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04 Dec 2023
Extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
30 Nov 2023
Robert was so helpful. informed me of everything that was done to remove virus. Professional to a tee. can't recommend him high enough. Thank you Robert
28 Nov 2023
Had issues with my Dash camera, while Robert attempted to fix it, turns out it was broken and instead of charging me full price he only charged me half price. Thanks mate.
28 Nov 2023
draW3597 from Bongaree
Robert understood our problems lost files, installing word, excel powerpoint again can highly recommend. Robert did this service remotely.
28 Nov 2023
I managed to spill water on my laptop that didn't end well. Robert was able to extract all my data and upload it to my new laptop. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service, your time and your expertise. Highly recommend Robert to anyone who has computer issues.
26 Nov 2023
marionv959 from Bli Bli
Service on a Sunday afternoon was really helpful. Robert guided me through all that was required and repairs were completed from home as advised. Robert did everything he said he would and in good time. I was glad to meet and talk to him. No tech talk, thank goodness:). Marion
26 Nov 2023
Thanks for the excellent service and the time taken to resolve not just some of our problems but all of them.
26 Nov 2023
Had a weird printer issue that was driving me crazy. Robert was able to figure it out, solve it and fix up a few other things on my computer at the same time. Cost-effectively too!
26 Nov 2023
diannef77 from Arana Hills
wonderful peace of mind having someone i can contact at any time. I was referred to Robert by another company. Robert brought my emails to his own server and spent hours on a Sunday morning making sure my emails could be read when i went overseas.
25 Nov 2023
I downloaded some software - it pretty much killed my laptop. Robert told me that I wasn’t the first to suffer from this particular software almost killing my laptop. He saved my laptop - even though I thought I might have to buy a new laptop. He brought my laptop to my home and set it up for me. I was so appreciative of all the work he did for me. ️
25 Nov 2023
I called Robert for support when i thought I received a SCAM and contacted Robert. Robert assured me that he was good at viruses and would make sure that I wasn't getting scammed. When i had an issue installing the remote software (because of my slow internet) Robert drove out to my house and installed it for me without charging me any extra. Thank you so much Robert for saving my computer.
25 Nov 2023
maryb32 from Bellbowrie
I just want to say as usual excellent service by Robert after we got scammed. Thank you.
22 Nov 2023
Robert was very efficient in working out my computer problems and his service was fast. I would be happy to recommend
21 Nov 2023
convienant, polite and speedy service. Robert made sure my computer didn't have any viruses and gave me measures to protect myself in the future.
21 Nov 2023
Robert was very friendly and helpful. Happy to recommend
21 Nov 2023
Recently our computer began slowing down significantly and would occasionally encounter errors on startup. Different programs also started glitching or stopped working altogether. Finally, last week we turned our computer on only to find that all of our Microsoft products now claimed they were unlicensed! I researched computer repair companies in our area and found that Zoo Computer Repair had great reviews and the experience to be able to help with the software errors we were experiencing. Robert from Zoo Computer Repair answered the phone quickly and his customer service was second to none. He was very courteous and helpful. He was clearly very knowledgeable, had a lot of experience with software and hardware troubleshooting and was able to diagnose a probable cause for the problem very quickly (corrupted data). Robert was able to fix the problems we were encountering remotely and for a very reasonable price and our computer is now working much faster and completely error free. He was also able to advise us on software that would help us to avoid these problems again in the future. We were very happy with Robert’s service and will definitely be calling on him again for any future computer repair needs. Thanks Robert!
20 Nov 2023
very pleased with the result everything seems to be working and will recommend robert to the men's shed members.
18 Nov 2023
Robert has been amazing! highly recommend.
17 Nov 2023
very helpful, we got scammed and needed to set up a new Intel NUC computer and Robert was able to set everything up and configure our computer the way it was. I never give anyone 5 stars or 100 percent, so 4 stars is the highest I give.
17 Nov 2023
Robert was amazing fixing a complex email concern that he made simple. After reading the reviews I was confident that Robert would be able to help me fix it. He sorted out my Microsoft account's that were mixed up so that it caused less confusion. Would highly recommend him. He was really easy to understand and talk to.
16 Nov 2023
Robs service was excellent. Fixed the problem would highly recommend. Tanya
16 Nov 2023
The service from Robert from zoo computer repairs, sorted our problems out really well as we were having troubles with opening microsoft edge and he was able to sort it out and he did it remotely.
14 Nov 2023
Thank you for your prompt service and you've made it easy for me to use my email. Doing a remote support service meant that it was alot quicker.
13 Nov 2023
I have been burned before by so-called computer technicians masquerading as experts, so I was wary when contacting Robert from Zoo Computer Repairs. We talked about my problem, potential solutions and what he could and could not do to assist. During our discussion, I threw out little challenges, looking to uncover the extent of his experience and expertise. Now let me say right up front, I am no computer geek. It would be more correct to say I am technologically illiterate by today’s standards. But I knew what I did not want, and Robert quickly convinced me of his real-world credentials. Firstly, he understood my problem. He listened to me, forecast likely issues then performed a couple of simple tests to confirm his initial analysis. There was no beating around the bush, no long-winded story of how difficult it was and no telling me he needed time to test and research. Secondly, Robert recognised the significance of the matter to me. He understood its impact on my professional and personal life. He moved fast to help me. Well, the problem was serious, as he predicted. And true to his claim of delivering great customer service, Robert clicked straight into gear. Over the period of a few days, I observed Robert as he went over and above what is normal in an effort to resolve matters. We decided on a plan of action. He ran exhaustive tests and diagnostics to pre-empt the manufacturer's normal processes and demonstrate all reasonable measures had been taken to eliminate standard failure causes. This left only one possible cause: defective hardware. With knowledge of the manufacturer's approach to dealing with these types of problems, Robert stepped in to represent me, saving much time, and money. He knew the manufacturer would make every effort to avoid blame or accept fault. But Robert, my intermediary, spoke their language and knew their tactics. After some haggling, he secured the outcome we wanted. The manufacturer placed my computer. For me as a customer, Robert made the entire process as painless and smooth as possible. I am very grateful for his help. I cannot recommend Robert more highly.
10 Nov 2023
Tony M Robert showed an excellent knowledge of his trade and the best manner to apply it to my particular needs. He worked in an unhurried fashion always looking to my best results rather than his financial gain. Using these sound business qualities coupled with a courteous and respectful personal approach, he was a pleasure to deal with, particularly in comparison to his trade contemporaries. His results far surpassed my requirements and I will be delighted to further refer him to friends.
09 Nov 2023
Robert came to my house because my hard drive was very very very slow. He put a SSD drive into it without trying to sell me a new computer. He's service and explanation that he gave was incredible. As a pensioner I have faith in his ability as well as honesty. Thanks
04 Nov 2023
We found Robert really helpful. Ever since we left work learning about computers we feel like we aren't up to date with all the latest stuff. Robert was able to help us out with our email issues, and found that it was an issue with the Telstra servers sending from email addresses. Thanks so much for the remote support we will be using you in the future.
03 Nov 2023
Excellent support - I called Robert because I was having a problem with optus email - Robert suggested about moving over to gmail because it was more reliable and more space. I was hestitant at first because everyone has my optusnet however Robert did it in a way that they could still contact my old email address but it would be delivered to Gmail. I also did it remotely where he took control of my machine.
02 Nov 2023
Extremely professional and friendly service. Completely satisfied with Robert quality of service. There were issues with my big pond, and Robert answered the phone early in the morning and fixed it straight away. Couldn't be more happy, would highly recommend.
27 Oct 2023
I would highly recommend Zoo Repairs. Robert helped me resolve issues with my Shopify account and removal of virus and also deal with resolving issues with my Google Ads. He was amazing, he didn't give up until we resolved it with Google Ads which took nearly 6 weeks. I would say that is dedication and commitment because he was truly wanting to help me. I have all my faint in any job Robert and his team will undertake and highly recommend his services to anyone looking for help in virus removal or just tackling with Google. Thank you Robert!!!
27 Oct 2023
I'm 80 years old and called up Robert as I couldn't do my banking online. He offered a remote support session and after reading the reviews I was comfortable letting him in my system. I had someone else who looked at this issue and gave up and suggested to call another tech. After spending over 3 hours with trying to diagnose what the issue was, it turns out that it was Telstra's fault. Robert even drove to the bank to put them them on the phone as he knew that it was hard for me to get to the bank myself. Thank you so much Robert for your expertise Robert, you are so caring and undestanding for what you did for someone you don't know. I will continue to use you.
24 Oct 2023
Robert came and fixed all my issues, professional and polite and explained everything in words that I understood. Would use him again.
24 Oct 2023
I'm really happy with the service. I had a VPN that was preventing me from getting bigpond emails. Robert explained why this was causing issues due to a blacklist and recommended an alternative. Thank you for your help Robert.
24 Oct 2023
I called this business late in the day to ask if he could extricate me from a situation I had caused through my own ignorance. Robert not only took on the job immediately but also gave counsel relieving my sense of stupidity with my actions. He worked into the night and then completed the task next morning. Good job !!!
22 Oct 2023
They were able to fix some of the technical issues of my computer. Thank you very much!
21 Oct 2023
explained everything really well for someone not into the digital world. Also wrote up a instructions in a document so that I could follow later with the advice he gave so that i wouldn't forget it after he left.
18 Oct 2023
great bed side manner - helped me out immensely, my previous computer guy was too hard to work with. Only charged me 1.5 hours despite being on there for over 2.5 hours. Thanks
12 Oct 2023
Fixed my email, DNS etc. Professional service and a great job all round. I can highly recommend.
11 Oct 2023
Very happy with my contact with Robert. I got hacked and called him after being referred by the bank to him. Robert took several hours but made sure my computer was clean and I felt comfortable with the job he did.
10 Oct 2023
I have been scammed before, and Robert offered a remote support session, and after reading these reviews I let him have access to my computer and he was able to resolve the issues I had. Robert had such a friendly and reassuring manner my husband and I are elderly and we felt quite safe with him and nothing was a problem.
04 Oct 2023
Robert responded in a timely manner which was in lined with my urgent requirements and solved what i regarded as a complex issue and got my email back and running. His expertise shined through.
26 Sep 2023
I was in a quandary. I'm 80 years young and something occurred on my Outlook folder. It wouldn't open the window and as a consequence, I could not receive or see my emails. I rand around and sent some quote requests off my Google search. Robert responded and I explained my problem over the phone. No problems,he was able to correct the problem remotely. I am very happy with the result and the polite efforts and patience shown to me. I will use Robert again if ever needed. Many thanks. Roger B.
08 Sep 2023
Great friendly service by Robert. He came to my house to replace a power supply but found out it was the RAM. Instead of selling me a new computer, he was able to just pull out the ram and saved me also from having to pay for a power supply.
07 Sep 2023
Robert returned my call promptly and arranged a visit for the next day. He listened carefully to everything I described to cause the problem, then detailed my options for repairs to the programming. Within the hour, he had brought my machine back to life, and detailed further improvements I could make to the performance. Robert gave me a great morale boost by his knowledge and willingness to describe what he was doing in terms I could relate to. Thank you Robert.
04 Sep 2023
What a great service, very happy, Fixed the problem very quickly and he explained things to me.
04 Sep 2023
Today I received prompt, reliable and friendly service from this company for mobile phone and internet maintenance. Would recommend.
31 Aug 2023
Once again a big THANK YOU for great reliable service and a very fair price. Cheers \mate
31 Aug 2023
I feel lucky to have met Robert. Today, he was called to assist me with several computer issues (some which turned out to be complex). He tackled the issues one by one and solved the problem. Robert is friendly and appears to be very knowledgeable. I feel confident in recommending Roberts services to others.
29 Aug 2023
Rob is a very enthusiastic and helpful technician. Got on with the job quick smart and fixed up my laptops x 2 in one and a half hours. Happy to talk for no charge if there are further issues so cross fingers all goes well but am confident he can help me out again if need be. Ill give him 5 stars, if further issues Ill post again.
29 Aug 2023
great service very friendly great to have as a friend and great computer tech
24 Aug 2023
Rob has been fantastic, he was able to retrieve all my families photos for the past 4 years. What a relief, set up new laptop and was done under at a great rate!
23 Aug 2023
I called a few techs when my computer became infected and found Robert to be the most informative who explained the process of repairing my computer clearly, he worked on it remotely and kept me up to date with the process, very efficient and I am glad to recommend him.
23 Aug 2023
Appreciate the quick and prompt service by Robert after having outlook issues. he connected to my computer and fixed my outlook issues I was having. Will be using his service again.
23 Aug 2023
First class prompt service. Very knowledgeable.
22 Aug 2023
Robert was great, he came at an hours notice and has set up my computer how I like it. He helped me to trouble shoot my new galaxy Samsung 5 aswell, at the same time. A male multi tasker! My scanning and printing are now set up. Well done Robert for your professional help.
21 Aug 2023
My computer issues were not too complicated - computer died so I had to retrieve the data off the very old computer. He then went the next level and helped me to find a place to purchase my replacement computer which he didnt have to do. Very polite and prompt. I would definitely recommend him.
20 Aug 2023
The service I received from Robert was superb!! He did more than remove a simple virus, he tested the machine to ensure it had been removed and sped up my computer. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone who needs help. He explains what he is doing very clearly and is very honest.
19 Aug 2023
Look no further for computer repairs. I had a really bad problem and this guy fixed it. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff about software matters. His pricing is fantastic especially when you know it gets close to just changing everything. The services he offers are quite comprehensive as he can work remotely, in your home and give you a video of what he has done. Our problem was a really bad virus and Robert got rid of it. You will definitely not be disappointed. well worth the value.
14 Aug 2023
Robert came to my father’s home and helped update his very old computer. He has an amazing amount of knowledge, especially with emails. He was wonderful with dad and even offered him a pensioner discount. Even without the discount, the unhurried time he spent with us was much appreciated.
04 Aug 2023
Robert was very professional with his ability to fix my computer problems with no effort and friendly service. Will highly recommend anytime.
03 Aug 2023
Robert was able to help me with my laptop very promptly so it did not cause me much downtime at all for my work. Also, followed up with external hard drive download. Robert was most obliging and explained everything to me in a fashion that I could understand. Highly recommend this company for professional and value for money.
01 Aug 2023
I needed a new computer and Zoo Computer Repairs supplied me with the latest technology. What was most impressive and satisfying was the back up and support from Rob who solved some minor issues for me. I highly recommend Zoo Computer Repairs, especially the remote access capability in problem solving. Thank you.
29 Jul 2023
Thank you for an excellent job and to make it better when I received my account I could not believe it. Excellent value for an excellent job.
29 Jul 2023
Very good service and I would recommend Robert to anyone having problems with their computer. I was very happy with the remote access service and will use Computer Repairs again.
29 Jul 2023
Being new to australia we had a bad experience with another business, but Robert helped us get our laptop back up and running and gave us a very good price compared to other people we looked at. thank you Robert and we use computer repairs brisbane again.
29 Jul 2023
Robert was very helpful with helping us to fix the problems with our hard drive, he also gave us a discount. will recommend him to other people as he is honest.
28 Jul 2023
Very happy with Robert's work. Competent and professional, considerate, generous and was able to discount it because i am on the aged pension. I would use him again and recommend him for other computer work. He managed to do all this work remotely without coming over which was very convenient.
24 Jul 2023
Great service, great price and helpful advice, Robert was very fast and efficient
24 Jul 2023
Robert was extremely efficient, very helpful and friendly. He fixed all the issues with my computer and has improved its performance. He does a great job and is highly recommended.
24 Jul 2023
Greg was pleasant, punctual and very knowledgeable. Extremely satisfied with the service and all fixed in one hour. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone having difficulties.
23 Jul 2023
Robert provided great service - prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. He helped me to migrate my email account to an alternate server, and bring across my historical files. Thanks for all your help Robert!
20 Jul 2023
Great service which I would highly recommend to anyone who has an issue with their computer. Very helpful and friendly who went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and my computer was fixed. Great price compared to others.
20 Jul 2023
Robert was referred to me by a friend as I had problems with my business computer as it was very slow and the screen was freezing on me. Since this is my business computer I needed it fixed asap and Robert came out after hours and was so quick and efficient and had my computer up and running in no time! He also explained to me what he was doing to fix the problem and told me ways to prevent further pitfalls. Thank you very much Robert and I highly recommend him to anyway!
20 Jul 2023
Great to have such prompt and effective service. My computer had a virus and needed to be fixed quickly because of an overseas trip, so Robert organized to come on the day I phoned, fixed my computer quickly, and explained what he was doing. I have no hesitations in highly recommending him.
18 Jul 2023
Service prompt and problem fixed. Robert anwered my questions fully.
15 Jul 2023
Excellent service ! Robert addressed all my concerns in a detailed and understanding way. Robert is extremely knowledgeable, highly professional and has incredible experience. I can’t thank him enough.
15 Jul 2023
Very helpful fixed my problem and service was excellent.
15 Jul 2023
All of my problems solved. I would not have a hope of fixing what he achieved. Robert is your fix it man! Great, highly recommended.
14 Jul 2023
i found robert extremley knowledable and has alot of a patience with people who dont know how to use the computer problem. he did the whole repair without coming to my place and doing it on on my computer. he's an excellent helpful young man.
11 Jul 2023
I really was stuck and frustrated with my computer and never wanted to use my machine again, but then I contacted Robert who came over and fixed my problem in no time. He also helped me get some money back from online scammers. Thanks Robert will use you again.
11 Jul 2023
Robert was a true professional and one of the best out of all the computer technicians that I have had in my time. Fixed my issue in the first hour, and is half the price of the other companies.
07 Jul 2023
Fast, efficient and affordable. Robert had my computer running like brand new within the hour. I highly recommend him. A friendly, funny guy as well.
07 Jul 2023
Robert is highly recommended. Service Plus. Quick efficient and I now dont need to find another technician.
07 Jul 2023
Fantastic service and knowledge from Robert. Robert explained in simple terms what had happened with my computer. It is great how computer issues can be fixed remotely. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert to anyone that needs help with their computer. Thank you Robert.
05 Jul 2023
very professional and helpful, showed me ways to save money on my business and also a good price
05 Jul 2023
The repairs to my computer carried out in a very professional manner the cost was very reasonable. I have dealt with other technicians who charge WAY more and take way longer, but Robert was very effective to his fixing problems within the 1st hour.
04 Jul 2023
Fantastic service, Robert gave very insightful knowledge and solved the problem. Highly recommend.
04 Jul 2023
Robert got me out of another mess with my computer, what would I do without his expertise! Who knows.
04 Jul 2023
People, if you are looking for Honest, Respectable and VERY Knowlegable computer technican/technican,s,, This is the place to go... I cant say enough of the Quality Help they gave me.... Thank you so much Zoo and Robert :)
02 Jul 2023
Excellent service, very good in what he does. I recommend Robert to anyone with issues with there computer. Thanks Robert.
