 sessions straight to fix my problem I now see Ebony about every 6 months or so to get a tune up. Ebony is one of the most caring and passionate person i have ever meet. She makes you feel like a friend not a client. I would highly recommend Ebony to anyone with any problem.

01 Jul 2016

I have had back problems most of my life. I’ve struggled for many years to find the right person and the right practice to help with my back. I’ve tried physios, chiropractors and acupuncture – the list goes on. After further investigation I came across myotherapy. The practice was near to where I lived and I thought I would try it out. Ebony was the person I saw. After Ebony explained how it worked and then did a session with me my life changed. Ebony is very knowledgeable and is always keeping up to date with new techniques. I see Ebony on a regular basis and find this is the best way to manage my ongoing back problems. She has changed my life for the better.

19 Jun 2016

At an early age I was diagnosed with scoliosis and later severe permanent tissue damage around my spine. I was told I would never have children, and would be wheelchair bound at a young age. I have had physio, chiro and Bowen therapy over the years – all of which achieved very little pain relief. Many of the treatments over the years had made my condition more painful. I was prescribed medication for the pain, which I stopped taking, and stopped having treatment as I got no relief.
It took a great deal of trust to allow Ebony to work on my back – but I was regularly bedridden by my back pain again and decided to try remedial massage. For the last 2 years, Ebony has brought me much relief from pain and increased my movement range. She has fixed every flaring issue in one visit, which is amazing. Her wholistic treatment has made me work on my diet, and educated me about what to do between treatments to relieve pain.
I sincerely recommend Ebony to others for relaxation, and relief of chronic pain – her treatment has given me a quality of life and constant relief from pain, and the consequent restrictions, that I NEVER thought achievable.

15 Jun 2016

I first visited Ebony twelve months ago with the hope of treating an ongoing issue with lower back stiffness, and some other minor aches and pains. Through various techniques, including massage, needling and cupping, I am happy to say that I have had excellent results from working with Ebony. I now have monthly maintenance visits which keep my body on track.
I would highly recommend Ebony (and already have done!) to anyone wanting to see results, but furthermore, who wants a therapist who is knowledgeable, professional and personable. Ebony’s passion for her work is evident, and she often follows up my visits with emails full of information and take home advice, such as homework with exercises and stretches, etc. Thank you Ebony for keeping me on my feet!

12 Jun 2016

I saw Ebony around 30 weeks pregnancy with my second baby. I was suffering lower back pain, from carrying a heavy baby and old hockey injuries. Ebony, listened to what I needed and worked absolute wonders in helping me resolve the pain in my lower back. I would recommend Ebony to everyone, she makes you feel relaxed, she listens to your needs and she understood the pains associated with pregnancy.

07 Jun 2016

I visited Ebony to ease my aches and pains of pregnancy. Mainly my lower back and hips. It was so luxurious to treat myself to not only a relaxing massage, but knowing it was easing my muscles to help me continue with the hard work of pregnancy! Ebony is enthusiastic about her work and with her caring and genuine nature I truly enjoyed my treatments... Of which there were multiple! I definitely slept better, felt better and walked a little better every time I left. I would definitely recommend Ebony!

06 Jun 2016

I have been receiving treatment from Ebony over the last few years for issues with my back and knees. Ebony has managed to assist me with my problem areas and provide the treatment I needed, as well as much needed support and advice!
Ebony is friendly and professional. I would recommend Ebony anyone as I believe she is passionate about her profession and she also enjoys helping people which is great.

06 Jun 2016

After seeing a chiropractor for a couple of years for constant neck, shoulder and back pain (with limited success), I began to see Ebony.
A very happy and friendly person, Ebony was great at listening to what I had to say about the pain and along with treating the problem through remedial massage, Ebony would also provide follow up exercises to do at home.After a number of sessions, my pain lessened and I was able to function normally, only needing maintenance massages to ensure my pain remained at bay.
I highly recommend Ebony and thank her for everything she has done for me.

06 Jun 2016

When I moved I was delighted to know that I could continue my treatments with Ebony. We have been working together for several years now and her treatments combined with Pilates have been a major factor in keeping me moving and reducing aches and pains. She has supported me through chemotherapy treatment which helped keep me active during a difficult time. Regular treatments with Ebony are always rewarding and result in significant improvement in mobility, flexibility and relaxation. She tailors the treatments to what is required and does not just assume a time line. She is a most professional myotherapist, a caring and compassionate person and I am delighted to recommend her services. I look forward to continuing my treatments with her

06 Jun 2016

I went to Ebony with a lower back issue. She was able to successfully treat me with a range of strategies including massage and dry needling. When I saw Ebony on a regular basis I definitely noticed an improvement in my back. What I liked what that she provided me with exercises and things that I could do to see a lasting improvement. This included doing a range of stretching and foam roller exercises. I have found Ebony to be professional and honest in her time frames and when you follow her directions improvements occurred. Her friendly nature is also effective in making you feel at ease. I would recommend her to any of my friends.

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