17 reviews about Westfield Doncaster

02 Nov 2016

This place is big with lots of american shops like hollister. Watch out though because it can get very busy on weekends. I do recommend visiting this place because they have a wide variety of shops

23 Mar 2016

Everything you could possibly want is at this centre but the parking and crowds are a nightmare especially in late shopping and weekends!

15 Sep 2013

I object to having to pay for car parking at a shopping centre.
There are no signs to state the cost of parking and we attended the cinema arriving at 3.20pm and left at 6.50pm and were charged $3.00. It was late afternoon to evening the shops were shut except the cinema and supermarkets. We were there to spend money so the parking should be free.

MillyWonker 16 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

I love the shopping centre & cinema but tend to avoid it due to the ridiculous parking situation.

newmum599 23 Mar 2016 · 100% Trust

If you validate your ticket at the cinema you shouldn't be charged!

24 Apr 2013

This certainly is a shopping centre that caters to a wide range of people. Most of the common names in retail are here, big and small, as well as many higher-end retailers. The doublling of the mall area a few years ago has made it a very very popular shopping centre and here comes the major flaw - they did not build enough car parking. Even on a weekday, it's tight and forget about finding a park on a weekend afternoon unless you are lucky or prepared to drive around in circles for a very long time. They must have quite a few 20 minute "parks" registered at the gates when in fact they are vehicles whose drivers have given up and gone home!

MazB35 24 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

I love Westfield Doncaster for shopping! Good point to mention about the car parking can be difficult at times! Good thing is that you get free parking for 3 hours, when you do eventually find a spot!

robertn6 25 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

There are so many shopping centres around with easier parking that rarely bother to ravel to Doncaster.

09 Sep 2011

The staff at Westfield Doncaster Concierge service are wonderful. its as if they already know what you want before you ask.

09 Feb 2011

Westfield Doncaster has become a high class shopping centre with lots of exclusive shops as well as your usual run of the mill shops. What is impressive is the layout, design and thought gone into the planning of the expansion. There are many more areas for people to sit and just take in the atmostphere not to mention the most impressive set of movie theatres I have ever been to - try the Gold Class - it beats any that are in Melbourne. Staff at all shops are very friendly and not pushy which is a nice change. Overall great shopping!

07 Feb 2011

Westfield Doncaster is a lovely place for shopping or hanging around with friends. There are a lot of car parks free. However the charge of car park after 3 hours will grow exponentially then I always be a worry to forget time when I am there

02 Dec 2010

Westfield has all kinds of shops, it is fantastic for shopping. Their carpark is convenient and i always go there for groceries, movies, clothes. Cool place!

01 Nov 2010

doncaster used to be one of my favorite shopping centres but since their upgrades i wouldnt bother any more - parking is impossible and i dont appreciate having to pay for it - i will take my business to other centre

31 Oct 2010

I absolutely LOVE Westfield Doncaster! It's bright, big and has a great range of stores, easy parking (though i dont appreciate having to either be less than 3 hours or having to pay for parking - that really hurts) and has a good (if small) play area for the kids. And the food court has to be the best shopping centre food court going around. Just awesome.

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