02 Jul 2023
I had a problem with my computer, rang Robert who came the same day, quickly found the problem & explained in terms i understood what was needed to fix it. Returned the computer in the time given & went through it with me. He was happy to answer any questions that i had. He is prompt, reliable, honest, affordable & friendly. I will only call him if i need a Tech in future & will be recommending him to my family & friends. I am a very happy customer!
01 Jul 2023
AMAZING service! Robert fixed remotely in 2 days what another well known computer service company didn't fix in a week! Service is affordable and 100% guaranteed if there is still a problem. I will be recommending Robert from Zoo Computers to all my friends, family and colleagues.
01 Jul 2023
Really happy with the friendly, helpful service Robert provided. He arrived quickly, worked efficiently and explained all stages patiently. I would recommend him as a capable and reliable technician and wouldnt hesitate to contact for up to date advice in the future.
01 Jul 2023
I needed a quote on my lapotp, Robert came the next day, and didnt even need to take it away and I was able to send off the quote immediately as opposed to waiting 5 days which is what other people were saying how long it would take. Robert also set up another laptop of mine so that I could use in the meantime wthout charging me extra. Thanks so much Robert will be recommending you.
30 Jun 2023
excellent service, I cant say enough about how good and helpful Robert was. He was honest about my laptops problems , he had compassion and looked after me, without charging me extra for a hard drive that was not needed. I found him very trustworthy and would recommend him to anyone. Hes price was very good. highly recommended
30 Jun 2023
A very knowledgeable computer tech. I called Rob and he came out the next day (Sunday), he fixed the computer very quickly and then spent the rest of the time cleaning my computer free of viruses, he made suggestion about programs to use and stayed well past the hour he charged me for, a very good rate and a very happy customer.
24 Jun 2023
Terrific service, very affordable, has fixed my problems every single time, have already recommended him to friends of mine. Robert helps me get the most out of my computer!
24 Jun 2023
Robert provided a very good service, he was punctual, on time, explained in depth with what he was doing and I felt that I could trust him and Ill be recommending him to friends and family.
24 Jun 2023
fantastic service. Fixed our PC issues easily and gave great explanations on how to prevent issues in the future as well as giving us lots of tips to make being online a more user friendly experience. His hourly rate is the cheapest weve found. Would definitely recommend his service!
24 Jun 2023
Received a leaflet in the mail a couple of weeks ago (normally i just throw them away), this one caught my eye so i kept it. Had to call Robert today and WOW he is great. He explained the options i had and costs and was explaining everything along the way. His price is the cheapest i have come across by far and he really does know what he is doing (seen other techs come in do what they say is the job and a few days later we have the same problem). I would definitely recommend him for all your computer needs, plus he does so much more :-) THANKS AGAIN FOR THE EXCELLENT SERVICE
24 Jun 2023
Robert came recommended to me by friends as I wasnt happy with the service I had been provided by another "big named" business. Robert has fixed my issues with on going support and in turn I strongly recommend him if you are in need of a professional service. Many thanks Robert!
24 Jun 2023
Robert was very helpful and quick. He gave me contacts that will help me market my business. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He is very honest and friendly.
24 Jun 2023
After many hours of frustration with computers and printer after updating our internet we rang Robert and he came after hours and fixed it all and more. Would have no hesitation recommending him and we will be definitely be calling him again
24 Jun 2023
Thanks Robert, your quick attendance and professional service proved most excellent!
24 Jun 2023
I have recently have my faulty lap top computer serviced by Robert from ZOOREPAIR and am delighted with the outcome Robert is very capable and congenial. I have no compunction in recommending Robert to any of his prospective clients in the future
24 Jun 2023
Highly Recommend Rob! his knowledge and understanding of computers is outstanding other experts have told me things can not be fixed so you buy other computer but no Rob can fix anything and long Term saves you a lot of Money... his very patient and helpful. I will not use anyone else.....
19 Jun 2023
Robert has been so helpful and nothing was too big or too small to fix. As an "oldie" he recommended a new computer to fit my needs which saved me the worry of trying to decide. Have used him for many years and he will definitely stay on my go to list for computer help. Fantastic!
18 Jun 2023
Highly professional and very alert to my computer problems. Very highly Recommended..such Fantastic service
17 Jun 2023
Robert was helpful and patient to assist with my portable monitor issue. Thanks for your assistance Robert
17 Jun 2023
My lap top had the dreaded blue screen with the frowny face… Robert pulled it apart hoping to be able to fix it by illuminating possible causes. In the end it wasn’t worth fixing… it was 5 years old anyways. Robert spend time, without charge transferring all my data to my new lap top. Thanks Robert. Defs recommend. His honest and takes time to find resolutions. 5 stars!!
17 Jun 2023
Great, friendly service! After messing about for weeks trying to fix a printer problem myself, Robert was able to clear everything up within an hour, all while patiently explaining what he was doing and why.
17 Jun 2023
Thanks Robert for the great service. Your flexibility to provide me time on your weekend to fix all the issues on my computer has now assisted me to begin my new job without any stress. Also providing me (who is very computer illiterate) clear instructions how to use the programs I need was extremely helpful. I will be back and will be recommending your professional service to others.
17 Jun 2023
Thank you very much Robert for your patience and help in getting my computer virus problem solved and then sorting out all the other problems with my PC. Brilliant! I am very impressed and will be recommending you to others. Thanks again!
17 Jun 2023
robert solved our issues in a quick manner. a new hard drive and dvd burner plus an introduction to the cloud and we are back up operating - peace has been restored. Knowledgeable and to the point with no hassles. would recommend him to anybody.
14 Jun 2023
Robert fixed my problem remotely after having issues with hotmail and their new syncing issues limited to 5GB. I received the support in the hour. Thanks Robert
14 Jun 2023
Robert has been servicing my computer for several months and always does more than he is asked to. Previously Ive taken my computer to shops, and have had to wait 3 or 4 days before I pick it up, and it costs me more than it costs to get Robert out, who has always fixed the probelms within the first hour. Thanks Robert.
14 Jun 2023
Another great service from Robert this morning via remote! Thanks for solving all my computer/software issues Robert, including a printer which had decided to stop working. Youre an all-rounder!
13 Jun 2023
Excellent service. Fast and efficient, very friendly and trustworthy. Great pricing to.
12 Jun 2023
I found Robert to be so helpful. I have learnt a lot from my session with Robert. Robert was very patient, knowledgeable and showed me ways to save money on my computer. He took the time to show me how to use my computer and made difficult things alot easier. He even wrote down things that he had completed so that I could refer back if I ever forgot what he had said.
11 Jun 2023
Robert is an extremely amiable person who can relate to all situations and experience levels. He sets about his task efficiently and endeavours to deliver the best possible result in the shortest time.
11 Jun 2023
Got in contact with Robert through a family friend, provided fast service with an easy-to-understand nature at very affordable prices. Compared to computer repair specialists in the past, this was a refreshing, casual experience which ultimately concluded with all of our issues being solved.
07 Jun 2023
I had several devices which needed attention. Robert made the necessary connections for me to have everything running correctly and set up my laptop so that all my photos from different devices would automatically download to the one place, Robert was very helpful and polite and I would definitely recommend his services.
06 Jun 2023
I needed a new hard drive in my computer as I was having a whole lot of errors. Robert recommended upgrading my machine with a new hard drive and it loads in under 20 seconds. He then gave me countless amounts of remote support sessions whenever i had a question as he had to reload everything from scratch, so it was a learning curve but never charged me for the extra support. Robert was kind, patient and reliable. If you need someone to fix your computer or tech issues, give him a call. Judging by these other reviews it seems to be he is very trusted. Thank you Robert. Hopefully i won't need to see you soon, but if I do you'll be my first contact.
29 May 2023
Robert rid my computer of viruses and malware, got it performing more efficiently, and all done remotely. He answered all my questions in a straight forward manner, kept me informed as he was working through the issues and gave advice on security, so I now have peace of mind. I'm so appreciative of his service. He'll be my computer go to guy!
29 May 2023
Excellent help. Much needed - Robert remotely connected to my computer while i was in a remote town and was able to diagnose and clean up my computer from all these annoying popups. I'm a pensioner and i value people who i can trust.
22 May 2023
Great business to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble for Robert to solve. He was extremely patient and understanding. Robert also gave advice regarding security and forward planning which I appreciated. Thanks Robert.
18 May 2023
Robert was most helpful going through the list of what I viewed as potential problems and explained everything clearly to me. If you have issues with your computer- real or imaginary- give Robert a call!
17 May 2023
Robert was excellent, understanding and patient. he went over and above what we expected and his service and ongoing support is exceptional
15 May 2023
Can't thank Robert enough for his patience and persistence in rectifying this annoying problem that I'm experiencing - 10 out of 10 !!
10 May 2023
Robert spent a long time to rectify and find my lost files (EVEN WORKING ON IS BIRTHDAY) And his follow up after I lost them again due to a windows issue assured i regained them again. I highly recommend Robert for his professionalism and his customer service. well done all round
10 May 2023
I can't thank you enough for your assistance. Computers are such a large part of my life and when things don't go to plan, then I just ring Robert!!! He always knows what to do.
10 May 2023
If there is ONE company in the world to recommend, it would be this company. Robert is always there to help and he is a marvel at finding and saving precious information. Many, many thanks Robert
08 May 2023
Fast, effective, responsive. The best IT support you can get, across a wide range of issues and requirements. I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. Excellent value for money too.
08 May 2023
Robert did a complex email host server data migration for us. He has a fantastic customer focus and is very dedicated to what he does. He has always been flexible with his time, easy to deal with and most importantly is wiling to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done well.
22 Apr 2023
Robert has been servicing my computer for years, you couldn't ask for a more trustworthy person to handle your computer. Thank you
22 Apr 2023
When Robert came to my home at the weekend to fix a computer hardware issue, he arrived promptly. He identified and replaced the part which caused the problem. He was pleasant, informative and helpful. I would be happy to use his services again.
15 Apr 2023
After using Home Computer Tech for computer repairs, I would contact no other! Robert truly knows his stuff, gives excellent value, is prompt, reliable and has a great work ethic and professionalism. My computer skills were quite basic, especially with a new computer, but Roberts teaching ability, patience and assurance put me quickly at ease. Home Computer Tech has the solution to your every computer need! Thank you Robert
15 Apr 2023
Service was 5 star and prompt, courteous and efficient. Repairs were completed quickly and instructions were given in a clear and concise manner. Highly recommend this business for your computer problems.
13 Apr 2023
I have had several "computer technicians " come to my home to fix my computers and to sort out the problems at a cost of many hundreds of dollars. Today I can honestly say there is now only one guy that I trust and am so confident in his ability and integrity that I have connected both my computers to his remote service so that should I need his expertise and help in the future he can do this no matter where I am in Australia and Ill save money at the same time. Thanks Robert
12 Apr 2023
Robert was professional, pleasant & patient to deal with in solving 2 personal computer issues for me yesterday.
11 Apr 2023
The most caring, understandable computer expert I have come across to date, and believe me I have gone through a few. I was nervous at the beginning as we were going to be doing this through team view and I am not an expert on trying t do things on the computer myself. But it was a breeze, for me as I didn't have to really do anything, and his knowledge is next to non. His compassion and caring is so good you feel you are really in safe hands. Thank you Robert, you have saved me from what could have been a total wreck, when the computer keeps saying No....... I certainly will be using Robert again and again and again.
04 Apr 2023
very impressed with the service and attitude of Robert.
03 Apr 2023
Robert spent time with me this morning sorting out my computer after a potential breach. He spent the time to explain to me everything I needed to know and said he would also talk to the banks for me. Very happy, thank you Robert.
27 Mar 2023
Wanted my computer fixed - rang the geek, was a beautiful man who looked after my computer, anytime you need a good man call robert and he can fix your computer.
25 Mar 2023
Robert was great, he helped me within 30 minutes of calling him. He helped me Remotely which was easier than I thought and was able to do everything for me from his home. Thank you so much Robert and if I have any issues I'll call you back.
23 Mar 2023
For the last 10 years I have relied on Robert and his associates for the best advice and service anyone could expect. Thank you Robert
20 Mar 2023
Excellent, prompt service Robert was very responsive and issue was resolved first time.
15 Mar 2023
Great service, prompt and explained repairs and had machine working excellent before leaving. Was a printer issue and connecting it to my Mac. Thanks Robert
14 Mar 2023
Robert was very helpful. He remained calm in a stressful situation. Fixed all our issues.
14 Mar 2023
Robert was able to fix some issues with our Microsoft accounts and shared folders. Thanks heaps.
10 Mar 2023
Hamid was able to recover our imovies from our Mac and upload to MP4. Great service and very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would definitely call on these guys again to help us.
06 Mar 2023
Robert was able to fix my file explorer issue remotely and on a weekend. Very trustworthy and gave valuable suggestions on computer maintenance.
03 Mar 2023
Robert was very knowledgeable about my PC problems and able to fix them remotely, which was a big plus for me. Very trustworthy, reliable and quick response to my urgent request. Outstanding service. Completed the job in a couple of hours and reported back to me immediately. Would highly recommend this service.
24 Feb 2023
Robert was very helpful in solving my problem with my computer.Very pleasant and understanding.
21 Feb 2023
Robert was able to help me solve my issues remotely, and clean up my google photo's issue and saved me 10 gig of storage space by compressing it - thanks robert
21 Feb 2023
Rob is been very helping, solved all issues in 2 hours.
21 Feb 2023
Great service, and Rob is very helpful to sort out our printer and computer issue in a tick.
20 Feb 2023
I was extremely happy with the service I received, prompt, honest and very helpful and informative I will recommend Robert in the future.
15 Feb 2023
Wonderful service. Was recommended by a friend and can understand why. Will certainly be making sure that all my friends hear about you.
11 Feb 2023
Excellent service. Rob was very helpful sorting our email issues. Highly recommended
10 Feb 2023
Legendary work. Got on to me within the hour and helped clean my PC up! very communicative and friendly! definitely recommend
02 Feb 2023
Wonderfully relieved to have a person respond on time and limited his time by doing multiple things at once, 100 percent succesfully. I am a pensioner and I value honesty and integrity
17 Jan 2023
Amazing customer service, we had an issue with a game and Rob was patient and took the time to assist us get it up and running. Can not thank him enough. Well priced for great service, recommend them 100%
16 Jan 2023
I received excellent support and he advised me about the issues I had. I would recommend Robert to all my family if they have any problems. Thank you Robert for your courteous assistance
14 Jan 2023
Robert was very good i had too issues laptop and ipad fixed both problems he charged me less than what i think he spent more time than he did and did a follow up on recent issue fixed no worries ide highly recomend robert. Bernie hartley
11 Jan 2023
Absolutely Brilliant. Love this man, he's fixed all my problems and he is always there to fix more. A big big Thank you to Robert
09 Jan 2023
I felt Robert was really grateful he did a remote support session with me and solved alot of the issues on the same day. Thank you for having patience with me with getting the remote support session.
22 Dec 2022
My laptop and phone had been hacked and Mac specialist Luke came out to salvage and protect my laptop and was done in about 3o min. Luke was efficient polite and super friendly I would not hesitate to use this service again great job.
28 Nov 2022
Thank you Greg, for all your help and advice. Now working again on a new laptop with all my data. Very much appreciated. Highly recommended.
26 Nov 2022
I think that the service is excellent, was friendly and didn't call me stupid despite not having any computer experience. Thanks Robert you moved me over to gmail from my bigpond.
24 Oct 2022
Very good at explaining things as we are useless with computers. Thank you robert
19 Oct 2022
Glad I found Zoo PC Repairs. Would/will highly recommend Robert to anyone needing PC repairs. Prompt, good and friendly service, thankyou so much for your help.
15 Sep 2022
Excellent advice, brilliant customer service and wonderful conversationalist. 10/10
05 Aug 2022
I think your service is absolutely excellent. It was prompt service and that when I phoned you helped me immediately. Thank you Robert for helping with the virus on my machine.
03 Aug 2022
I have obtained excellent service from Robert and, more recently, from Hamid for a very long time. They are prompt, efficient and reliable and happily for me both are courteous and good-humoured. Importantly their costing is always very reasonable. YvonneR
04 Jul 2022
I was hesitant to work with Robert because he works remotely. After a scam it was a bit tense. But he was sooo professional and understood what happened so well, that I trusted him to work remotely on my computer, which is now bug free and runs better. Thanks, Robert!
04 Jul 2022
The service I received from Robert has been nothing short of exceptional. Having found Zoo Computer Repairs on line I found them easy to talk to and they solved all of my computer issues. Always available to talk on the phone
23 Jun 2022
Fantastic experience. Not knowing who to call, I had a recommendation to call Rob from Zoo Computer Repairs. He was super friendly, easy to deal with and explained things in a way even I could understand. Problem fixed and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you Tracy - All Things Real Estate
19 May 2022
The power receptacle on my Lenovo laptop was damaged. Lenovo quoted in excess of $1000 for a repair, yet Zoo Computers was able to do it for just under $500. This included pickup and delivery. Highly recommended.
11 May 2022
I have used Zoo twice in the last 2 years and very happy with their work. Honest and prompt.
05 May 2022
I called Zoo to repair my laptop. The service was prompt and on time and the repairs were quickly and expertly carried out. My laptop was also promptly returned and the cost was very reasonable. I am happy to use this company again.
04 May 2022
Hamid arrived promptly on time and delivered an excellent service re the problem I had on my new computer. His expertise knowledge had the basic problem solved within the first 15 minutes, and he carried out a thorough check on the computer to my high satisfaction. His approach was both professional and friendly, and I would thoroughly recommend Hamid to any of my computer friends should they experienced problems with the operation of their computer.
29 Apr 2022
I used this service when my laptop screen went black. The IT person that assisted me was professional, knowledgeable & fixed my screen promptly at a reasonable price.
21 Apr 2022
Greg serviced our computers , which had been totally neglected for a couple of years. He was very accomodating as to fitting in his visits to suit us, and fixed our problems in a timely and friendly manner.
07 Apr 2022
The service is excellent and professional. The rep (Hamid) was very good and helpful. This is not the first time I had Zoo Computer repairs members around/ and I recommend Robert and his members - 100% for their work
04 Apr 2022
At his premises in Riverhills, Hamid assisted me with a hardware problem almost a year ago, and I was very impressed by not only his technical assistance, but also by his very pleasant manner when dealing with clients who have very little technical knowledge. I was also extremely impressed when shortly afterwards, I called him to help with what I thought was a problem. This time he briefly came to my home, and when he found that there wasn't actually a problem, his visit was complimentary. I haven't had any further problems with my computers since then, but if I do, then I would immediately contact Zoo Computer Repairs for help. I was very happy with Hamid's service. JEHM
03 Apr 2022
Quick and satisfactory. Work was always on time.
