Reviews by willie

This review is for Hendo's Cafe, Bairnsdale VIC

21 Jan 2015

I got a bacon and egg toastie from this place. It was really hot and fresh and tasted fantastic. I had a great milkshake too. The staff were very welcoming and eager to please. My sister swears by the coffee there too and she is very fussy when it comes to coffee. After I looked up their Facebook page I noticed that they post the daily menu on there every day as well. What a great idea.

This review is for Romelle Designs, North Lakes QLD

20 Jan 2015

This is a business that makes personalised jewellery. She has a fantastic array of designs to choose from and then you can individualise them. They are all hand stamped so no two are alike. I got my sister a special pendant for Christmas with a personal message on it. It was posted out in plenty of time. She absolutely loved it. It is a special piece that she will have forever. They have a great Facebook page that gives you lots of ideas for designs. Easy and friendly to deal with. Would highly recommend.

This review is for Eastwood Family Medical Clinic, Bairnsdale VIC

16 Jan 2015

I have been going to this clinic for a service that my regular clinic doesn't have available. I have had no problems personally. My sister went there and had a negative experience with a doctor that was impolite. I've heard of others since who have had the same problem with this doctor. This all stems from the main problem in the area; there is a great shortage of GP's.

This review is for Macleod Street Medical Centre, Bairnsdale VIC

16 Jan 2015

I have been a patient at this clinic for a while now. The doctors have been okay. I have found that there have been mix ups with appointment times. There have also been times where it is difficult to get the correct information regarding test results etc. There have been a few communication issues. In their defence, it is a very busy clinic and, like all clinics in the area, most likely understaffed by doctors. I know that they do their best but it can be very frustrating.

This review is for Geoff Delaney Physiotherapy, Bairnsdale VIC

16 Jan 2015

I went to see this physio after he was recommended to me. I went to see him for rehabilitation after a fracture. I found him to be very helpful and practical. I felt that he really cared about helping my injury and took the time to listen and advise. He explained why I was getting pain where I was and exercises to help improve it. I have been to several physios over the years and have found him to be one of the best. I would highly recommend him.

This review is for McMillan Chiropractic Centre, Bairnsdale VIC

16 Jan 2015

I have been a patient at this clinic for a couple of months now. What I particularly like is that this chiropractor uses a couple of different methods than my previous one did. One of these is using wedges and I feel that he is careful to go gently with me so that my back isn't further inflamed. I like his methods although sometimes I wish he would spend a bit more time. They seem to be a very busy clinic and you do need to book well ahead. The staff are helpful and friendly as well.

This review is for Riviera Ice Cream Parlour, Lakes Entrance VIC

16 Jan 2015

I have been going to this ice-cream parlour since it opened in the 1980's. I don't go there for the ice-cream however but for the hot cinnamon donuts. They cook them fresh on-the-spot and they are simply the tastiest donuts I have ever had. They put on plenty of cinnamon and sugar and I am salivating just thinking about them!

This review is for Zephyr Cafe/Restaurant, Lakes Entrance VIC

16 Jan 2015

I had the fish of the day which was a bit dry and overcooked. My friend had the Dory Delight which he said was delicious. I tasted some of the sauce and it was really tasty. I don't like having members and non-members pricing because if you are only going there once then you pay a couple of dollars extra for nothing. I wasn't rapt with the meal and certainly won't be rushing back. I had been there once before and thought it was lacklustre then and only went back because I was with friends who wanted to go.

This review is for Swan Reach Hotel, Swan Reach VIC

16 Jan 2015

I've dined at this pub many times. Their steaks are okay. The Barramundi is my favourite and has become my standard order. The chips are great, really crunchy. The vegies aren't so good and are a bit limp but if that doesn't worry you then you can certainly get a decent feed there. Make sure you order before 8pm as they definitely have a strict cut-off time.

This review is for Epping Self Storage, Epping VIC

19 Dec 2014

I looked around at a few places for storage but this place came recommended by a friend who has had storage with them since they opened. The girls were very friendly and helpful. They gave me an idea of what size I would need. They also gave me the number of a removalist that they use. They walked me through the process as I have never used a storage facility before and had to store the entire contents of my three bedroom home and garage. I have found them easy to deal with and I would definitely recommend them.

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