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29 May 2018

Be aware when dealing with Day’s Motorcycles and Power Equipment, Wallan East, Vic 3756 !
Here is my story how I have been treated and had to go somewhere else for service with loss of $368.75.
I have booked my Honda EU20i generator for service on 23th of January 2018 with Day’s Motorcycles and Power Equipment (Day’s M&PE).
Problem description: Intermittent problem with generator, it can be started but it stops shortly after.
After three weeks I have received a call to pick generator up fitted with new “Ignition Module” and I have immediately went to pick it up and paid $368.75 and I have asked for the original Ignition Module that was replaced.
I have tried to start the generator at home, but it would not start, therefore next day I went to Day’s M&PE and I was told that it run out of petrol….??? Mechanic started generator and it run for few minutes.
At home I could not start it again at all, therefore I had to go again back to Day’s M&PE and I have asked question if replaced Ignition Module was perhaps not the problem as it was originally diagnosed by Day’s M&PE and I have suggested that perhaps was the carburetor. Here I’ve received unexpected response. Laurie D has taken the generator and told me to take it somewhere else for repair. So I did as he suggested.
I have taken the Generator to an authorized Honda service provider and it has been serviced within a week at cost of $78.35. They have serviced carburetor and I have also asked them to test the original n our community Ignition Module. Original Ignition Module was tested OK and it is fitted to generator right now. Generator starts every time on the first pull of the starter cord and runs as new for hours!
I went to see Day’s M&PE and asked for refund and want to return the new Ignition Module he has diagnosed as problem part and replaced good original part. Laurie has refused to have any discussion or negotiation on this subject.
I have never in my life been treated like I have been treated by Day’s Motorcycles and Power Equipment management. Day’s M&PE failed the test! It has lost potential customer, as a farmer I have needs to service small machinery many times every year. Furthermore I will tell everyone in our farming community to be aware when dealing with Day’s M&PE. What was most challenging in this experience is management arrogance, aggression towards customer, not listening what customer has to say and incompetence.

21 Jun 2015

Wow what a change to be treated like a valued customer / person. My chainsaw & ride on were serviced again here recently .Over a 5 year period I have found them to be, not the cheapest, but in the end all things considered by far the best value.

30 May 2013

These guys run a fantastic business and are just really nice people with it. I have been a rider of classic bikes for a long time now and find that if a business does not have a knowledge of the product they just can't be bothered. This is not the case with this shop. They have helped me no end and there prices are more than competitve with prices in Melbourne and on the internet.

sjstevo 02 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

Good to hear you can still get good old fashioned service locally

21 Jan 2010

they seemed to be off with the fairys and not really listen to what I was saying and asking for, I needed a replacement part and I could fit it myself but he kept saying I couldnt do it my self- maybe because I was female

27 Oct 2009

They kindly picked my ride on mower up to repair. Unfortunately, took them weeks with no courtesy phonecalls to report progress and owner quite arrogant about the need to keep me informed. Mower sounded awful after picking it up and they made excuses. Was warned later, by other locals, that I shouldn't have wasted my time as this was a common problem. 18 months later, went in to buy battery for my mower. Wife was lovely, very helpful. Owner should have stayed out the back and not opened his mouth. Rude and completely arrogant when asked simple question. Will not waste my time in future. Should have listened to the warnings.

19 Oct 2009

Friendly people. They sell a good range of mowers, cycles and motorbikes. They stock a good range of parts. But you can't book a service for a particular day, it's a “bring it in and we'll do it as soon as we can” philosophy.

04 May 2009

At this shop one can buy a very big range of mowers, ride on mowers, bicycles , motorbikes, chainsaws etc. If something needs service, they do a very good job, fast and at very affordable prices.

24 Aug 2007

had my lawn mower in for service, the workman ship was very good but the service was non exsiting and the time it took was too long, promised one week and it took them three weeks without them phoning up and letting the customer know. bad

Approximate cost: $average

anonymousd 22 Mar 2009 · 50% Trust

I wonder if this customers mower needed parts that wern't readily available and if that delayed the repair , Interesting that this member has rated 24 businesses and has not complimented even one........a serial whinger perhaps. It may be worth noting that some mower shops are inundated at with repairs in August and September

Pam_McL 27 Oct 2009 · 100% Trust

Typical comment from business owner in reply to this rating. These are the same excuses you get face to face. Always the customers fault. By the way, if problem with parts or inundated with repairs - you could have kept the customer informed. Might ward off the frustration and complaints.

jonm 07 Mar 2010 · 0% Trust

so true, customer service 0. if u dont care about time and money then this is the place to go. most people care about these values.

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