01 Apr 2022
Zoo has hosted my building business website and email for years now. never had any problems
01 Apr 2022
I’ve been using Zoo Computer Repairs for over 10years because I trust their work. They repaired my old computer without any problems and when it was time to upgrade I trusted that they would find and replaced it with the best to suit my needs and within my budget! We purchased not only a computer and also a laptop. My relationship with Robert and Liam is built on trust. They are both delightful, friendly and easy going. I would highly recommend this business.
28 Mar 2022
Used this business late last year. Have used them before. Found them most helpful, patient and prompt. As an oldie and computer skills not wonderful, these fellows explained what needed to happen and corrected what needed to be done. A pleasure to deal with. Will use them again. Great service.
26 Mar 2022
Robert, thank you very much for doing my website and design my restaurant ‘s new menu ,up to date with new marketing . You are very talented and hard working young man, thanks for your teams work very fast to complete my menu, strongly recommend to everyone.
24 Mar 2022
Robert is a pleasure to deal with always there to help us with any computer issue big or small. We own a small business and need our computers on a daily bases he always gets things up and running again asap. Thanks Robert
23 Mar 2022
Great service thank you. Arrived promptly and dealt with problem in short time.
21 Mar 2022
Service was fast and efficient, very helpful and went the extra mile to solve our problems. Highly recommended for a local IT tech
21 Mar 2022
Very pleased with Greg's expertise and service.
20 Mar 2022
stuartg275 from Cedar Grove
My one on one experience with Robert Krajnyk of Zoo Computer Repairs has been absolutely excellent, with action and advice given in a timely and professional manner. Both hardware and software issues have been most satisfactorily dealt with.
19 Mar 2022
Amazing service! Greg was a really nice guy and was able to fix my computer within a week. 10/10 would highly recommend
19 Mar 2022
Hamid returned our laptop working well and offered advice on options for upgrading. Later he solved an advertising problem in ten min. an ad problem that had defeated Microsoft for two weeks. Highly recommended - Michael.
19 Mar 2022
Affordable assistance, prompt and to the point.
19 Mar 2022
Very professional and friendly service with excellent back up support I would highly recommend Thanks so much
19 Mar 2022
I had a problem with my computer and called Zoo. I spoke to Greg who gave me a pretty good indication of the likely problem and the approximate cost of the repair over the phone. I brought the machine around to him, he confirmed his diagnosis and the cost and all was finished in a couple of days. What is not to like?
19 Mar 2022
I am the complete Luddite and Zoo repairs treat me with respect and assist in a friendly and efficient way. I would recommend them to anyone who needed help with their computer.
19 Mar 2022
When Hamid repaired our Phones and computer he was very knowledgeable, proficient and solved all our problems very quickly. This was the second time he's been involved in repairing something, and we fully recommend ZOO'S services.
19 Mar 2022
Zoo Computer Repairs has been a wonderful resource for me. My own computer skills are very limited, and Hamid has always been there to help. He comes to my home promptly, and -- when he has had to take my computer away -- has returned it quickly. I don't know what I would do without Zoo Repairs!
19 Mar 2022
Hamid was very knowledgeable and was able to quickly recover my computer and data was saved. Pricing was quite reasonable and very satisfied with the service. My partner and I have use Zoo computers three times now and each time with complete satisfaction.
19 Mar 2022
This was the second time I used Zoo Computer Repairs. Hamid quickly found the problem and the PC up and running again. He also fixed a "few" minor problems that I had been having with downloaded programs. Would I use this company bet I would
19 Mar 2022
I haven't got much to base a review on. Hamid spent a short time to conclude my PC was too old to fix.
19 Mar 2022
Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.
18 Mar 2022
I had Liam fix my daughters apple desktop. It is going so well now. Liam is knowledgeable, punctual and service is exceptional. I will use this company again, should any of our computers need fixing.
18 Mar 2022
My battery died and I replaced it. In the process, I damaged the USB C terminal. Zuu Computers came to my aid and were able to get a new board and repair is relatively quickly. Great service. Louis
18 Mar 2022
Hamid is my IT go to guy, He is always very helpful , Goes well beyond to help and no issue is a problem.
18 Mar 2022
I had several problems but Liam sorted most of them - some were really not in his field. He was very friendly, very professional and his advice was most helpful.
18 Mar 2022
Hamid upgraded my computer and restored files from my old computer where another computer company couldn't. Very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and work ethics. I would definitely get Zoo Computers and Hamid to carry out repairs, buillds and software installs.
18 Mar 2022
Our computer man Hadid is wonderful fixing all our problems with his expertise on technical problems
18 Mar 2022
Hamid was prompt, efficient , polite and willing to come to help on a weekend. I would recommend him and have no intention now of using any other company .
18 Mar 2022
Great service highly recommended
18 Mar 2022
Fantastic and fast service. A pleasure to deal with for insurance purposes also!
18 Mar 2022
I had a broken screen that was fixed perfectly and very quickly. However, it was very overpriced. It cost over $900. When I broke it a second time i went to a competitor and was only charged $650. It was never explained why it cost so much extra the first time.
19 Jan 2022
The team at Zoo Computers whent over and above with their service provided to me for my computer email fix. Best Service and Best Price. Would highly recommend the company and will use them for any furure services required. Thank you Robert and Greg!
17 Jan 2022
Do not recommend! Gave two laptops & a desktop to fix. Completely wiped laptop of 5 years worth of family photographs - was not given option to save photos, they just did it. Without communication the technician went on holiday & were uncontactable & when we finally got in contact they said they had disposed of the one laptop & desktop left in their care without notifying us - they had two mobile numbers & and email address. I left a voice message and raised an online ticket with the parent company and they never responded. There was no paperwork for dropping off our items to outline possible T&Cs about what they do with personal items. We have a recording of our last conversation with the technician where he admits it all with no remorse. The Qld law sates they have to make contact before selling/disposing of personal items left in their care. They also go by the names of "Home Computer Tech" and "Fix It Home Computer Repairs".
30 Dec 2021
Luke got our laptop issue sorted. Very friendly and efficient. Would use again and would recommend.
13 Dec 2021
Super happy with Robert and his team of technicians. They are speedy and reliable and I find they can solve my IT issues and recommend better set-ups. Highly recommend.
08 Dec 2021
Highly recommended! We have been using Zoo for years and wouldn't go to others. Always helpful and flexible.
01 Dec 2021
Very professional service. My laptop was repaired & was I’ve had no issues with it since. My laptop was repaired after my screen stopped working.
01 Dec 2021
Over the phone, Hamid very quickly diagnosed my computer problem (slow, sluggish iMac) and recommended an SSD. Hamid picked up my iMac and returned it with new SSD within 36 hours. Speed is now excellent. Hamid was polite, respectful, efficient and obviously knowledgeable. Great service and one I would happily recommend.
28 Oct 2021
Very professional and reassuring service! Highly recommended!
26 Oct 2021
I highly recommend Zoo Computer Repairs, I am always very satisfied with their service, always friendly, no job is too big or too small, I would not use any other repair firm..
19 Oct 2021
Response was very good and the outcome excellent.
19 Oct 2021
Thanks, this was a great job and really good communication. Will use this service again when needed.
18 Oct 2021
Liam worked on our dated PC , and restored it to a very acceptable standard. he was the epitome of a great technician. Customer service , quality ,value and friendliness ,all that a customer today seeks. Would we recommend him and the company? You betcha
16 Oct 2021
Zoorepairs has always provided the top five ‘must haves’ for my small business. These are: Quality Efficiency Friendliness Value for Money Innovation. But for me as I approch retirement, Zoorepairs has also provided me with clear information, easy to understand technical information and useful suggestions to enhance my business growth. Pleasure to do business with Robert and hus team. Dr Jane Remington-Gurney
15 Oct 2021
Out of the blue my modem stopped working: the day before my zoom class. In the middle of lockdown. Luke from Zoo answered the message immediately, organised a contactless drop off, diagnosed the problem and installed a new modem all in the same day and on a weekend. Considering all this, it wasn’t crazily expensive either! Thank you for saving my study.
14 Oct 2021
michaelc451 from Tanah Merah
Cross plumbing has used Zoo for many years for beening hacked to you name it we've had it and all way fixed , Thank you Robert.
13 Oct 2021
Service was very prompt and efficient and I understood what was being done to remove programs which were causing problems. Hamid explained everything clearly.
13 Oct 2021
Hamid was excellent. Laptop was diagnosed, repaired and ready for action again very quickly. I’ll be keeping these contact details handy.
13 Oct 2021
Our internet problem was solved. The service was timely, affordable and efficient.
13 Oct 2021
The service provided was highly professional and quick..Would highly recommend
13 Oct 2021
Great affordable service. Would use again.
13 Oct 2021
Brilliant fixed the problem with no worries highly recommend
12 Oct 2021
Brilliant!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else, if I could give 100 stars I would!
12 Oct 2021
I had trouble with my computer and I had Luke assist, with the help of my daughter, as I am not up with all the tech involved. He fixed my computer remotely and it was brilliant to watch. So glad my daughter was able to assist also. Being older and not understanding all the modern terminologies makes it difficult. Would highly recommend them.
10 Apr 2021
Absolutely the best service. We bought 2 new pcs from them and they transferred everything over from our old ones perfectly. The new pcs are fantastic. This is the only company you should call to fix any computer issues.
05 Apr 2021
raym45 from Cleveland
I would recommend this business for its competence abd friendly service. They go the extra mile. Ray MacCarthy
02 Apr 2021
My computer works smoother than ever. The tech is very skilled, appreciate that patience and hard work you put into fixing my computer. Thank you
01 Apr 2021
Hamid was great. Solved the problem with my computer in a fast & efficient manner & I will certainly call him again if I need help.
28 Mar 2021
Great service and advice. Purchased new desktop
28 Mar 2021
Technical issue but Hamid fixed my laptop quick as a flash - would most highly recommend him - there can never be enough thanks expressed for such great service
26 Mar 2021
Excellent fast friendly service. Would definitely use them again.
26 Mar 2021
Hamid was amazing! Above and beyond expectations. Would definitely go to him again and highly recommend.
24 Mar 2021
24 Mar 2021
Great service start to finish. Hamid is a whiz with Macs and travels to you on top of that. I will always go back to Zoo Computer Repairs and recommend them to anyone.
23 Mar 2021
Over-delivered in repairing a MacBook that consumed a chai latte & subsequently went into a coma - just before university exams. Hamid was amazing. Highly recommended
23 Mar 2021
wendyn836 from Redland Bay
Luke 's expertise is Apple computers and he first tried to sort the problem out with me on the phone, but In the end it was a hardware issue and i had to take it in. Luke was polite at all times, well presented, very accomodating and professional. He understood my needs and worked efficiently to return the computer. I would highly recommend Zoo Computer Repairs.
21 Mar 2021
Awesome customer service, they were able to find and sort out the problem. I will definitely be using them again.
18 Mar 2021
Greg did an awesome job, he communicated well, was punctual, and knew his stuff. I had one curly question about a proprietary product, and he straight away said he didn't know, but did find out. I valued the fact that he wasn't afraid to say he didn't know something. Thanks Greg for your help. I'll definately use your services again.
16 Mar 2021
The gentleman from Zoo arrived on time & was very neatly dressed & well spoken. He listened patiently while I tried to tell him the desktop fault as I am not aux fait with much of technology. He then set to work fixing the pc. I was very happy as it was same day service & all Zoo had told me about their business was correct as to billing etc.,. I will call Zoo again when needed. Thanks!
15 Mar 2021
Greg was a great help with my computer problems, friendly and exceptional service. Highly recommended for your computer needs
15 Mar 2021
Greg has always been most helpful and gone above and beyond to solve my computer issues over a number of years. His professional and friendly manner has been a highlight. Would not hesitate in recommending Zoo Computer Repairs.
14 Mar 2021
Greg was very professional and worked on my computer late into the night for my first problem. Second time he was able to fix my computer remotely.Would recommend Zoo because of prompt service,knowledge and great manner.
14 Mar 2021
Greg's from Zoo fixed my computer problems in a very professional, courteous manner. It was a complex issue but he resolved the matter quickly. Would highly recommend. Regards Kelvin
12 Mar 2021
Zoo helped me out when I thought all was lost! The issues with the computer were sorted out quickly and completely. Regards, David
11 Mar 2021
the issue with my computer was quick and professionally resolved. I have asked Greg before to come and have a look when something didn't work and he is always on time, efficient, professional and very friendly. I would highly recommend Greg and Zoo Repairs.
11 Mar 2021
Greg from Zoo Repairs was prompt and efficient. I have used their service a couple of times and would recommend them.
11 Mar 2021
annec301 from Carina Heights
Recommend Zoo and Robert's services highly. Excellent value for money, efficient and minimum inconvenience to me. I have used their services for over 5 years.
11 Mar 2021
wendye253 from Kippa Ring
Greg from Zoo Computer Repairs North Lakes always provides me with efficient and friendly support, whether it is over the phone or face to face. Greg is happy to answer any questions that I might have and is patient throughout the troubleshooting process. I would recommend Greg to anyone requiring prompt support with quick solutions.
10 Mar 2021
I have had cause to use Robert and Greg's services on a number of occasions and have always been satisfied with the speed of the service and the end results. I have had no hesitation in recommending Zoo Computer Repairs to a number of others.
08 Mar 2021
Greg did excellent work, solved my issues, and increased my IT knowledge in the process.
06 Mar 2021
I highly recommend Robert Krajnyk, he is always very Professional and efficent
05 Mar 2021
Greg was very helpful, prompt and efficient when we had problems with our desktop computer. Definitely would recommend him.
02 Mar 2021
Luke was extremely helpful with advice on new laptops after realising its not worth fixing the old one. We had the new laptop in our hands in a couple of days, such great service!
02 Mar 2021
Highly recommend Luke for any computer/hardware problems you have. He retrieved all my photos on an external drive, after I was told by another company that there was nothing you could do and i lost them all and just through away the drive. Got all my photos back in a couple of days and the service was prompt and efficent.
01 Mar 2021
Hamid was extremely patient, courteous and professional. He helped me fix my email issues and also set up a OneDrive account. 12/10 would recommend Hamid and Zoo Computers.
28 Feb 2021
steves42 from Clayfield
Hamid picked up, organised repair and returned my damaged laptop in a prompt, efficient and friendly manner. Thanks
28 Feb 2021
Excellent, quick and efficient ..
26 Feb 2021
Hamid from Zoo Computers was prompt and friendly, had repaired laptop back earlier than quoted. Great support
25 Feb 2021
Greg from Zoo Computer Repairs North Lakes always provides me with efficient and friendly support, whether it is over the phone or face to face. Greg is happy to answer any questions that I might have and is patient throughout the troubleshooting process. I would recommend Greg to anyone requiring prompt support with quick solutions.
25 Feb 2021
I was very happy with service from Hamid. He came to install my new computer and fixed any problems quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend.
24 Feb 2021
Our contact at Zoo Computers was a technician named Greg who went out of his way to ensure our new computer installation was running correctly. His timely completion of our order actually finished up being earlier than what had been indicated particularly as with every business trying to keep ahead with parts and component orders during COVID-19. As a first time client with this company I was amazed how easy they were to deal with. We will be repeat clients in the future. Nice work guy’s.
24 Feb 2021
Was extremely happy with service from Hamid. He came to my home and fixed my computer problems quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend.
24 Feb 2021
Communication was poor. Information on progress of repair not volunteered easily and condescendingly treated.
24 Feb 2021
Great service Very helpful Would strongly recommend
24 Feb 2021
They were efficient and relatively quick
24 Feb 2021
Very Helpful and the fixed my problems. Will use again for sure.
23 Feb 2021
Hamid went out of his way to assist me with some urgent work-related PC issues that I was having, I would go as far as to say his service was over and above my expectations. I would highly recommend Zoo Computer repairs
23 Feb 2021
I have been using Zoo Computer Repairs this year 2021 and have received great service. Even though some technical issues were not resolved immediately they continued to look after me so to get the issues resolved. I will definitely be using their services if need be again and certainly refer them to friends and family.
23 Feb 2021
Great service, worked to fix my problem quickly. Would recommend them
23 Feb 2021
Excellent service and worked on the week-end to deal with my problem. Good communication and competitive price.
23 Feb 2021
Excellent service. Was fixed promptly
23 Feb 2021
Excellent service. Prompt, efficient and great quality work with competitive pricing. Good communication and very helpful when discussing service options.
23 Feb 2021
I would not go anywhere else to fix my computer issues, I have always received top class service and am extremely happy that I found Zoo Computer Repairs
23 Feb 2021
Excellent service, great price and very attentive. Ontime, and poliet. Would reccomend 100% my computer works fine now and i didnt loose anything!!
23 Feb 2021
Zoo were immediately available, diagnosed very quickly, did not "pull the wool over my eyes" and provided a very reasonable (price wise) solution. My laptop, which some had suggested required replacing, is still functional six months later!! The connection to the power cord was "dodgy" (technical lingo) and a new power cord fixed the issue!!
23 Feb 2021
Service was prompt and efficient. Needed a new hard drive which was replaced in a few days.
23 Feb 2021
hi I had my computer fixed and was quite happy with the service provided
23 Feb 2021
Very friendly staff. Hamid did a great job in resurrecting my old gaming laptop. Will definitely recommend! Thank you for your help.
23 Feb 2021
I've been using Zoo for years for my computer repairs. They are on time, careful with your equipment, efficient in diagnosing and offer honest repair solutions. Hamid was excellent- I can't recommend Zoo highly enough.
20 Feb 2021
Luke was really friendly, up front about costs first before going ahead and very accommodating re drop off and pick up times to fit with my work commitments. Thanks Luke, the new battery is going very well!
20 Feb 2021
The guy done his best to resolve my issues on the laptop, but I feel I am having the same problems but not as bad.
20 Feb 2021
Luke was reliable and made sure he didn't stop until he fixed my issue. Great service.
20 Feb 2021
During the pandemic last year I was looking for some assistance in setting up my laptop to be able to conference online as well as to update security issues. I was delighted with the very practical and calm guidance I received through Zoo repairs.
19 Feb 2021
Fixed my problem easily and they turned up on time
19 Feb 2021
Prompt and knew what to do to fix our problem. Will use again if the need arises.
18 Feb 2021
Am a senior so the team explained things slowly so I would understand. Service was prompt and efficient. Got me up and running. Will be using them again if and when the need arises.
