Reviews by sabah-fabiola906

This review is for Wet Carpet Clean Team, Brisbane QLD

26 Oct 2016

This is the second time I have used Wet Carpet Clean Team. I moved in to a rented apartment house it seems that been competently cleaned. Carpets smell horrible, and the owner agreed to re-clean them. Not only was the smell removed, but the carpet are now several shades lighter. These guys are great value and clearly have the best tools. The whole van is basically one bad ass mother steam sucking monster. No wonder the results are so good.

This review is for Mark's Carpet Cleaning, Melbourne VIC

16 Aug 2016

I'm glad I found this company, very nice on the phone, I took an appointment to clean my oriental Carpet at their workshop and when I got them back I was amazed of the result, I will stick with this one from now on.

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