10 reviews about Wild Yak Tibetan Restaurant

20 Jun 2017

The food is great and the staff are very helpful with recommendations. The ambience is peaceful and dim lit. Good takeaway option too.

13 Sep 2015

Great intimate restaurant with delightful and tasty food?

Try the butter tea! It's quite something....

11 Jan 2013

Live around the corner from this place and it's one of my favourite takeaways. Great to eat in as well, I went on a weeknight and the service was pretty good. Such unique, delicious flavours. A must try!

Approximate cost: $20

26 Jan 2010

Very good Tibetan home-style cooking, relaxed atmosphere (even when pretty busy), and friendly service. We're regulars here because of this! Plenty of vegetarian options also.

Approximate cost: $13

14 Jan 2010

A very Great food serve more like home cook food if that is what you missed here. Both mild and spicy food serve. I like it as their service is good too

31 Oct 2009

Low prices, BRILLIANT food, great service. I always take my friends here and go back whenever I can. The food is wonderful, very reasonable prices and the staff are lovely. It never fails to disappoint me, especially with such great vegetarian options.

Approximate cost: $10

12 Oct 2008

We got a table straight away, despite walking in off the street on a Saturday night, but i think we just had good timing. It filled up soon after. The staff are cheerful and the service is quick. The food l highly recommend. Very tasty.

Approximate cost: $10

15 May 2008

We were recommended this place by a friend. So 5 of us ordered the Vegetarian Banquet for $19 per person. The service was really quick and the food was really tasty. For the banquet we got 3 entrees and 5 mains (rice and various curry type dishes) with a small salad and some Tibetan bread. It was really quite delicious and filling. We ended up going back again about 5 weeks later. Will definitely go again.

30 Sep 2007

Make sure you book if you want to eat on the weekend because this place is always packed. And for good reason- the food is wonderful! Sharing mains is the best way to go so you can taste lots of flavours. The staff are really friendly and very happy to help select your menu

29 Aug 2007

This place is good for a casual quick bite to eat. The owner is really friendly and and the food cheap & yummy. They're ok with kids & families & it's somewhere you could go with a group of friends for a really laid back casual meal.

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