18 Feb 2021
Repairs were done quickly an computer working great
18 Feb 2021
Quick service , good value and follow up
18 Feb 2021
The team at Zoo have been a pleasure to deal with. They were friendly, knowledgeable and had a range of options to fix my PC problem. I would highly recommend their services anytime.
18 Feb 2021
Awesome service, great advice and affordable!
18 Feb 2021
Great service, highly skilled and knowledgable. These are my go to guys...
18 Feb 2021
I found Luke extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He went of his way to make sure my iMac repair was carried out quickly and went to the trouble of explaining everything in laymans terms. I was happy with the price also. Steve
18 Feb 2021
I would happily recommend the team at Zoo Computer Repairs. The service was prompt, professional, and they gave me great advice. Supporting local business is really important to me and when I get great service, I make the effort to let others know about it too. Give Zoo Computer Repairs a go.... you won't regret it !!
16 Feb 2021
It was easy to get an appointment and the technician came to our home and fixed the problem in no time, I thought I had lost all my kids baby photos but they were saved! Thanks!
16 Feb 2021
Brilliant service. On time delivery. Amazing technicians and feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate in my recommendation.
16 Feb 2021
Immediate response with offer to have the faulty computer checked by a technician at home, and if not immediately fixed, to diagnose and quote and take to repair shop. All happened within 1 Hour . Compter(s) were fixed and returned 2 business days later . Delay was related to interstate shipment of neccessary parts. Very freindly , knowledgable and prompt customer service . Very sartisfied . Price was very reasonasble too!
15 Feb 2021
Zoo were great! I had a HD problem and their response time, knowledge and no-BS attitude was very refreshing. I would definitely recommend Zoo.
15 Feb 2021
We have always had a great experience with Zoo Computer Repairs. Luke has always been available at anytime when we call and if he can't speak then he always calls us back. He always tries to fit in with us and he has always been a pleasure to deal with.
15 Feb 2021
Great prompt service, easy to deal with. Friendly helpful service all at reasonable prices. I had a new computer built by this company. Have dealt with both Robert and Greg on many Occassion always with a successful outcome.
15 Feb 2021
Greg has come to my my rescue on several occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the opportunity to educate the client, as well as fixing the problem. I would definitely use him again. The services are offered at an affordable price.
15 Feb 2021
Excellent service from Greg on multiple occasions as well as friendly helpful advice and all at an affordable price.
15 Feb 2021
When we were needing someone to fix up a small issue with our new pc it was hard to get hold of Greg so, phoned Robert and he solved the issue straightaway.
15 Feb 2021
Hamid was most helpful. He fixed our problems quickly and efficiently. We'll definitely ask him to come when we need him again.
15 Feb 2021
Great timley and convenient service at the right price.
14 Feb 2021
Efficient and professional service with quality outcomes
14 Feb 2021
Amazing emergency and the guys at zoom helped me resolve everything in lightning speed. They went above and beyond what could be expected, even going out of their way to collect my computer from me! Super responsive to emails and phone calls. Honest, reliable together with fair and reasonable rates too... Highly recommend and would not go anywhere else.
14 Feb 2021
I have always found these guy's go above and beyond to give great service , work plus any follow ups needed to get you up and running with security and peace of mind. Great work guy's
14 Feb 2021
Quick response time and repair turnaround. Staff were very professional - highly recommend.
14 Feb 2021
Liam from Zoo Computer Repairs has helped us out several times now. Great communication, professional and competent. Does not over charge, tells it like it is and best part is he comes to you.
13 Feb 2021
Being a computer illiterate senior citizen who needed help with a few issues. Liam from Zoo came to my rescue. He was helpful, informative and very very patient. Highly recommended.
13 Feb 2021
Responded to my call in an hour, and was dealt with in a professional manner, they updated the laptop software and installed a lightening fast hard drive. Laptop has never been better and now a joy to use. Work was completed on schedule, the Laptop was picked up and returned with no fuss. The cost was much cheaper than the other quotes we received. Would not hesitate to recommend their service to a friend. Regards Terry
13 Feb 2021
Fast, helpful and was able to fix my parent’s computer issues and make them feel comfortable with his service.
13 Feb 2021
Yes, all good, Hamid,had the problem sorted within the hour, our 1st time using Zoo Computer Repairs, will defiantly use again if needed! Victor
13 Feb 2021
Very professional, Hamid was very informative as to the steps he was taking to resolve my software problems. Took him approx 45 minutes. Very reasonable price. Altogether a great experience and if ever I have a problem again Zoo Computers will be the first people I call. Ted
12 Feb 2021
I have used Robert and Zoo Repairs for 10 years. I have never been disappointed with their wonderful service. They get the job done. Allan
12 Feb 2021
Super helpful! Immediate response and conveniently picked up and dropped off my computers at my personal and also work locations, depending on the works required. Definitely recommend’
12 Feb 2021
Very helpful and got the job done on time.
12 Feb 2021
Prompt and professional service. Found the problem and fixed it in no time. Thank you. Would highly recommend.
12 Feb 2021
I had a major drama with lost files - Hamid helped me sort things out. He did it quickly and in a friendly manner and also showed me a few tips to help me manage my work. I recommend Zoo for anyone with computers issues whether large or small.
12 Feb 2021
We deal with Robert and Hamid Regularly for our business and personal computers. amazing service and always willing to go out of there way to help. Have been Using Zoo for many years and Recommend them to everyone.
12 Feb 2021
Lost a major document I'd been working on for several days, was recommended to Zoo by a friend as a possible help, called them, received a prompt visit by Hamid, and problem solved. He also did a general review of my computer set up as part of the service, which found and removed several other potential issues. Excellent service for an affordable price.
11 Feb 2021
I had some major issues going on with setting up and upgrading our computers. Hamid attended to our needs quickly and efficiently at excellent rates. Very happy with them. Thoroughly recommended
11 Feb 2021
Super service, quick, affordable and dependable - thank you :)
11 Feb 2021
Highly recommend Hamid and Robert. Can't do enough to help us whenever we have computer issues. Have used them for a couple of years now and find service and results always positive. Really know what they are doing.
11 Feb 2021
ZOO Computer helped us out several times, when we had issues with our Apple computers or needed some upgrade. Hamid is a very nice guy, very helpful and knowledgable. Highly recommended.
11 Feb 2021
Hamid used his magic to get our damaged laptop working again despite the parts being unavailable. Amazing!
11 Feb 2021
It took awhile for me to pick a repairer for my 10 year old macbook pro, ZOO computer repairs were helpful and charges were reasonable very helpful overall experience thanks guys
11 Feb 2021
Timely response to urgent problem. No fuss and competitive pricing. Recommended
11 Feb 2021
We have used Zoo Computer Repairs for years. They provide fantastic service every time. Very friendly and great at what they do. Would highly recommend.
11 Feb 2021
I've used Zoo Computer Reair for several years. For both actual repairs, as well as new computers. I have been totally saisfied on both counts. I have complete satisfaction with their service and their costs. They are a highly reputable company with excellent staff.
10 Feb 2021
My repairs were done quite quickly, and had no problems since. Reasonable prices too.
10 Feb 2021
All issues with computer dealt with and has been running smoothly since
10 Feb 2021
My computer issues were felt with politely and professionally. Charges were very reasonable.
10 Feb 2021
Great service, efficient and very knowledgeable. Fully recommend.
10 Feb 2021
shelleyn2 from Sunnybank
These guys are very efficient, fast and reasonably priced. I've used this service twice and I've been very impressed.
10 Feb 2021
Zoo Computers is very professional and reliable company. They have great response time to enquiries.
10 Feb 2021
Hamid is very responsive and provides an excellent service - highly recommended.
10 Feb 2021
annc618 from Caboolture
I contacted Zoo Computer Repairs when I needed some urgent help to fix a problem with the connections for my email addresses at my domains. This area is one where I have no experience and needed someone who knew exactly what they were doing to get it all working correctly. Hamid arrived promptly and had it all sorted very quickly. I haven't had a single problem with the email accounts since.
10 Feb 2021
Had some years of 5 star experience with this group - mainly with Robert and more recently with Hamid. The efficiency/quality of their service has never varied and their good advice has always been offered with patience and good humour.
10 Feb 2021
Hamid was very quick to sort out my problem.
10 Feb 2021
Hamid did an excellent job helping out a true luddite with patience and sensible advice. Will definitely use this company again.
09 Feb 2021
Hamid got me out of a jam it was a windows 10 problem and it was out of my league to resolve the issue I made a call and Hamid was more than happy to look at my problem. He got me up and running and I cant thank him enough for the time he spent to get me up and going again! I Would Recommend Hamid great service.
09 Feb 2021
Great service from Luke and Liam. Very prompt and well priced. Liam took the time to pick up and deliver our repaired laptop which we greatly appreciate.
09 Feb 2021
Hamid provided a professional and efficient service which quickly resolved my problem.
09 Feb 2021
Excellent and fast service. I was really happy with Hamid
09 Feb 2021
Have used Zoo Computer Repairs on 2 occasions and on both times received prompt and efficient and quality service. Can recommend them for all computer repairs and advise
09 Feb 2021
I used to Zoo repairs last year when they assisted me after I got scammed by Indian based scammers. They were extremely helpful and thanks to them my computer was fixed and I managed to recover my money. I recommend them Thanks Zoorepairs Rod
09 Feb 2021
Zoo was recommended to me by a family member and Hamid was quick to respond. He set up a new computer for me after my previous one was hacked. Was very helpful and patient and also gave remote help with a couple of after installation queries. Very satisfied and recommend Zoo Computers.
08 Feb 2021
Highly recommend Zoo Computers, Luke is amazing and goes out of his way to help.
08 Feb 2021
I highly recommend this business...did a brilliant job for us and I now know who to always call if I ever have issues again ....five stars from us.....regards E Huggins
08 Feb 2021
Prompt response. Excellent service. Very satisfied with the outcome. Would recommend.
08 Feb 2021
Luke was great to deal with and made the whole thing easy. New Laptop is perfect for my needs and his advice ensured I got what I needed, not what some pushy salesperson wanted to sell me. Highly recommended.
07 Feb 2021
I found Luke (residing in Warner Qld), to be very knowledgable in his craft. A pleasure to do business with.
06 Feb 2021
Easy quick And very friendly with a professional out come Would recommend highly to do service again
06 Feb 2021
Service was prompt, courteous and effective Replaced failed Mac hardrive and assisted recovering data.
06 Feb 2021
Hamid was courteous, helpful and friendly, I am very happy and would be pleased to recommend this service'. I up graded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and was really pleased with the service Provided. Thank you
05 Feb 2021
Luke couldn’t have been more helpful. Very happy with the outcome. Throughly recommend.
05 Feb 2021
Luke did a fine job for me, I needed 1 computer updated another reprogrammed and a 3rd cleaned up. Very good service by a knowledgeable patient and friendly person for a reasonable price.
05 Feb 2021
Luke sourced and set up my new computer. He was knowledgeable, efficient, patient and friendly and it was all done in a timely manner. I happily recommend this service.
05 Feb 2021
Excellent Service and advise by consultant
05 Feb 2021
Luke quickly diagnosed the issue with our computer & carried out the required repairs in a timely manner. We found Luke to be friendly & very knowledgeable regarding computers.
05 Feb 2021
Luke was knowledgeable and efficient and assisted me with my computer issues quickly. Happy to recommend this service.
05 Feb 2021
Luke was very efficient and knowledgeable in dealing with my IT issues. Would recommend me highly.
04 Feb 2021
Luke was able to retrieve the data from my damaged hard drive. He was very well organised and professional.
04 Feb 2021
I found Luke easy to get on with and communicated well to the novice that I am. Was able to sort out my problems quickly, demonstrating in depth knowledge and expertise. Great service. Should I have further issues that's who I will be calling.
04 Feb 2021
Luke has helped me with both my laptop & iMac in the past. His service and knowledge is very much appreciated. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Luke and Zoo Computer Repairs to anyone.
04 Feb 2021
Have been using Zoo Computers now for a couple of years, They have help our business so much with repairs upgrades of hardware and above all the knowledge that the staff have. Great Service
04 Feb 2021
Luke was very friendly and was able to rectify my problem on short notice, my motherboard was destroyed by a rodent and Luke drove to the south side of Brisbane as was able to fix my PC within 24 hours. I needed my PC to work from home due to COVID, this speedy response was very much appreciated.
03 Feb 2021
Met Luke for the first time to fix my computer ... awesome I felt well informed ... set price great service
03 Feb 2021
Luke was very helpful when I had to get an iMac screen replaced. And right in the middle of the first Coronavirus nationwide lockdown. I was very happy with the quality of service and knowledge. I would highly recommend Luke.
02 Feb 2021
Luke and Greg are both very helpful and professional. I have needed their help on many occasions and they always provide great service. Highly recommended!
02 Feb 2021
I chose Zoo because they were conveniently located to me and they sounded very helpful on the phone. Their service was very good and fixed the issue on the computer and also upgraded the storage for a reasonable cost. Would definitely recommend them. Luke was very good
02 Feb 2021
I chose Zoo because they were the only "repairer" who would work on my MSI computer. The fact that Luke was local to where I live was a bonus. I have used Luke twice now - he is great - very approachable, knowledgeable, but also flexible. I cannot be without my laptop Monday to Friday, so for one of my repairs I was able to drop the laptop off on Friday afternoon, and pick it up on Monday morning. I will definately use Luke again.
01 Feb 2021
Luke was amazing. Very very professional, provided great advice and very helpful.
01 Feb 2021
I have no hesitations in recommending Luke from Zoo Computer Repairs. He was knowledgable and efficient and couldn't have been more helpful.
01 Feb 2021
Happy with the service Zoo Computer Repairs and from Luke, and will use this service again.
30 Jan 2021
Luke fixed my iMac computer in a very professional manner. The cost of the repair was very reasonable and the computer is back working as new. Very happy.
29 Jan 2021
They were able to fix my computer problem instantly, and remotely, so I had the problem sorted without any fuss. Definately my 'go to' for any future problems or queries about computer upgrades.
29 Jan 2021
Excellent Fixed my problem promptly and gave excellent advice without any pushy salesmanship. Would recommend.
29 Jan 2021
Absolutely above and beyond. Even though I ordered the wrong part (RAM was incompatible) it was no hassle for the guy who actually drove out to me to swap it for a compatible one for free. You just can’t get service like that anymore. If I ever needed anything again, I’d have no problem buying from these guys in future. 11 out of 10
22 Jan 2021
Highly recommend Zoo Computer repairs . Greg was prompt, professional and friendly.
16 Jan 2021
Luke is fantastic. We have used him multiple times & he always comes through for us. I highly recommend them.
21 Dec 2020
maryb32 from Bellbowrie
Having been satisfied clients of Zoo Computer Repairs for many years, we recently consulted them when our old computer failed. Hamid gave us excellent service and it was a pleasure to deal with him. He selected a suitable new computer and transferred our data to it, quickly and efficiently. We continue to be very impressed with this reliable firm.
30 Nov 2020
These guys are ultra-professional with prompt on-time and exceptional service. Highly recommend Zoo repairs.
13 Nov 2020
Luke gave fantastic service when my computer was knocked out by a voltage surge from a lightning strike. He diagnosed the damage, arranged for purchase of a new desktop computer , and downloaded all my files and settings onto the new computer. The service was friendly, re-assuring and professional, and at very reasonable rates. The problem was solved and I was back on line very quickly.
07 Nov 2020
Great service, rang to get my gaming PC updated, Greg was amazing, friendly and new what i needed, got the quote back fast, booked in and finished the update to my PC, it was up and running at home with no problems, every thing ran great.
06 Nov 2020
As a Senior without IT family assistance I have been well serviced with purchase of new computer for my requirements. $1320.00 plus installed update from old computer and backup hard drive $260.00. Privileged for confidence of honest sales and service. Regards Margot
22 Oct 2020
Excellent, fast and great service. Highly recommended!
13 Oct 2020
Rang with a problem, and got a call from a computer tech almost immediately! Luc S. was a friendly and expert tech who first tried to solve my problem remotely, then promptly arrived to work on my computer at home. He fixed all the faults and retrieved my lost files (which I was really worried about).....and set up all my devices to beautifully sync the way they are supposed to! Cannot recommend this company enough....prompt, efficient, friendly, helpful, and cost effective.
11 Oct 2020
I'd highly recommend Luke, he was very helpful and prompt in fixing my son's laptop.
01 Oct 2020
Great service, very reasonable price for repair. The computer is as good as new now.
25 Sep 2020
Professional, helpful, patient. Hamid and Robert are a delight to work with. When something goes wrong with our system we are very pleased to have access to Zoo to work through and resolve any issues. The opportunity for remote access is a fantastic feature that enables faster resolution of issues.
23 Sep 2020
Awesome service...super fast and really really nice people!! Thank you Zoo Repairs...
17 Sep 2020
Luke got both my computers up and running very quickly, was very informative of my options and fulfilled my requests perfectly. Great guy and great team. Will defiantly use them again anytime I need them. Would recommend them to anyone.
11 Sep 2020
Thankyou Hamid, polite, helpful and kept me informed.
09 Sep 2020
Robert know his stuff and has fixed my laptop many times. He is fast, reliable and makes things easy and simple. Problems fixed quickly. I will continue to rely on him as my goto when i need help. Thank you Robert
09 Sep 2020
Awesome service, prompt reply to my phone call, Very fast got my business back on line quickly Thank you Robert
15 Aug 2020
Great service, quick response. Friendly service and answered my computer questions in an easy language for me to understand. thank you Robert
25 Jul 2020
Great Service and quick responses. Have used this company for many years and several of my friends are using them as well. Thank you to Robert and Greg.
21 Jul 2020
Thank you for your help Hamid. Great service and very friendly. Would definitely recommend them.
04 Jul 2020
Hamid responded very quickly to my call for assistance and then attended my house to investigate and resolve the main problem I had. As this was done within the 1 hour agreed, Hamid asked if there was anything else he could assist with and then fixed a number of other issues that I had. Great service, very professional and helpful.
01 Jul 2020
Great service and quick repairs. Would definitely recommend them
24 Jun 2020
The service provided by Luke was excellent. He was professional, courteous and helpful
23 Jun 2020
Luke is amazing, thorough & explains everything clearly... Highly recommended.
31 May 2020
Thank you for the prompt service by Robert Krajnyk.
20 May 2020
Robert established his excellent reputation with me in the past. This time his associate Hamid undertook my computer upgrade with great skill good humour and patience. Would recommend both of these guys without reservation.
11 May 2020
Clear and concise explanation of the problem and fixed it, couldn't ask for more . highly recommended.
09 May 2020
Robert is very helpful and resolved issue promptly. I found him to be very trustworthy and would recommend him highly.
