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Make Changes NLP & Hypnotherapy

05 Jan 2017
I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for helping me quit smoking and let you know I haven't had a cigarette since you helped me quit back on the 26th of June 2014, its now been 2 1/2 years and I feel great, although I have since faced some trying times mentally and emotionally I have not had the urge or felt the temptation to pick up a cigarette, I was immediately comfortable around other smokers and never had to change any of my routine as it changed on its own (being a Non Smoker), I know it’s your job and many may think that gratitude is not warranted but I think otherwise, I know I couldn't have done this without your help, Thank you again. Cheers, Con.
14 Sep 2016
Really great service. Helped me with my issues. Highly recommended and healed core issue. Thanks!
11 Aug 2016
Hi Wendy, I'm pretty good :) I don't feel anxious anymore although very rarely like (Once a week/today I was questioning if it was okay for my bed pillows to be on the floor near the turned off PowerPoint so I stopped for a second and then verbally said everything is fine and walked away). I'm much more happier and when I'm locking my car id pull it once and say it didn't open it is locked and walk away so my ocd tendencies have almost gone! :) I've used the anchor twice when I was worked up emotionally but I'm so thankful :)
10 Jan 2016
Since seeing Wendy I have lost 10 Kgs and have kept it off. I find that I have changed my lifestyle having a different understanding of why I eat certain food and now I am able to enjoy in realistic portion sizes.
14 Aug 2015
deanw20 from Flemington
Stuck in a never ending loop of going back to cigarettes when life got difficult, I booked in for a hypnotherapy session to quit with Wendy. Whenever I have quit before I have a last cigarette at night, start on nicotine patches the next morning and 'hope' to get thru the 1st day, then the 2nd etc etc-always a real struggle that first week. Each time I'd tried to quit lately I couldn't get thru the first day. I have NEVER been able to quit part way thru a day-ever. My session with Wendy was at 12.30, I had a 2 hour drive there after working away and arrived with maybe 20-25 cigarettes smoked- like I was saying goodbye to them. I had my session with Wendy, over an hour. I drove back the 2 hours for work. I did not even FEEL like having a cigarette. Haven't since other than one or two moments seeing it in a film and thinking it looks nice, but didn't still actually want one. Its 7 weeks today- Its like a minor miracle to be honest. I don't know how the hypnotism works, it just does. Its like they hold no appeal to me- I'm not revulsed by cigarettes either- they are just nothing to me. Oh, and I spent years working for a tobacco company, at my worst of 30 years smoking I hit 80 a day. If this stuff works for me-Wendy can make it work for you. As I say, I don't know HOW it works, I just know that it DOES work. - Dean, Flemington
28 Apr 2015
For a long time in my life I have suffered from anxiety and over the years I have tried many things. One thing that made a difference were the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Wendy. The entire session is comfortable and welcoming and I walked away with a range of tools that I could use and practise in my daily life. I would recommend Wendy to people who want to make positive changes their life.
11 Feb 2015
I went to see Wendy last year. All my life I had phobia with cats. Since my session with her my life change completely. Now I can walk free and I can visit my friends. I recommend Wendy, she change my life!!!!!
29 Jan 2015
I went and seen Wendy just over a week ago and haven't had a cigarette since thanks again Wendy
28 Jan 2015
johnc137 from Wildwood
It was totally positive & I've not wanted a cigarette since so if I never smoke again it as money well spent. I would recommend the services
25 Jan 2015
margareto9 from Kings Park
I went to see Wendy September last year to help me lose weight. Very impressed with the time she spent with me going through issues concerning my weight gain. Since my session I have found that I'm no longer looking for sugary foods and now eat very healthy. Even when I do have something sweet to eat only have a small amount and I find that I'm satisfied with that. Thanks Wendy for all your help. Very happy with overall result and have no hesitation in recommending Wendy.
12 Jan 2015
jennim4 from Melton
I have tried so many different ways to lose weight and have had success only to watch it creep back on. I went to see Wendy as I had heard hypnosis would help. It was amazing, Wendy took the time to listen to me and we discussed the reasons I thought I couldn't maintain a weight loss. The session was so informative and empowering. It helped me deal with and combat the barriers I used to sabotage my own weight loss goals and taught me ways to be the person I want to be. At the end of my session I felt so positive and confident of finally being in control. My whole attitude has changed, I know I'm going to succeed and become a healthier and happier person. It's been 3 months now and I have lost 6 kilos. Thanks Wendy
06 Nov 2014
deanw20 from Flemington
Wendy is a natural at making you feel comfortable & ready to explore options, whether hypnosis, tapping or any other positive means to bring about clarity in what you do, and importantly, DON'T want in your life. I knew a bit about hypnosis going in, but had never experienced it before till now... and several things that have been big challenges for me in the past (confusion or frustration turning to inappropriate deep painful anger-which I consciously hated about my behaviour & emotional-response led binge eating rubbish being just two) have somehow seemed to melt away into the background without me consciously doing anything! Therein lies the rub, the subconscious rules so many responses which may have been appropriate and useful at one time, but which no longer serve you well or even cause great harm. A 45 minute hypnosis session felt like 10 minutes- I was quite amazed, so it obviously works as intended. Wendy has enabled me to move forward with some new skills in my kit bag, which I'm looking forward to applying across many aspects of life. I recommend her unreservedly for those who've tried 'everything else' & are keen (or even desperate!) for real, positive change. Thanks Wendy!
05 Sep 2014
Anonymous from Hillside
Wow! I wouldn't have believed it. I was feeling so much stress and pressure at work and on recommendation I went to meet with Wendy. During my visit Wendy did a relaxation hypnotherapy session with me. I feel great, work is good now. I don't let the day to day stuff get to me and I am so much more at ease with life. I would recommend the hypnotherapy and Wendy to anyone, she is so friendly and caring. Thank you Wendy
18 Aug 2014
Wendy helped me decide on the best path to reaching my ideal weight. She not only discussed all the elements of healthier eating and a more active lifestyle with me, and tailored these elements for me, but the NLP and hypnotism also helped. I've currently lost 7 kilos in less than two months and am confident I will be able to reach my goal.
Sunshine, VIC, 3020
Tel: 1800760249

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