3 reviews about Wesley College

05 Sep 2013

this school rocks its sick! they even have I pads, so cool!!!!!! and you wont believe it they have interactive white boards and laptops but laptops go from yr 3 to yr 4 !!! still so cool

24 Dec 2009

I started year. 7 at wesley, at the time there were too many complications for me to remain there but I'm hoping to go back for yr.10. It is definitely worth going to, it opens up a lot of doors and provide a high level of education. There are some lovely students who seem to respect people, however there are also a lot of overly privileged students but you go expecting that.
Just like in all schools the teacher var but you can see some good friendships/fun between the students and teachers.
It's very easy to get the hang of the school and were your classes are.
The dress code isn't the kindest, girls must wear a dress in summer and skirt in winter. personally i don't have a problem with the skirt but, somehow the dress seems worse here then at public schools.

17 Apr 2008

wesley college offers full schooling from pre-school to year 12. it has good results and you are guaranteed to meet nice kids and great teachers. i would highly recomend it to anyone else in search of a good school.

Approximate cost: $variable

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