08 May 2020
I had a problem with the security and web protection that I had no chance of solving. I called Robert and he was there the next day and arrived at the agreed time. He is very friendly and had my issue sorted within the hour. I am happy to recommend Zoo Computer Repairs
06 May 2020
Excellent knowledge and fast workers
29 Apr 2020
Robert is friendly, very helpful and is extremely efficient. I highly recommend this business.
28 Apr 2020
Prompt responses at every stage, reasonable cost, pickup and return delivery worked really well. Very happy with the service will use the company again.
27 Apr 2020
Brilliant and as efficient and effective as always. Robert's computer knowledge and skills are phenomenal. Thanks AGAIN Robert!
27 Apr 2020
Very friendly, great servive & they really know their stuff
23 Apr 2020
Robert was excellent. He remoted into my computer for 30 minutes and now has everything set up and working correctly. Very nice chap, very quick and completely knows what he is doing. He made it very easy. Thanks so much.
16 Apr 2020
Robert tried his hardest against great odd (Telstra!!) - need I say more! At the end of the day, he solved the problem to my (and his) satisfaction. Thank you Robert!
15 Apr 2020
Hamid was excellent to deal with both in person and on the phone.
11 Apr 2020
Responded to my call on the same day calling at home to unlock my laptop. Great service!
06 Apr 2020
Good job, thank you!Good job, thank you!Good job, thank you!Good job, thank you!
06 Apr 2020
Luke provided excellent service - prompt, courteous, competent. Highly recommended
01 Apr 2020
Robert was very patient dealing with my very limited tech knowledge. He went out of his way to ensure I had continued access to outside world during this crisis. I would highly recommend him as he is both very efficient and has very good focus on the needs of his customer
31 Mar 2020
Greg was amazing today. Very grateful that he fixed my internet issue so quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend. Thank you again and I will definitely return.
30 Mar 2020
Covid19 notwithstanding, Greg had us back in business within 48 hours, building a desktop to replace our failed laptop. Brilliant
22 Mar 2020
Because of the prompt and professional service that our business received when we encountered an issue with our desktop on the weekend. All fixed. Great service. Thanks.
19 Mar 2020
Robert was able to tune my pc to be faster than before! I'll highly recommend asking for his help if you're looking for assistance regarding your computer. He was able to answer all my questions and happily show me how everything worked. 10/10
13 Mar 2020
Excellent service, worth more than 5 stars. Robert's explanation of things was clear and understandable, and went that extra mile. Cannot recommend him highly enough.
11 Mar 2020
Top customer service and top service and professional staff like Hamid made my experience very pleasant and easy. Thanks
10 Mar 2020
Luke and Greg provide excellent service! They have always resolved any issues I have promptly and effectively. Invaluable!
10 Mar 2020
I can’t recommend them enough - brilliant customer service, fast replies, clear communication, excellent quality, and will always give you the highest value for money possible. My whole family have been going here for repairs and won’t go anywhere else. Thanks for your brilliant service!
27 Feb 2020
Fantastic!! Contacted Zoo Computer Repairs with MAJOR computer issues. Fixed fast, Cost effective and most importantly the follow up help I needed was great. Highly Recommended
24 Feb 2020
I have used Robert for my business where he rectified the issues found. This time I had his co-worker Hamid come to my house and he correctly identified the faults on two computers. I will never us another computer repairer again. Honesty, reliability and professional are not enough to describe this company. Thanks Robert and Hamid :) Paul & Helen Geronimos :)
20 Feb 2020
Robert fixed my computer,no fuss, professional job. Same day service.
19 Feb 2020
Absolutely the most helpful computer repair I have engaged with. I couldn't recommend Zoo Computer Repairs highly enough. Great people.
18 Feb 2020
Robert was patient and knew his 'stuff'. A difficult problem was resolved without fuss.
13 Feb 2020
Robert was professional and honest. Got the job done same day. Will use again if required.
07 Feb 2020
Prompt, professional service. Were able to fix the problem quickly.
05 Feb 2020
Thanks for your extremely prompt response to my query, and subsequent resolution of the upgrading to Windows 10. Very happy with the result and would recommend Robert to anyone who is looking for a professional speedy upgrade. Much appreciated!
04 Feb 2020
Very prompt, friendly service. My go to service for all future computer needs as well. Great price! I’m thankful to have found these guys.
15 Jan 2020
Luke fixed my precious hard drive and retrieved important data that I thought was corrupted. He went above and beyond to assist me with trying to convince the luddite in me that the final pet needed to be fine and it was possible to do it myself. And it worked! Fast, reliable, efficient service. I wouldn’t hesitate in my recommendation!
13 Jan 2020
Used these guys and was very happy with their service and communication. Would recommend them to anyone including commercial service.
12 Jan 2020
Reliability and honest service. Fixed the issues and explained why and what was done. I have used this company in the past and totally recommend.
06 Jan 2020
Luke did an excellent job of rectifying some faults with both our notebooks and upgraded the hardware on both machines to perform much faster. Highly recommend these guys for notebook repairs and upgrades and good advice.
04 Jan 2020
I found Robert to be very helpful and knowledgeable on very short notice. Very pleasant to deal with. Leonie
04 Jan 2020
I can highly recomend Robert the Tech how did my job is very clever know's his work I am now going to use Robert for any other problems I have
31 Dec 2019
Working with Greg was fantastic as he very friendly and aimed from the outset to help me as best he could given the circumstances of my computer. He went above and beyond what I was expecting. I will absolutely go to Zoo Repairs in future for any computer need that I have and will recommend them to friends and family.
17 Dec 2019
Great service, Luke was able to assist us with my sons laptop in no time. Will be happy to recommend them to anyone.
10 Dec 2019
I found the service excellent. Hamid was punctual, efficient and pleasant to deal with. I would not hesitate to use Zoo Computer repairs again
28 Nov 2019
Robert was absolutely awesome with solving my many computer problems, He is very knowledgable, and very patient with someone who is very IT "illiterate". Would recommend Robert to everyone with IT problems. THANK YOU, Robert!!!!
17 Nov 2019
Thank you Robert for the remote clean up of my computer, which is running so much faster now. So convenient and stress free. Very satisfied and thoroughly recommend.
01 Nov 2019
Thank you for the smooth and speedy resolution to my computer issues. Excellent service from Greg, first in diagnosing, then providing a interim solution to keep me operational and finally upgrading my system.
28 Oct 2019
Quick, polite and efficient .... could not ask for better service. Hamid was excellent and everything was completed in the best possible time.
28 Oct 2019
Robert was very helpful and put me onto Hamid who expertly upgraded my laptop as requested and not only that, did it overnight so I could collect it the next day! Thanks guys!
24 Oct 2019
I found Robert and Hamid to be very knowledgeable and polite, with good feedback. The problem with my screen was explained clearly and repaired very efficiently. I would use them again and reccomend them.
24 Oct 2019
Robert was most helpful and did an amazing amount of work in the hour he was here. I feel that I am not alone and have a friend to call if needed
23 Oct 2019
Excellent remote service from Robert. Very knowledgeable about computer operations with Outlook problem solved and PC working much faster than previously. Thank you.
21 Oct 2019
Prompt reliable service from both Robert with my personal laptop and Hamid with technical problems at The Salisbury Centre. Much gratitude to you both.
09 Oct 2019
Luke is did a fantastic job in repairing all of our PC issues. It was complicated & his knowledge base is exemplary. Even when I had extra questions after he left he was happy to answer all of them.
03 Oct 2019
Luke did a great job on repairing my iMac, great in recommending the correct hard drive for my requirements. Will definitely use their service again for repairs/upgrading my equipment. Cost of repairs very reasonable.
02 Oct 2019
Outstanding service. Hamid began work immediately despite my reassurance that the macbook wasn't needed back urgently and went out of his way to save me money! I have no hesitation in recommending Zoo to other design professionals.
02 Oct 2019
Robert was very helpful in solving the problem and then cleaning up my computer and then explaining in my language what he had done. Also felt comfortible in letting Rob take over my computer. Not sure about the value as I have never had to get help before.
29 Sep 2019
I keep coming back to Robert time and time again for all my computer problems - be it for upgrading, technical support, getting me out of computer crises etc, Robert fixes the lot! He is incredibly knowledgeable and talented about finding the root of a problem and coming up with the best solution. He keeps you informed of what he is doing every step of the way and provides excellent follow-up advice and support. And he is a genuinely nice guy as well! I would not trust my computer to anyone else. I can't recommend Robert highly enough!
26 Sep 2019
I am a technological dunce but the proprietor was generous with his time, very patient, and explained the process as he went. He went out of his way to give me a good deal and assured me of further support if I should need it.
25 Sep 2019
A job well done and highly recommended.
18 Sep 2019
Went out of his way to assist. Very friendly, trustworthy and fixed the problem. He also set up my computer to be more user friendly and was able to do this all remotely. I would highly recommend.
18 Sep 2019
Trust worthy and reliable and makes time to fit you in. highly recommend. Thanks
18 Sep 2019
very helpful, came same day, did the job well,
16 Sep 2019
Competent and friendly service at a good price. What more can you expect?
12 Sep 2019
I would recommend Robert from Zoo Computer Repairs to anyone with Microsoft Windows issues. He diagnosed the problems and resolved the issues quickly and competently. Problems that existed for weeks were resolved within the hour.
02 Sep 2019
luke i am so grateful to you. you were kind and patient to this old girl "me". after 7 years my apple was ready to retire ! I now have a DELLightful, DELLicious and DELLovely computer. happy. your knowledge and expertise was amazing. the love you have for your work shines through. i highly recommend this company.
30 Aug 2019
My computer threw all that it could at Luke and he managed to fix it. Luke was extremely polite and great to deal with, yes I would recommend this company for all of your computer worries. Thankyou
27 Aug 2019
I'd highly recommend Zoo Computer Repairs. As a Mac user, Hamid's expertise was reassuring. The fast r,esponse and efficient turnaround was excellent and to top it all off, it really helps to have tech people acknowledge your needs as a user. So although he recommended certain upgrades, he understood the possible compatibility issues etc that I could encounter and found a good solution. Couldn't have asked for better service.
23 Aug 2019
I can Recommend this Service to anybody and i'm Happy with this Remote Repair
17 Aug 2019
vincew562 from Cedar Vale
Robert gave prompt service, communicated well and fixed the problems. I had a good outcome and recommend Robert to anyone. Vince
13 Aug 2019
Prompt service, good outcome. Good experience all around
12 Aug 2019
Great and efficient! I would highly recommend Robert to anyone.
12 Aug 2019
I would certainly recommend Robert's work. He set up my new printer. i had tried and couldn't get it to work but he fixed the problems in no time. Give him a call, he will respond quickly and get the job done well.
05 Aug 2019
We are very pleased that we got Robert out to help set up our computer. He set up the printer as well as the email and gave us advice on how to use it. He was able to copy all of our data across onto our new computer as well. A very honest, reliable person Thank you Robert
02 Aug 2019
These guys know what they are doing, great advice, timely service, and machine fixed. Resurrected an aged MacBook Air and gave good advice going forward. Will be looking to upgrade a couple of laptops (non-Mac) now as confident the upgrades will turn the old clunkers into retro speedsters.
30 Jul 2019
Rob responded within half an hour to my initial contact, understood my issue and immediately explained how the issue could be solved. The work was done within a couple of hours with extra actions to improve my computer's accessibility, offered future assistance should I need it. Altogether an excellent service. Thank you Rob.
29 Jul 2019
annm560 from Mount Gravatt East
great personal service very knowledgable and makes complicated topics more understandable. Help me with an ad blocker that makes my internet connection faster as well as explained how NBN works and stuff.
25 Jul 2019
Fixed everything that needed to be fixed plus more and saved me money in the process by recommending a free virus scanner. Would use again. Didn't call me an idiot because i got the password wrong as well.
24 Jul 2019
I am a repeat client and do not hesitate in recommending Robert. He is all you would want in an IT expert - efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Great value for money service but above all trustworthy, reliable and goes the extra mile...thank you!
10 Jul 2019
I would very much so recommend this business. Prompt reliable trustworthy excellent value for money service.
05 Jul 2019
Greg had previously done work for us and as last time his work for us this was as friendly and efficient as before with minimum down time. I would highly recommend his services.
29 Jun 2019
Very courteous and didn't make me feel inept over my stupidity with my particular computer problem, High 5 Rob
27 Jun 2019
Rob was very efficient and easy to deal with. i would highly recommend his services.
25 Jun 2019
Prompt personal service. Kept me informed during the repair and told me what was possible and not possible. Friendly home pick up and delivery. Charged as quoted with no extras.
25 Jun 2019
Very prompt service; Rob is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Took the time to try and find the exact cause of my computer's troubles and spent enough time and parts to achieve a really wonderful result.
24 Jun 2019
Great, professional and speedy service. Thanks Rob
24 Jun 2019
Rob is courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Notwithstanding that the problem was out of my control, Rob was able to find a work around solution. I have confidence in his integrity and competence and recommend him unreservedly.
20 Jun 2019
Rob has been a lifesaver for us! We had some major IT issues and called on Rob and he sorted them all for us and provides us with ongoing services as needed. We would be lost without him. Highly recommended!
17 Jun 2019
Great service and managed to retrieve all my data from a dead hard drive. Really impressed that he said "we can fix this" rather than ( oh you'll be up for a new computer ).
16 Jun 2019
Highly recommend. Robert was prompt, upfront and even came out on a Sunday. Will definitely be my go to computer guy.
12 Jun 2019
Highly recommended. Robert was prompt, immediate and very professional. Great service. My laptop was compromised with a suspected virus. Norton did not find the virus, but Robert identified it and cleaned the computer. Well done.
04 Jun 2019
Robert was great, for someone like me who knows diddly squat about computers, he quickly solved the problem, gave me a quick lesson on some basics and continued to a 'clean up' of my computer even after he'd fixed the problem. No hesitation in referring his services
30 May 2019
I found Robert to be extremely helpful, prompt and knowledgeable which a greatly important when your IT and computer play such a pivotal roles
26 May 2019
I've recently had my slowly fading laptop revitalized by Robert. He was extremely helpful, courteous and patient. He explained everything to me as he went and I was able to get my laptop back promptly and it is now whizzing along almost like a new one. I would highly recommend Robert for any computer issues.
18 May 2019
AEB Services Pty Ltd is a Family operated Transport Company , which transports freight all over Australia It is very important to us to keep our computer systems in good order. AEB relies solely on Zoo Computer Repairs to help us in this area of our Business. We would highly recommend Robert and his team.
17 May 2019
Robert, I would like to say I am very pleased with your knowledge and curtesy and patience that you showed. I felt comfortable talking to you and following your instructions. Regards Tom Challis
13 May 2019
Robert was excellent. I had a problem with Outlook and it was hard to fix. Robert did not give up and even helped me on a Saturday night when it was still not resolved. Would not hesitate to recommend Robert.
06 May 2019
Rob, it is always a pleasure working with you, punctual, cooperative, punctual, traits you do not find in many people. I really hope your business continues to grow.
05 May 2019
raym45 from Cleveland
What can I say? Robert is an excellent computer technician, had my computer problems sorted in less than one hour. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his services. Also his manner is to be highly praised. Ray MacCarthy
04 May 2019
Very prompt and honest service, I highly recommend Robert to fix your computer problems.
01 May 2019
Thanks Robert - Complex problem sorted out with dilligence and exceptional skill. Couldn't have asked for better service. Once again ... many thanks Robert
30 Apr 2019
I had problem with my laptop, I rang Robert from Zoo Computer Repairs. He came out and fixed my laptop quick, and he was good at fixing the problem. He is quick and good. Knows what he is doing.
24 Apr 2019
I have had problems since end of March with my laptop trying lots of ways to fix it. Eventually I rang several repairers. Robert from Zoo rang me back. Best thing I did getting Robert to come to sort it all out. A big thank you for being genuine and polite and get my laptop working back to how it used to be.
18 Apr 2019
Hi Robert, When I phoned you in the hope that my old laptop could be repaired, I had already phoned 2 other repairers and they said it sounded terminal and I would be better to get a new one. You gave me your time and saved my old laptop and made it run like a dream. I’m super happy thanks. Vanessa
16 Apr 2019
Thanks again Robert for your great service and fixing the issues with my computer and setting it up properly. Also thanks for saving me $158 for software i didn't need.
13 Apr 2019
robert thank for your polite manner , efficiency with our commputer without your help we would still be in the dark! ken&kath
06 Apr 2019
Robert is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Totally cleaned and reprogrammed my laptop and fixed long standing issues with my desktop. All done remotely working around when I needed to use them. Thoroughly recommend his services to anyone.
31 Mar 2019
I needed urgent support on a Sunday and Robert fixed my computer the same day. Efficient, friendly and easy to work with. Very reasonable cost also.
22 Mar 2019
Initial Contact with Robert was Excellent. Time frames were fast. Greg was friendly, patient, happy to explain everything, honest about what was and wasn't needed and definitely went the extra mile trying to save us some dollars. Very happy with our new computer and the service Greg provided helping fix issues with the second PC. Very knowledgeable but able to explain on anyones levels. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again and keep up the great work !
19 Mar 2019
Friendly and fast service, explained the issues that i was having and was able to fix it. also offered me a service that i could resume where we left off if there were any issues in the future. happy to support a local
13 Mar 2019
service was carried out competently and without dramas
12 Mar 2019
Greg was very knowledgeable, gave fast service, was reliable, took the time for questions and gave us good products.
11 Mar 2019
In 10 years of business I have used many IT Consultants. The guys at Zoo I would put at the top of my list for timeliness, service, being able to explain the issue so I understand it and the solution and value for money. As a business owner I would highly recommend Zoo.
11 Mar 2019
Robert gave me great service. i needed lessons on the basics of using a laptop and a printer. Step by step he showed me everything I needed to know and more. I am a slow learner but he showed a lot of patience while he was teaching me. Friendly service and good value for money.
11 Mar 2019
Robert is definitely one of the best going around, he's incredible, efficient, honest and affordable service have been a huge asset to our business. I can't recommend Robert highly enough- he's excellent.
06 Mar 2019
Fantastic service that was prompt and without any glitches. Fraction of the cost of repair quoted by the Apple store
05 Mar 2019
Robert, did a good job on my virus removal, and he is quick to get back to you if you have any on going problems.
27 Feb 2019
Very happy with service. Work carried out when convenient to me. I highly recommend this business.
27 Feb 2019
Great service very quick and efficient.
26 Feb 2019
Prompt,friendly and continued service. Thank you Greg.
25 Feb 2019
annec301 from Carina Heights
Robert is knowledgeable, gave me sound advise and I was not inconvenienced while the service was carried out as it was done remotely. Highly recommend him.
25 Feb 2019
The problem was solved speedily and with a friendly and courteous manner.
