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6 reviews about Wiltshire's Auto Service

24 Jan 2012

I have used Wiltshires for over 15years and they have provided nothing but exceptional service. I never have any surprises when I pay my bill, all costs are up front. Nothing unnecessary is done and when they say they are going to do something to my car they do just that. If I have any problems or queries they are always ready to help. I have moved out of the area and on occasion have tried local mechanics (all extensively advertised “reputable” companies) and have then had to return to Wiltshires so that they can repair the damage from these other “mechanics”. I have since learnt that travelling to a trusted supplier is well worth the time and effort. Keep up the great work Wiltshires.

15 Apr 2010

When we moved to Blackburn South, I was looking for a local mechanic to take on the servicing of my 14-year-old car. Wiltshire's picked this up - primarily Ray - and have done great work. Recently we needed to repair a faulty component of the brake system - the first fix didn't work, but Ray was happy to reservice the car when I brought it back in. Whilst it did take a while (nearly a week!) Ray went out of his way to offer all manner of support, a loaner car, dropping my car off at home when it was done, and so on. He ended up waiving some of the labour charges as it related to an earlier fix - which I find to be decent and honorable.

Approximate cost: $1000

09 Mar 2010

Well where can I start - I got a few quotes from other Car Auto Services Centres quoting me between $150.00 from RACV auto to $170.00 from Fluid Drive for a transmission service – Well Wiltshire's Auto Service quoted me $150.00 when I booked over the phone / on the day I got there they quoted me $170.00 to $220.00 / by the time I picked up my car later that day it was huge price of $310.00 later >??????
Which was a massive $225.00 in labour / well let me say that is a bit beyond the joke / if they quote you a price they should stick to it not charge what like when you pick up the car / well this is my story I NO VERY HAPPY CHAPPY

Peters7 06 Oct 2011 · 70% Trust

yes too expensive

08 Mar 2009

I have always found it hard to trust car mechanics. Ray and his team will always let you know what needs doing now and what can wait and are upfront about costs.

26 Feb 2008

We have been using Wiltshires for several years now - 3 cars in the family. Ray Wiltshire is a straight down the line operator. Been in business for many years in the same spot. Curteous service, and the 'back room' boys do a good job. I've felt able to rely on Wiltshires for professional advice. I reckon JacciJ got the summary pretty right, but I thought her overall 'mark' was a bit low!

10 Jul 2007

Several times I have had to just drop in (replacement battery, headlight globe, electric window issues) and they have always attended to me straight away. WHen I have booked in for services they are very accommodating and flexible. Most of all I find them very honest - i have never had any nasty surprises when coming to pick up my car after a service. If something out of the ordinary needs to be fixed, they always let me know first and give me an honest opinion about the urgency.

Approximate cost: $0

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