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6 reviews about Visions Fitness Centre

17 Sep 2014

Great gym, great price. I just moved to the area and was sad to leave my old gym. I had a look around, there are a few options around Hawthorn but all a bit pricey and impersonal. I did a trial at Visions fitness centre and was really happy with the place. The trainer spent a good half hour showing me around and having a chat, he was friendly and wasn't pushy. The gym has a relaxed feel, it's no frills but has everything you need. Best part is I only paid $450 for a year, that's less than half my old gym price.

02 Dec 2009

great equipment, clean and good setup. people there are very friendly and helpful. great value as well, will definitely come by again ! Owner is very pedantic about major sweaters so beware if you tend to sweat a lot. He is quite grumpy but other than that, very good gym.

09 Mar 2009

Specialized gym with no extra frills or costs. In contrast to 'anonymous member', I appreciate the attention to cleanliness they show. I've got on equipment after pigs have sweated their guts out and just walked away. It's gross, sorry, your sweat doesn't turn others on. It's good to see the owner cares about the rest of us, stands up to the few rude ones and keeps a clean gym.

24 Feb 2009

Great value for a gym. Down to earth vibe. Most staff friendly BUT absolutely terrible interpersonal skills from the owner. As mentioned in a previous review, of course bring and use a towel at all times - surely standard practice for all gyms - however, prepare to be watched like a hawk. Should you sweat at all while working out (I know, I know) perhaps consider another gym. Either that, or try to work out when he's not there.

JohnM16 28 Jul 2009 · 50% Trust

You were only balled out for not having a towel; I was expelled for suggesting that a safety device, a defibrillator should be purchased.

jiml5 15 May 2012 · 40% Trust

owner of this place is a dic* Head. No respect for people. Abusing in front of others. Danger or nor he wants people to wipe themselves while on a moving machine. Seriously if you want to protect your machines from sweat then keep them covered at home.

14 Jan 2009

Has enough equipment to satisfy everybody's needs. Whether it's cardio or weight training this place has it all. The gym equipment is always in excellent working order. And you have a great variety to choose from. Considering the fees the quantity and quality of cardio equipment is incredible.
Even has a whole bunch of plasmas that people can tune in to. I've been to gyms whose fees are double Visions and don't have this much equipment.

Obviously if you want a more personalised service or a variety of aerobics classes etc then this is not the place for you. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this gym.
In fact in the 20 yrs I've been going to a gym, (incl working as a gym instructor for a few years) I would say that this is the best value for money gym I've ever been to.

06 Jul 2007

If all you're looking for is good quality weights equipment and a pretty good variety of cardio equipment, you can't do much better for value than Visions. There's no classes there or facilities such as a pool, spa or sauna. Its just a gym. Other people who go there are usually pretty nice and its open between 6am and 9pm most days.

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