21 Feb 2019
Robert provided excellent and efficient service via remote login. He also explains what is happening very clearly. Highly recommended
19 Feb 2019
Former youth worker Rob has the temperament to deal with all my computer issues and give me sufficient confidence to head back overseas, for work, with renewed faith in my laptop. Rob is the business: highly competent, value-for-money, professional, calm and fast in what he does. I thoroughly recommend Rob
19 Feb 2019
Robert did an awesome job at updating my PC via remote access. It was so easy and my PC is running so much faster and no more pesky viruses! Service was extremely efficient. I will definitely use his services again when needed. Thank you
19 Feb 2019
watercolour-societyq from Holland Park
I would recommend Greg and Robert to anyone. prompt and efficient always. Reliable and knowledgeable. Thank you
30 Jan 2019
Robert was so helpful and professional. Happy to recommend to anyone.
30 Jan 2019
Robert tackled a trying and difficult problem with a Windows update gone-wrong. He kept us informed of progress, battled on and achieved the repair within a week. At all times, Robert was courteous and his service professional. A refreshing and welcome approach to customer service in these somewhat jaded times and much appreciated by us!
29 Jan 2019
Robert helped me to understand where I was going wrong with my concerns. He was courteous and took his time to point out the do's and dont's of where I was at. He has given me confidence in certain aspects in my limited knowledge of computing. A very approachable young man who I would recommend to my Family and Friends. Thank you Robert
29 Jan 2019
Very patient got the job done, happy to recommend robert to anyone else
26 Jan 2019
Robert went above and beyond what was reasonably expected to solve my software problem. He has the tenacity of an English bulldog! Highly recommended.
23 Jan 2019
Very efficient, reliable and trustworthy.
17 Jan 2019
Came to my house the next day and computer was fixed in less than an hour. Thank you!
17 Jan 2019
23mjt from Salisbury
Highly recommend Robert and team. They fixed my issue remotely within hours so minimal impact to my business. Thank you
17 Jan 2019
I had a problems trying to add new email address and had a few issues with my laptop and Robert did a awesome job fixing all the issues. Highly recommend.
17 Jan 2019
I had a broken DC socket on my laptop. Rang Hamid and had it fixed in a couple of days. Very happy with Hamid's work.
08 Jan 2019
Local, quick & knows what he is doing.
22 Dec 2018
Thanks to Hamid my iMac is working amazingly. Super service and highly recommended. I had a problem with the logistics board and he took care of it and cleaned things up for me!!
21 Dec 2018
Prompt response. Very understanding as I am a senior. Loaded on some helpful programmes. Will call them again above anyone else.
14 Dec 2018
great service, went the extra mile with my Asus Rog that fried itself with a faulter charger! recommend 100%
08 Dec 2018
Following a computer crash at a critical time, I spoke to a couple of other technicians, who did not appear interested in doing anything on the weekend. I then contacted Robert after reading the numerous excellent reviews on his website. Robert went out of his way to assist me, and while he could not fix the very old computer, he was able to download all the data, much to my relief, and build and install a new computer within a week. On installing it, he fully explained the operations of the new and updated programs in a way that I could easily understand. Thank you Robert for your excellent service.
06 Dec 2018
06 Dec 2018 The technicican was so knowledgeable. He worked very quickly and explained everything and I was so happy that I found him on Google and I would and will recommend him to anyone. Being an older person everything he explained made sense. I am one happy lady.
06 Dec 2018
As computer illiterate retirees, we were very happy with Robert. He set up our computer in a way that we know now what we are doing, he explained and put on paper everything we discussed, was very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend Robert to anyone needing an honest, reliable, knowledgeable computer technician.
03 Dec 2018
SeagullRob from Scarborough
Quick and easy to deal with. I had a 27 inch 2011 iMac with a dodgy on/off switch. The tech came and collected it as arranged on a Wednesday and dropped it back the following Monday. Not necessarily a cheap repair, but good value for the whole service package and a replacement whole-of-back-case. More convenient than lugging it to an Apple Genius Bar. At the age of the computer, maintaining Apple-only repairs for warranty purposes is no longer an issue. I'd confidently deal with them again. Cheers.
29 Nov 2018
After having another technician come out for two hours what started as a simple router replacement turned into something much bigger. My issue was put down to a line issue and the tech logged it and left. A couple of hours later my wi-fi did start to work but nothing else really worked so after a google search I found Robert who came over at short notice. My problem it would seem was a whole lot more than I can explain however the calm manner in which Robert worked his way through the problems as there was more than one was commendable. He kept me up to date on what he was doing and his composure let me know that while it was going to take time he would track it down and resolve my drama which he did. I hope that anyone who needs a good computer guy I can vouch that this is the guy you want to use. Regards
20 Nov 2018
Very knowledgeable and capable technicians...also very honest ....they could have done what I asked for based on info from Apple at enormous expense but they dissuaded me from that option as they pointed out I would be repairing a 15 year old computer with no benefits....same speed etc old IOS....they were able to rescue significant data from the HD cost very reasonable
13 Nov 2018
Great service. Robert was friendly and very helpful. He explained the problem clearly and gave us options to choose from. Would recommend him for any job.
08 Nov 2018
Highly recommend, problem solved expressing a clear knowledge in achieving the great outcome. Thanks Robert for this wonderful service.
06 Nov 2018
Brilliant service, thank goodness get things fixed quickly
31 Oct 2018
Very prompt service from Robert who was very patient and solved the issues I was having. A relief to have it all sorted.
29 Oct 2018
Service highly recommended! Prompt and gets the job done!
26 Oct 2018
Rob & Greg Great service saved my bacon on more than 1 occasion. never giving up on the task is the key to these guys & keeping our businesses rolling !!!
23 Oct 2018
Prompt reply from Robert. He remotely worked out the issue, picked up the computer and had it repaired by the next day. Amazing service and thorough knowledge of all issues.
23 Oct 2018
Lifesaver! Left Robbie a message first thing in the morning, he called back shortly after. Remotely fixed our Outlook issues in good time! Highly recommend.
18 Oct 2018
sent zoo a msg at 5am. Robert sent a text at 6am. Arrived at 2.30pm same day for complete set up and connection problems. Robert had better modem on board and all problems were solved within an hour. Have already recommended him to another within 30 mins of leaving. Great guy and value for money. Thank you Robert.
15 Oct 2018
Robert was very helpful and efficient. He guided me through remotely and fixed all my problems with no pain.
13 Oct 2018
Robert was so efficient and professional, we phoned him early on Saturday morning and he fixed our problem straight away.
09 Oct 2018
Robert returned my call straight away and made the whole process so easy. Results brilliant and great value for money. Would highly recommend to my friends and colleagues.
10 Sep 2018
Brilliant Service - I had multiple problems and Robert worked through each issue very carefully. He paid attention to detail - was a great communicator, kept me in the loop as we sorted issues out and checked everything multiple times. I am amazed and very happy I have found someone of such high calibre. highly recommend
07 Sep 2018
Very professional service - did what he said he would. Would highly recommend and will use them again in the future.
07 Sep 2018
Robert and Hamid, I am happy to report I was most satisfied with your customer service. I would have no hesitation recommending you to my friends and acquaintances. (holding executive positions on three levels - statewide, city wide and local - there are lots of such people)
27 Aug 2018
Zoo computer repairs are very knowledgeable/friendly and helpful. Robert is excellent and the company have a high level of service and advice I recommended Zoo Repair to everbody
26 Aug 2018
If you are looking for highest level service and advice consider Zoo Repairs. Robert is one of the most accommodating and knowledgeable people we have dealt with in IT. Our needs were quite complex and he had the perfect advice and offers the most excellent service at the most reasonable price. His availability and communication is second to none and we were 100% confident in handing over to him to resolve all our issues. Would not hesitate to recommend Zoo Repairs. You won’t be disappointed.
23 Jul 2018
Zoo Computer Repairs is by far the best IT company I have ever engaged for computer advice and problem solving. Robert is outstanding and I judge his abilities with the experience of having 25 years as a CEO in both the Public and Private Sectors.
13 Jul 2018
Zoo Computer Repairs are knowledgeable, quick, friendly and helpful.Mo helped us with our problems. What more does one want?
02 Jul 2018
I found Robert was very efficient and quick to understand my requirements. His service was friendly and to the point. his pricing is fair and excellent value. Would recommend him to my friends and anybody who needs some computer software help.
29 Jun 2018
Robert was professional and very helpful in connecting my printer. Standard fee charged although it was a lengthy job. Very friendly would definitely recommend Zoo Computer Repairs
06 Jun 2018
Did what was requested. Standard fee charged regardless of additional work. Approachable and friendly to deal with.
05 Jun 2018
Robert had a very professional approach and solved a major issue while also providing assistance with side issues that increased the operational efficiency of my computer.
04 Jun 2018
Robert was professional and very helpful. He only charged 1 hour and worked on my computer for 2 hours. He has taken all my stress away and I highly recommend him. I will be always using him from now on. Thank you heaps, Robert. Lynda
04 Jun 2018
Amazing prompt service, fixed my issues with the laptop and made it easier to use again. Robert was great with solving my problems, thanks for all your help.
04 Jun 2018
prompt and efficient service with a great ability to fix a problems with my machine. Thanks for coming out the same day
03 Jun 2018
I can’t recommend Robert highly enough. He bent over backwards to help fix my computer issues. Not only did he come out to my house on a Sunday, he gave comprehensive and understandable advice and provided multiple online sessions to fix up every last issue that I encountered. Robert’s expert knowledge and desire to do a thorough job means I will be using him for all my future computer problems.
10 May 2018
Professional and honest! so hard to find that these days with computer technicians/repairers. Robert is both. After experiencing continual 'blue screens of death', Robert has given me back a laptop that feels and performs as if brand new. there is also great follow-up communication access to make sure your system is back running at optimal capacity to both your and his expectations. I have no problems recommending Robert to anyone in need of a 'full service' computer technician/company A++++
08 May 2018
Robert is great !. He arrived the same day and troubleshot my problems and had my 2 laptops and two mobiles purring along in no time. Brilliant stuff and nice guy too.
01 May 2018
Thanks Robert for your help with my laptop. Robert knew what he was doing and still managed to explain things in a way I could understand. I felt relieved that he could get my computer up and running again so quickly.
23 Apr 2018
Thanks to Robert for his help in getting my computer back up and running. I didn't even know where to start but he came to the rescue. A few hours later and everything is working again, much to my relief.
14 Apr 2018
Refreshing to deal with someone competent. Complete satisfaction. Would recommend him to anyone. Prices for work done are quite acceptable.
12 Apr 2018
I highly recommend this business. help was fast and so efficient, all the work was done remotely, and everything is running again and even better than before. Robert knows what he is talking about, and even help me with few back up issues. 10 stars service. thanks again
05 Apr 2018
I would definitely recommend this business. It was so easy as I was able to be at home and the repair was done remotely . It was all very calm and professional and no fuss. Many thanks .
29 Mar 2018
Robert is a very professional computer expert. He fixed our computer issues on two separate occasions and in a short amount of time. His charges are fair for the equipment he supplies and the work he does. Robert is very good at what he does. I highly recommend him for any computer issue.
22 Mar 2018
I would definitely like to recommend this business. Not only does it have professionalism and ethics but the owner knows his work. For any type of computer problems; I would recommend Robert at Zoo Computer Repairs. Margaret
08 Mar 2018
lifesaver, Robert. You were calm and explained the process well. I will call you again in an emergency, Ta.
08 Mar 2018
I certainly will be recommending this business - Robert fixed my printer/scanner issues in no time and cleaned up my laptop. I can't believe the huge amount of space I have now and the laptop is responding much faster. I work from home and get paid by the hour so to keep my office machines running well is crucial.
23 Feb 2018
Recommend, Recommend oh and did i mention recommend...Robert fixed via teamviewer some software and operational issues on my PC. Passionate, resourceful and generous with his knowledge he wears his heart on his sleeve concerning his work. That is my impression of this very gifted computer tech. There are only five stars to rate by but I'd gladly add another five and make it 10 out of 10.
09 Feb 2018
Alex fixed my problem quickly and all is now working perfectly. Should have called Zoo repairs earlier as I wasted hours of time trying to solve this. Thanks Alex - will definitely use Zoo again (hope it's not needed though :-)
08 Feb 2018
our work requires computers to be working 24/7,when they don't we need people to repair ASAP. Zoo Computer Repairs have done this task for us, we will most certainly be using them in the future. Highly Recommended!!!!
07 Feb 2018
fast and good knows everything you need for outlook problems and done by teamviewer in no time would recomend
28 Jan 2018
Robert from Zoo Computers did a great job professionally cleaning my labtop from unseen viruses and spyware. Robert is greatly experienced, keeps informed and stays in front of the ever changing computer viruses and knows what should not be in the background of labtops. If you want your laptop to be cleaned, call Robert from Zoo Computers.
15 Jan 2018
Rob fitted me in straight away kept in touch all through it and fixed my problem in great time i would recommend Rob and zoo computers
12 Jan 2018
Robert has patience in abundance, is knowledgeable, and has a great deal of experience. All my many IT problems were solved, and his explanations were easily understood. His fee for the many issues he resolved was most acceptable. As an older single lady I felt very comfortable having him in my home, as he was friendly and respectful. I highly recommend him for any IT problems.
02 Jan 2018
He came out to help us on a Saturday with very little notice, he had the gear in the car to fix the problem, I would recommend this company to anybody that requires a competent honest operator,
16 Dec 2017
Showed up promptly. Friendly. Fixed the problem. Happy customer. I would definitely recommend rob and zoo computer repairs.
05 Dec 2017
I admit that my computer technical skills are poor, but Robert showed true professionalism and patience to explain things in a way I understood. He promptly attended to my computer (remotely) and was able to solve my issues. I was very grateful for such effective and efficient service. I will certainly recommend Robert and his team to others.
01 Dec 2017
My computer was running slowly and the problem was dealt with promptly and the result was excellent. Rob logged in remotely, more than halved the startup time and cleaned out 13gb of rubbish and capped the cost. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.
29 Nov 2017
Punctual. Explained the problem in terms I could understand (computer illiterate). Trial fix of part instead of selling new computer. If problem returns and need to replace computer within next month cost of part will come off new computer. Nice not to be ripped off. Thanks for honesty.
28 Nov 2017
My computer was running slow and had become annoying. Robert logged in remotely, did an excellent job in getting it back to normal and even capped the cost for me. He is definitely my "go to techie guy" from now on.
27 Nov 2017
Absolute awesome service from start to finish, thank you so very much even though my computers were fried everything was explained clearly and easy to understand, would definitely recommend
24 Nov 2017
Very efficient service with quick diagnosis and prompt resolution of my problem so we can keep working. Thank you Robert
17 Nov 2017
stuartg275 from Cedar Grove
Being in a remote location, assistance with computer issues has been difficult. Robert's timely, thorough and successful attention to my issues has been most beneficial. His explanations have been in depth and understandable. I feel a great relief knowing that Robert is available to give me the support that I need. Very satisfied!
11 Nov 2017
a very professional service with excellent knowledge of fault finding,very easy to talk to about issues unknown to the average computer user. I highly recommend Robert .
10 Nov 2017
Fantastic personal service - very thorough. Easy to get help remotely which is very convenient. Robert gave some great general advice too about backup and maintenance.
10 Nov 2017
Wow. I wish I'd contacted Rob days ago. He managed to sort problems with my computer and email that no one else had been able to help me with. It was all sorted without fuss and very efficiently. Thank you so much.
09 Nov 2017
Feeling so, so relieved and thankful. Saw Robert's advert for virus support as I was scammed today by remote support service (thought I was on an official site). Bank had cancelled credit cards and said to have computer checked as likely virus had been loaded. OMG. Robert took my call at 7pm! And without hesitation said he would help me. Tonight! He has removed the viruses and tidied up the computer as well. Wow. Sooo impressed and so very thankful that I don't have the doubt and pressure hanging over me. Best service ever. Definite recommendation!! AND he was fair with time and very reasonably priced.
09 Nov 2017
I would highly recommend ROBERT for all computer repairs or issues etc. Robert went absolutely out of his way for me, also with patience to answer my questions and set up my computers for easy access for my needs. Robert is a true professional Gentleman who won't rip you off, and also offering after support if needed. This is the Man to see! Thank you ever so much Robert, I am very impressed with your excellent service and would highly recommend you to all.
09 Nov 2017
Hi, i had Robert come out and fix my computer, the service was excellent and the time he took to fix it was only a couple of days. I highly recommend this business,
27 Oct 2017
kayk556 from Ocean View
I was foolish enough to be caught by a computer scam - you know the one, a pop-up screen with a notice from "Microsoft" saying your computer was infected. I got sucked into paying money to allow remote access to remove the so-called "infection". That left me financially a bit out-of-pocket plus my computer was potentially compromised! Robert very quickly and efficiently did a complete professional remote-access scan of my computer, removing any suspect software. He also did a tune-up of my machine and resolved a tricky problem I had with my email program. I was extremely happy with his services and much relieved that my computer was now secure - and running better. Robert is a rare person - good IT skills combined with good people skills! I highly recommend Robert's services!
25 Oct 2017
Because Robert has the patience of a very mature and nurturing kind and never for one minute I Julia female 73 years old,feel that he was talking me down while he was given me tutorial his GREAT idea of vidio his segments of tutorial of your own need for learning,that in itself is great .Because one could see the tutorial video, over and over. The world be a better place with more people like yourself. Julia Cochrane TAIGUM
21 Oct 2017
Robert was punctual and the remote service was efficient and thorough. It was reasonably priced and helpful. I will recommend the service to friends and business associates.
21 Oct 2017
maryb32 from Bellbowrie
I wholeheartedly recommend Robert and Zoo Computer Repairs for their professionalism, competitive prices, honesty, and friendly, helpful attitude. Robert has always given me excellent service.
16 Oct 2017
Robert was punctual to the agreed time. He is up to date on all solutions to our problem. He even had an understanding of the cause and a great affordable solution. We will get him again. Thankyou Robert.
16 Oct 2017
Had major computer viruses and everything was sorted out straight away, Robert was awesome and very helpful.
10 Oct 2017
my computer problems were all solved quickly . Robert was able to clean up my computer remotely and then walked me through all of my queries patiently and expertly I have complete confidence in his skill and knowledge and would highly recommend him for all computer problems Further he is available for any future issues that i may encounter His pricing schedule is very reasonable and i certainly believe that i received value for money He has been a lifesaver for me!!
24 Sep 2017
Greg could not have been more helpful with replacing my computer and dealing with my insurance company. I would recommend him highly. A caring professional person to deal with.
20 Sep 2017
Zoo repairs have made my online business takeoff.. Very creative and professional.. A true delight to work with and I look forward to a long future with the Zoo repairs team.
07 Sep 2017
Very efficient, effective and reliable service. Very helpful at suggesting alternative cost saving solutions.
19 Aug 2017
Good price and excellent speedy service. Will definitely use them again for any future computer troubles. Highly recommended:)
14 Aug 2017
Robert was prompt in coming to me. He had my equipment set up in no time and my problems sorted with ease. I am an older person and his manner put me at ease straight away. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends.
07 Aug 2017
Robert was very prompt to reply to my request for help in setting up my new computer. Transferring all my data not only from my comp. but also from my laptop. Nothing was too much trouble, he was very professional and efficient could not have been more helpful. I had a quote from the techs at the store where I purchased my computer & there was no comparison price wise & not nearly as helpful & no offer of future assistance once the change over was completed. (Without another large fee) I would highly recommend Robert Many thanks for you excellent work.
04 Aug 2017
Thanks Robert, for working over the weekend for my Business. And we were working by first thing Monday morning.. I really recommend you.
03 Aug 2017
Robert was so efficient in setting up a troublesome printer as well as giving the computer a general clean up. This was all done remotely which was very convenient.
03 Aug 2017
Suz121 After months of frustration with a sluggish and unpredictable computer, Robert has turned it into a dream machine. He is reliable and very nice to deal with.
01 Aug 2017
moragw from Holland Park
Robert has been amazing in recovering our old files and supplying and fine tuning an excellent new computer for us. He has made the changeover a very easy process and I would highly recommend!
01 Aug 2017
Excellent service from Robert, he set my computer up and saved me a fortune in the process...Highly recommend.
25 Jul 2017
I have had great service from Robert with a very complex computer crash. He has done everything possible to get my computer back up to speed for which I am extremely grateful. He actually fixed up something else in the computer and did not charge me for it which is a pleasant surprise in today's world. Sylvia
25 Jul 2017
Prompt reply to request and fitted in to my schedule. Robert was very helpful and found solutions to all issues. Highly recommend!
09 Jul 2017
Thank you Robert, for your quick and efficient service. Our new PC is up and running. Also, thank you for making it so easy to download eBooks to my Reader. We will be recommending you and will use you again.
07 Jul 2017
Wow what a quick turnaround thank you. When you are using your computer all day for work you need fixed quickly if possible and Robert certainly fixed quickly.
07 Jul 2017
Robert was prompt and very helpful. He fixed everything super quickly. We will be contacting him again if we have any IT problems.
27 Jun 2017
Thank you so much for calling out so quick. Excellent service. Will definitely be my first point of call for any future computer issues. Highly recommend!
27 Jun 2017
Thank you Robert for helping me out with my computer you were patient and thorough and listened to my concerns. I am especially impressed that you did not try to "upsell" when there was every opportunity. You had my computer up and running quickly and that is vital for me in my business. Professional and competent!
25 Jun 2017
I've used multiple computer technicians before and Robert was one of the fastest at fixing my problem than other technicians have been - who seem to drag it out as long as they can. Very happy with fixing the issue plus showing us better ways to use the computer
25 Jun 2017
Top service, very sound knowledge of computer's and solving connection issues 100% happy with work done.
24 Jun 2017
Rob was very quick to deal with my computer, very helpful in every way.Backup service excellent, would recommend him to anyone at all. Will use him again and tell my friends about him.
23 Jun 2017
Robert was very easy to deal with, he promptly responded to my phone call, repaired my computer and replaced a faulty hard drive and reinstalled my programs all within a short time. Computer is now much faster. Very efficient service and I will be recommending him to fix any computer problems that you may have. All this was done at a very reasonable cost.
20 Jun 2017
Robert put himself out when he heard I had been let down by two other Computer service companies and worked late to clean up a great amount of rubbish from operating system and memory banks resulting in a start up speed which I never would have believed possible. The computer is 2 years old and has never had any attention before so was well cluttered, but now not only does it start up fast, but where there was an even bigger delay in receiving the first mail download, now the first mornings mail dump is done in just a few more seconds. Thank you Robert.
20 Jun 2017
Fantastic service Robert! Very efficient. I would definitely recommend and use his service again. Thank you!
20 Jun 2017
Robert was awesome to deal with. He recovered our email and made things a lot simpler to use. I recommend him to fix any computer issue you have. Thanks Robert
18 Jun 2017
Robert did excellent work. He solved all our problems in a short space of time. He also gave us many useful hints.
18 Jun 2017
Robert fixed our internet problem speedily. He was very pleasant to deal with, gave great advice, willing to come on a Sunday and the price was affordable. We will certainly be using him again.
17 Jun 2017
Robert and Greg were so prompt and efficient getting my computer back to me. I had a few little glitches to iron out afterwards and they were so supportive. I will definitely contact Zoo computer Repairs for all my computer issues.
15 Jun 2017
Thanks Robert for going above and beyond to help me out. The support you have given me and your understanding towards me and my lack of computer knowledge was appreciated. Once again thank you :) Kind regards, Kimberley
12 Jun 2017
Robert of Zoo Computer Repairs did an excellent job of fixing my computer after getting hacked. Very competitive pricing & quick turnaround. Highly recommend.
12 Jun 2017
I would just like to say that I was quite happy with everything Robert did for me, and I'm over the moon to have the computer back online again.
12 Jun 2017
Thanks Robert, my Computer now works like a charm. It's refreshing these days to find reliable and honest repairmen who don't charge the earth. I would highly recommend this Company to anyone who has computer problems.
12 Jun 2017
Robert has always been friendly, direct and efficient. Along with his very competitive pricing I would recommend him to each and all!
11 Jun 2017
I would highly recommend this Company for aspects in relation to computer problems. Very quick response and most of all very friendly service
11 Jun 2017
I could not have asked for better service , Robert went above and beyond to answer and fix all my problems and been a senior and not real computer savey , he took the time to explain and note everything for me . Such great friendly service . Thank you heaps Robert , you gave a old girl peace of mind .
10 Jun 2017
very helpful and up front and honest with reasonably priced rates. i will only use robert now for any computer issues in the future
07 Jun 2017
The gentleman was very understanding and very helpful went over and above what I expected.. Thank you very much
07 Jun 2017
I cannot thank Robert enough for his professionalism yet easy going nature. Over a period of 2 weeks he visited my place a couple of times and he got me to monitor the behaviour of my laptop and keep him informed of anything unusual. We were constantly messaging one another until we managed to find the problem and a solution I found Robert honest, ethical and very easy to work with. He went over and beyond what I expected and the other AMAZING thing is his pricing. I was only charged for an hour yet it took 2 weeks to fix my laptop. If you are looking for a service that goes over and beyond and amazingly priced I would very highly recommend Robert (Zoo Computer Repairs). You will not be disappointed. 6 out of 5 stars
06 Jun 2017
Greg Aries telephoned and although he was on the other side of Brisbane doing another call he arrived on time and was most helpful and polite and very quick to resolve the problem. He was very professional and used lay terms so I could grasp what was needed to be done to rectify the fault. A very pleasant experience and a bonus to be greeted with a bright smile! Highly recommended!
02 Jun 2017
Robert was incredibly helpful and solved more than my computer problems. It is a great comfort to know I have remote assistance available. He was very knowledgeable and carried out several tasks at the same time for a very reasonable fee. I cannot recommend him too highly.
30 May 2017
Could'nt be happier. Took over 24 hours to get my computer right but he capped it at only 1.5 hours. Awesome. Very trustworthy, and kept me up to speed every step of the way. Right man at the right time for the right job. Cheers Rob.
29 May 2017
Robert was very professional and fixed my issues quickly, as well as showing some tips on other things to help make good use of the computer.
29 May 2017
Robert was very quick and resolved my issue will no fuss. Reasonably priced and more importantly minimal impact to my bussiness.
28 May 2017
geoffb773 from Tingalpa
really nice bloke sorted out my problems with out a worry explained everything in lay mans terms. will always use Robert for future repairs
27 May 2017
Top service from Robert - he's so quick to understand any PC problem, rectify it and also to explain it fully to the customer. Highly recommended !
25 May 2017
After reading some of Robert's reviews I decided to give him a ring to get him to look at speeding and clearing up my home computer. Robert promptly arrived within 24 hours of my call and quickly eliminated any issues affecting my computer. Robert also provided a remote access facility which will come in handy if I have any additional issues to follow up with him. I am more than happy with the efficient service I received.
24 May 2017
Great service thanks Robert. Arrived on time, spoke in language we could understand and didn't try to up-sell. Appreciated prompt service.
22 May 2017
Can't speak highly enough about the quality of service and support received from Robert. Nothing is a problem.
19 May 2017
Good man, took time out of his day to help me, even though it was late at night and he had just picked up fish and chips to eat with his son. Would highly advise, very dedicated man, very hard working, very honest. Keep up the great work mate
19 May 2017
The service was excellent. Robert was on time and made sure everything was working on my computer before he left. Thank you very much.
19 May 2017
Very professional advice in clear and easily understood language with solid explanations as to what/why needs to be done. Also suggests longer term solutions if the immediate tests/changes prove not to be the answer. Open and honest comments and advice at a reasonable cost.
17 May 2017
julie-d891 from Springwood
very helpful and always gets back to you and knows all the answers to all my questions and doesn't make you look stupid
17 May 2017
Very happy with the service and would highly recommend. Robert is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Everything was explained thoroughly. I would not hesitate to use again.
16 May 2017
The company is fully capable of taking on harder computer problems and does not shy away from a challenge. Robert was my "computer guy" and was very hospitable to my issues. He went above and beyond his required tasks and helped my computer get back on track and working better than it ever had previously. His method of cost is also very appealing as he will only charge you for the hours he spends working and not the hours others would spend stalling. He really deserves all the ratings and success he gets in the future.
16 May 2017
manuiaa from Slacks Creek
Our church office is very blessed by Robert's amazing knowledge of computers and fast service. He saved us money and time because he fixed several problems at once that could have been hours of work. We also had problems with an overseas web host for months and Robert communicated with them so well that the problem was fixed within an hour. Robert didn't just fix our computers but also showed us how to fix the problems ourselves. We can't recommend Robert enough.
16 May 2017
Robert sorted out our scanning problem and we are now back in action. Thank you Robert, nothing is too difficult for you to sort out. God bless!
15 May 2017
Great service Robert knows his way around computers sorted my problem quickly and is there with extended hours of business if i have any other problems to fix and with upgrade my computer is super fast
15 May 2017
Robert has been assisting me since 2015 when he set up my computer - nothing is too much trouble - just the best
11 May 2017
Greg Aries from Zoo Computers built me a new computer using the most modern components after my old one finally expired. Greg also set up my Programs and transferred all my data across to the new Computer. Service was absolutely fantastic, on time, and extremely competent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zoo Computer Repairs for honest, knowledgeable & affordable service.
08 May 2017
Robert's service was second to none. Absolutely honest, saved us money, backed up photos, great advice and fixed our PC's
05 May 2017
Thank you Robert and Zoo Computer Repairs. I was about to buy a whole new computer and was advised it was totally unwarranted. I have everything I need now at a fraction of what I thought it would cost me. Thank you also for your prompt support when needed.
01 May 2017
As well as fixing my computer, Robert offered ongoing support which he gladly did for me on public holiday. Thanks Robert and Zoo repairs.
24 Apr 2017
I found Zoo computers to be very helpful and he fixed my problem. I would recommend there service to any body , I would certainly use them again
23 Apr 2017
Rob provided a fantastic service, very professional and very helpful. Went out of his way to assist us over a weekend. Very impressed.
23 Apr 2017
very efficient service - computer was down Saturday 8 am - got the router asap and got back to service Monday morning :) A friendly guy indeed :)
23 Apr 2017
Robert has been fantastic with his support.his. prices have been quite reasonable. Robert goes above and beyond. He has a great knowledge base. He fixed my old laptop. its quicker now than it was new. Graeme Oliver
22 Apr 2017
I found Zoo computers to be very helpful willing to travel to collect my computer very prompt and friendly and it is great to have some one willing to help that is only phone call away . I am not a computer wizz so Roberts patience and pleasant attitude was appreciated .
12 Apr 2017
YES - thought I had lost a whole lot of vital data. Robert found it and patiently helped me until a resolution was found. Thank-you :)
07 Apr 2017
Robert was very efficient, professional & knowledgeable. I will be using Roberts PC services again when needed. Natalie
04 Apr 2017
Prompt, professional & knowledgeable, we will be using Roberts services again. Ian Hawkins, Hawkins Drafting. 0449 222 445
01 Apr 2017
Robert was able to provide a timely and professional service that got me back on line without a fuss. He spent time giving me important information that will protect my data and ensured that the repair was done with minimal cost. I would highly recommend Robert as a computer technician you can trust to take care of your IT needs.
30 Mar 2017
Robert was very helpful, he explained the issues thoroughly in a way he could be understood, he did the work remotely and cleaned the computer and set up the new email system, he also offered to help with any teething problems and small issues for no charge, We are very happy with his service and would recommend him to give an honest assessment and charge a fair price,
28 Mar 2017
I have had a few encounters with computer technicians in my life and I must say Robert has come up tops. He helped me understand how my computer works and fix the issue promptly. I will definitely call him when my computer is misbehaving again.
25 Mar 2017
Robert was reliable, professional and very helpful, explaining every step of what he was doing. He tried to make the experience as financially manageable as possible , giving options for how to make the job less expensive. Very happy with the service. Christine
23 Mar 2017
Robert was very knowledgeable and was able to provide a solution to my problem. He was prompt and efficient.I will be happy to use him again if required and to recommend him to others.
15 Mar 2017
Robert responded promptly to the phone message I left seeking help for a computer-printer connection problem. He addressed the issue remotely and explained everything clearly as the work session progressed. He was dogged in resolving the issue, which wasn't easy, and managed to fix it in a timely way. He was pleasant and courteous throughout.
14 Mar 2017
A massive thanks to Robert for assisting us today. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality service we received and will definitely be returning to Robert for all of our IT needs in the future. Thanks again Robert, we will be contacting you again soon.
14 Mar 2017
Excellent prompt and professional service for all level of users. Will definitely use Robert again and can definitely recommend him.
13 Mar 2017
Just experienced the swiftest service ever experienced in getting my computer up and running as Robert called within 20 minutes of our phone conversation. When first I experienced the problem with my computer I thought Robert had not fixed it properly a few weeks ago, however it appears after he was here today that I had been attempting to engage internet too swiftly. Lesson learned.... wait a few minutes for it to load before attempting to use. Robert explained the best way to use for maximum result in a way I understood. Very much appreciated and many thanks Robert.
11 Mar 2017
Excellent service, explained exactly what he was doing and why. Was able to save all our problems quickly. Very knowledgeable. Thanks Robert
11 Mar 2017
Very energetic and knowledgeable support. Robert is a fast worker and listens well to the problem. I think the issue with my big pond mail is fixed. Telstra support I received yesterday for 2 hours was good, but they are not experienced with Gmail - so it was not fixed. Robert is experienced with gmail etc and it looks like is fixed. Good value. Will definitely seek his help again if needed.
11 Mar 2017
Excellent service, and explains everything in a simple to understand manner. Will definitely use this again.
04 Mar 2017
So many great reviews can't be wrong! I contacted Robert at about 2 pm on a Friday. I explained I required help setting up a new network and some minor laptop related matters. He made a booking for the next morning at my request (I had the impression who would have been at my address that day if I wanted). Robert was quick, efficient and highly knowledgeable. He was time conscious and explained each step of the process as he was doing it in a quiet friendly manner. I never felt at any stage patronised and Robert encouraged me to ask questions throughout the process. His after sales service assistance he provides also has a great "piece of mind" factor. If you are like me and look at reviews before you choose your service provider, please take my advice and seriously consider Robert as I cannot think of any negatives for the service - Time and money well spent. You are my go-to man now for all my computer concerns - Thanks Robert
02 Mar 2017
Robert was careful to explain each step that he took, and after a lengthy session, I feel that I understand what the problems were, why they arose, and how I'm now on a path that will make things easier in the future. Robert came across as really caring about his work and giving his clients the best of his expertise.
24 Feb 2017
Robert was fantastic - very efficient, great service and certainly went out of his way to solve the problem with our desktop - thanks Robert .....
17 Feb 2017
Robert was really helpful, spent time on my problem and was very knowledgeable. He had great communication and went over and above what was needed. Also gave me helpful tips which I'll be able to utilise.
17 Feb 2017
Robert helped us through a complex set of problems. He was careful to focus on his areas of strength, which speaks to his professionalism. He sorted out many issues, both big and small, to make our systems smoother to use. He also has provided great followup service to make sure any other niggles got sorted. Highly recommended.
03 Feb 2017
Great service, very efficient. After quickly fixing the problem, Robert cleaned up my computer to increase speed and set up a link to contact him directly if I have any other issues. He also offered great advice for other projects I am working on. I now have a computer guy. :)
29 Jan 2017
Robert was a very friendly and communicative Person. We had a nice conversation and he fixed my problem in less than 5 minutes. In the other time he scanned my computer for viruses and speeded up my system, everything for the basic hourly rate. I can highly recommend this technician, my laptop runs better than ever.
26 Jan 2017
Robert was friendly and helpful. He got my Hotmail account and MYOB accounting up and running. thanks again
26 Jan 2017
Great service!! Robert was fantastic. He even helped us with our Smart T.V. Thank you so much for your help Robert.
26 Jan 2017
I am very grateful for the excellent service that Robert afforded me with my computer dilemma He explained everything as it was happening and was very respectful in his dealings with a computer illiterate 70yr old. I would highly recommend this service to all. Kind regards Arthur H
24 Jan 2017
I am very pleased with the service,Robert fixed the problem with my computer, extremely nice young man, very efficient , I would thoroughly recommend him ,you won't be disappointed. regards Fay
23 Jan 2017
great help and service, more than necessary , committed and friendly and great support, thanks robert for your help
23 Jan 2017
22 Jan 2017
The service that I received from Rob the Technician was excellent and highly recommend Zoo Computer Repairs
07 Jan 2017
Prompt response, accurate diagnosis and immediate repair, all on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Robert and John!
25 Nov 2016
Rob knows his subject and has the ability to explain in simple terms to a computer illiterate like me. A very competent, efficient and personable man.
06 Oct 2016
I am extremley impressed with Roberts ability to work with people with no skill or understanding when it comes to computers. Throughout my whole experience with Robert he has been a gentlemen and guided me through all my computer woes. Thanks for being so patient and understanding and taking your time with me.
05 Oct 2016
Robert is always so thorough and informative. Very honest guy and nothing is ever too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any computer related issue.
05 Oct 2016
Robert is a Excellent Technician and always helpful when I need him and available. He also understands all the Questions I put to him. I'm very grateful to have Robert as my Technician
04 Oct 2016
Picked this business at random. Could not have selected a more helpful and honest person. Rob took me through everything that he had done. It is refreshing to find someone as honest and helpful as this person. It would be a pleasure to recommend this business to anyone looking to have any computer problems fixed.
04 Oct 2016
Rob is excellent to work with and definitely knows his IT. Very easy to converse with and provides a great understanding of the issues at hand. Working remotely also saved a lot of time and logistic issues. Very competitive price compared to other companies out there. Would definitely use again however I hope I don't need too! Highly recommended.
29 Sep 2016
Rob is very honest and provides a good service at a fair price.Rob is also very prompt and courteous and are able to converse easily with.
29 Sep 2016
Robert was very courteous on the phone, listened and gave me options, provided prompt and efficient service, resolving my computer problems very quickly. He treated me with respect and I valued his willingness to discuss with me his views while finding the solutions, with no hesitation I will be using Zoo Computer Repairs again. Lorna
26 Sep 2016
derrynn from Jimboomba
I have used Zoo Computer Repairs on several occasions and will continue to do so for the following reasons: You speak to a person on first phone call!!!! That person is always polite, well spoken, understands and is efficient. Someone always gets back to you within the hour. Computer fixed within an hour with no call out fee and done within your own home or business Speaks in terms that I understand! Minimal charges and fantastic results! This company is by far the best I have dealt with and the personalised service goes above and beyond. I would recommend them a million times over!!!
25 Sep 2016
Robert understood the issues I had with my computer straight away as a consequence he had to install a new hard drive. Robert kept in regular contact, giving me updates and delivered my computer as promised on time and also checked that I didn't have any issues in the following days. I would not hesitate in recommending Zoo Computers to my friends.
24 Sep 2016
Robert provided prompt and efficient service and resolved my computer problems very quickly. I would not hesitate to use Zoo Computer Repairs again.
22 Sep 2016
brucej727 from Acacia Ridge
i wish to thank robert for all the help fixing my computer and understanding the problem and fix the problem thank you very much
15 Sep 2016
Robert responded very quickly to my request for help with the broadband issues I had and was able to resolve the problem very quickly. The ISP was very long winded in this process which Robert dealt with very patiently.
15 Sep 2016
We have used Robert a number of times and once again he responded quickly to fix our computer to get us up and running again
15 Sep 2016
Displayed sound knowledge in the areas we were in trouble. Particularly, Robert communicated well to us as fairly unsophisticated users. The on-line remote service was very efficient.
15 Sep 2016
We had multiple problems which were solved quickly by Robert remotely, he explained the issues well which helped longer term. Would definitely recommend his services.
13 Sep 2016
This appears to have together he did a very job on cleaning up our computer. Dealing with was easy plus he contacted after doing the work explaining what he found along with what he done. The charges were very reasonable for the time spent on the work done.
12 Sep 2016
Quick response from Robert to fix our fax machine, Just hoping our phone line works well. Cheers
07 Sep 2016
pat walsh.... What can you say more than great service, quick response all adds up to he's the guy to keep your machine running at it's best.....THANKS ROBERT/ your bloods worth bottling.
07 Sep 2016
I am very impressed with Robert. He was response was immediate and efficient. I learnt a lot form the remote session too. I will now use him for any technical problems in the future.
29 Aug 2016
Would highly recommend Robert's services. I am extremely happy with his help. He assisted on Sunday with my computer issues and managed to recover all my important files. I would definitely go back to Zoo computer Repairs!
28 Aug 2016
Would Highly recommend..Fantastic customers service and quick response to all my needs.. I give this company 110 %. Thank you so much..
19 Aug 2016
Extremely happy with the service.. Solved all the virus issues and at the same time made my computer more efficient.
16 Aug 2016
We have been using Robert's services for a number of computer issues last one being to increase our hard drive size in an older pc and updating to Windows 10. He is extremely helpful and honest definitely not just after the money. He is passionate about helping people and does his job well. Great after support, too.
09 Aug 2016
Greg at North Lakes was awesome in doing my sons computer build, he was friendly, and the customer service was outstanding, I will recommend him to all my friends including my workplace. Will definately be using him for all mine and my family's future computer needs. :-)
01 Aug 2016
I contacted zoorepairs to replace a graphics card in my laptop that had overheated and burnt out. I was told after lodging my initial repair request that I'd receive a confirmation phone call within the hour. Not five minutes passed before I was contacted by Chris the technician who ended up performing the repair. I dropped the laptop at his because he lived so close and we discussed what I wanted doing. We established a rough estimate of the costs involved and a reasonable timeframe for repair. I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the repair cost. Needless to say I was excited to finally get my laptop repaired and at an affordable price too. During the repair process Chris kept me up to date with what was going on and how the laptop was performing. It was during one of these updates that I decided to overhaul the laptop more thoroughly than we'd originally agreed upon. Nevertheless Chris was very accommodating and had no qualms woth what I asked of him. I now have my laptop back after what originally went in for a graphics card replacement getting the operating system upgraded, hard drives replaced to better reflect my usage of the system and a much better graphics card than original. All in all 5 out of 5.
23 Jul 2016
Honest, down to earth and easy to understand. Robert is very user-friendly and sorted out my very messy email issues brilliantly. Would definitely recommend him.
21 Jul 2016
Prompt helpful and competent service. A big improvement on my previous technician. Reinstalled some discontinued software to Windows 10 in a new laptop for me even though I had been previously professionally advised it was not compatible.
16 Jul 2016
The installation of Windows 10, an existing older version of MS Outlook and a change in server by Telstra caused havoc with my e-mails. Robert and Greg spent hours more than the quoted price to fix this challenging problem, requiring some really innovative thinking to work around the brick walls that kept appearing in all the e-mail functions.
15 Jul 2016
Robert was great in answering my questions and gave me some sound advice on how to make my system work more efficiently. Would highly recommend him to my family and friends.
09 Jul 2016
I bought a computer from Robert after my old one died. He went out of his way to retrieve my data & photos from my old hard drive and saved them onto my new computer. I find him extremely friendly, willing to assist in any way and knowledgeable in his applications and he is able to explain computer issues to me in laymen's terms. When I had a small problem he came back and fixed it without hesitation. I would utilise his services again and recommend him to friends.
06 Jul 2016
As someone who doesn't know a whole lot about computers, Robert was able to explain the problem and solution in a way that I understood and was told everything before he started working with my laptop. The service was done within days and I have no regrets in choosing Zoo repairs to repair my laptop.
04 Jul 2016
craigm741 from Fairfield
Due to poor communication, an unreliable technician, and repair work that was ultimately unsuccessful, I can only give 3 stars to this business. Unfortunately, five frustrating weeks after first contact with the business and 2 attempted repairs by a technician from this business, my son's laptop was still broken. The screen hinge repair did not work and in addition, when I received the laptop the mouse's USB transmitter was missing from its port (I suspect misplaced by the business during the attempted repairs), meaning that I had to buy anew mouse as well. The repair for my laptop also did not last more than a few weeks (same problem as my son's laptop – screen hinge issue). The business did make some attempt to get things sorted out for us (hence, 3 stars – not 1) but at the end of the day I am still not satisfied with the outcome as I paid for a service that I never received, and I am out of pocket. I would not recommend this company for computer hardware repairs at all as I'm now $130 short ($100 charged for two laptop repairs that were ineffectual and $30 for my son's mouse replacement).
03 Jul 2016
Robert did a great job on my computer after my CPU was running hot and in need of swapping an SSD in and installing the OS onto it. The only problem he couldnt fix was my stupidity once I got home when I formatted the Hard drive where my OS user was located. Undid a lot of his good work.
03 Jul 2016
service was fantastic.. highly rate Robs repairs.. was able to resolve NBN difficulties as well as the phone line..
02 Jul 2016
Robert helped me to set up a new machine. Apart from his technical expertise and quick work he has excellent customer service and communication skills. I'll be recommending Zoo Computer Repairs to anyone.
30 Jun 2016
judiths551 from Loganholme
Robert was helpful, responded promptly and attended to our computer remotely. I will use him again.
29 Jun 2016
Robert acted quickly to help remove some viruses off our network. Thanks and well worth the money for the quick response.
29 Jun 2016
Robert Krajnyk visited us this morning 29th June I found him to be very professional and quick . What has taken me 7 days with Telstra. Robert has taken 2 hours to achieve with telstra on my behalf . Very impressed. Wayne .
29 Jun 2016
Robert Krajnyk came to our home this morning, we were having network/internet dramas... Robert is extremely professional, polite and very friendly, THANKS ROBERT!!!
28 Jun 2016
could not ask for any more better help or support then i recieved from Robert as he done the repair last night while i was at work over the net. he was also very honest with the answers he gave me
23 Jun 2016
Great service! Robert was very helpful and professional. Really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.
23 Jun 2016
konrads from Glen Innes
Greg was great to deal with, I call and he was there the same day. found the problem very quickly and bent over backwards to retrieve some very important files I had. I have recommended them to friends and would use them again no questions asked.
22 Jun 2016
Great service from Robert. He fixed our problem very quick and was very honest with what we needed and didn't need on our computer. I would highly recommend Zoo repairs to anyone.
22 Jun 2016
Wicked service!!!! Helped out tremendously would highly recommend to anyone. Fixed in record time.
21 Jun 2016
Fantastic! Robert smashed through my problem and fixed it, was very quick, honest and helpful! would recommend to everyone!
20 Jun 2016
I can unreservedly recommend the technician from Zoo Computer Repairs by the name of Greg Aries. I found Greg to be a highly skilled technician who explains and teaches as he fixes the problem. Kind, caring and helpful. Congrats Zoo on your choice of employee. Shayle Andrews, Gaythorne
20 Jun 2016
I am very satisfied and impressed with the service provided by Zoo Repairs. Greg has been outstanding. He is courteous, friendly, helpful, and professional - a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Zoo Repairs.
19 Jun 2016
Hey, Greg provided the best service and he's a genuinely nice guy. Very happy. Cheers, Chris
18 Jun 2016
As usual Robert fixed our problem quickly and professionally. Quite frankly we would never use anyone else. We are not. very computer literate but Robert manages to explain everything so simply that it is easy to understand. You will not get better computer help anywhere else and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best. Thanks Robert/
13 Jun 2016
WOW, what a service Robert provides. Its like magic, very professional, his work ethic is great. I would highly recommend Robert to any of my clients for computer work
10 Jun 2016
geoffreyw1 from Rochedale South
Robert was great. I rang him with a problem that turned out to be a virus which he was able to remove remotely very quickly. Everything was retained perfectly
09 Jun 2016
Robert was very helpful and explained things to me in a language I understood. He was professional and didn't make me feel like an idiot when asking questions. He also provided me with a support service for any future problems. My computer is now running a lot better thanks to Robert. I would highly recommend Roberts computer services.
06 Jun 2016
punctual, reliable and helpful. Highly recommend Robert for computer assistance. Have been very happy with the service provided by Zoo computer repairs
05 Jun 2016
Robert was great and helpful. We are very happy with our upgraded computer and it's new update. Plus it only took a few days and was a lot cheaper then we thought. Highly recommend him for sure.
04 Jun 2016
Robert is friendly, professional and helpful. We are very happy with our upgraded computer and new modem, all set up and ready to go in a couple of days. Robert was also quick to respond to any questions during the process.
03 Jun 2016
Fast turn around. Kept me updated with progress via text message. Informative advice over the phone. Genuine caring for clients and passionate about them not losing their data.
02 Jun 2016
Would recommend Robert, he was very professional and friendly and resolved the issue promptly
31 May 2016
Robert logged in remotely and sorted the issue with the virus. Be very watchful for emails from AGL. Thanks to Robert we still have our emails and photos. Fantastic service
31 May 2016
Very pleased to have Robert come out so he could fix my damn computer that has played up because of windows update. Thanks Robert
31 May 2016
Robert was very helpful and knowledgeable ,he solved the problem and talked me through any issues i had.I will recommend Robert to all my friends if they have any issues with their computers.
30 May 2016
Robert was polite and helpful, with same day service. Solved my problem and explained it along the way, and was reasonably priced. I would use him again and recommend him to others.
28 May 2016
Zoo provided same day service, fixed our computer and cleared out the potential dangers hiding in our computer. The service was professional and not in computer jargon, so we knew exactly what was being done as it was being done. Would definitely recommend.
26 May 2016
Robert thanks for your help with the service on my lap top since retirement I don't have the support I usually enjoyed at work.
25 May 2016
Robert provides a great service! My computer is now running a lot better, thanks to Robert. I would highly recommend Robert to any of my friends if they have any issues with their computer.
23 May 2016
Robert was friendly explained everything in plain english to both of us ...very helpful would recommend .. did a great job Julie
23 May 2016
Thank heavens for Robert. We've worked with Robert for the last several years and have found him to be super professional, a great communicator to those of us who do not have a strong technical understanding of computer issues and is always available when problems emerged.
23 May 2016
Totally happy with Robert's service. Fantastic problem solver and no hesitation to recommend his services.
22 May 2016
In the mobile computing repair business - prompt and expert attention speaks volumes. Robert's service met every criteria Icould have wished for and more. during the process - an essential upgrade because of hard drive failure means we now have a superior computer for a fraction of the price of a new one. I can honestly say our computer woes were turned into a blessing in disguise. Robert's experience is unquestionable - and his non geeky communication skills set him apart from others in this industry. If I could give 6 out of 5 I would.
12 May 2016
i have to say that im totally happy with Roberts professional approach and aftersale service and would definately recomend him to friends and assosiats
11 May 2016
Very nice service like magic and even better now that everything goes much smoother thab before
06 May 2016
Robert gives great service, value for money and is extremely knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.
03 May 2016
Robert is very friendly and professional. He spent extra time explaining problems and got computer up and running and saved all my data. Many thanks. Michelle
03 May 2016
Very helpful , as small business its great to have someone quick and knowledgeable to call on.
26 Apr 2016
Robert was on time, he listened and used plain English to explain issues. He delivered what I had requested. I will use his service again.
25 Apr 2016
I had my computer hit with a cryptolocker virus, i had a few people in darwin try and remove virus but had no luck. Zoo repairs removed and contained all my files that had been damaged. Would recommend these guys without hesitation.
17 Apr 2016
Same day service he was super polite and professional - got my computer fixed within minutes helped me out with other computer issues. I'd definitely call him again with out any hesitations.
06 Apr 2016
maggiek2 from Sunnybank Hills
Robert is very professional , knows his business, is friendly, very and quick . I am very happy with Roberts service and will yet again use his service as required .
01 Apr 2016
Prompt personal service. Great advice given also. Will be recommending to friends. Thanks Robert.
31 Mar 2016
Robert has taken a load off my shoulders. Solved a lot of my problems. He is quick, understanding, and his computer skills are awesome. Many thanks Robert.
30 Mar 2016
Robert has been very helpful and we will use him again. We understand some things on our computers a little better now.
23 Mar 2016
Robert is punctual,courteous and provides fast and efficient computer expertise.He is an excellent team member. Thank you Robert.
22 Mar 2016
jaket110 from Caulfield South
amazing business highly recommend. Fast and efficient service, what a team down at Zoo Computer Repairs!
21 Mar 2016
Courteous, knowledgeable and extremely competent especially as we are mature computer users. Thank you so much Robert.
19 Mar 2016
Robert is extremely helpful and very patient . I would highly recommend Robert for his expertise and quick response to all problems.
16 Mar 2016
Robert was very helpful throughout the whole process. He communicated the options that were available to me at each stage of the repair and the exact costing. He also installed windows 10 and took the time to go through some of the software and other options in terms of storing data with me. Overall, i received a tailored service and would highly recommend for any service or computer queries. Would definitely use again.
15 Mar 2016
Very helpful upgraded my computer to windows 10, installed extra Ram for me and so far all good. Very knowledgably, will use again.
15 Mar 2016
I found Robert to be very courteous, friendly and extremely helpful with my computer problems! He also showed my how to use my computer better and how to access some free stuff! I would certainly recommend him to my friends.
11 Mar 2016
Yes , In a sea of computer tech guys Robert is a stand out ! very quick , professional ,easy and most importantly gets the job done. Thank you and would highly recommend to others.
10 Mar 2016
Robert is clearly an expert IT professional, but is also very approachable and easy-going, listens carefully to concerns and has a friendly and polite manner. We really appreciated that mix. That is all very important because we depend on someone like Robert to deal with our personal files, work material etc and desperately need to know the job is done well. Robert has sorted several issues at once for me, including setting up my new laptop, transferring files from my old hard drive and ensuring my substantial email files from the old computer came across to the new one. These were very important since I have files and emails from several years of work etc that are critical. Robert also is very knowledgeable and was able to suggest ways of setting up our computers so as to be able to access data from several locations, as and when it suits our needs. We really liked that flexible approach. I also really appreciate the fact that when I contacted Robert, he responded promptly and we were able to sort concerns in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Robert as a highly skilled, polite and supportive IT professional. Thanks very much Robert. You will certainly be our IT person of choice in the future!! .
04 Mar 2016
Thanks for a great job, awesome service. Would most definitely recommend you to our friends!
02 Mar 2016
Very good service, job done by professionals. would recommend them anytime. thanks for a great job
02 Mar 2016
maryb32 from Bellbowrie
We have always had first-class service from Robert. He resolves problems quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.
02 Mar 2016
Fantastic service and transferred data i thought I had lost. would highly recommend Zoo Computers.
25 Feb 2016
Robert has been great to work with. He has been able to fix the problem and provide us with information to help in the future.
24 Feb 2016
Robert came to advise on a couple of laptop matters the day after I contacted him. He arrived when arranged, solved the problems I was experiencing and offered some great advice. I also felt he was not attempting to sell me products that were unnecessary. In short he showed himself as highly knowledgeable and honest and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.
23 Feb 2016
Robert and Greg are true professionals. We were infected with some nasty trojan viruses and heaps of malware. Not only did Robert and Greg respond promptly, they explained everything clearly and kept us continually updated throughout the whole process of cleaning our operating system and hard drive. We felt confident that our sensitive data was being respected and safe. The follow up care we received was outstanding, both Robert and Greg went out of their way to talk us through some minor issues, nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend this company to anyone with minor or major computer issues. First class service and value for money.
23 Feb 2016
Greg was very responsive, competent, and thorough. He addressed all of my issues in under 2hrs.
17 Feb 2016
You offer quick, efficient and friendly service at a very reasonable cost. Thanks Robert you have helped solve so many of my computer problems.
10 Feb 2016
Our computer was too much to repair for us so Robert didn't charge us and got all of my children's photo's off the hard drive because that was the most important thing to me. Highly recommend.
08 Feb 2016
Ive know Robert for a few years now and I will not use anyone else in regards to my computer problems. His standard of work has not changed. He keeps you updated with the progress and his work is outstanding. I find his honesty and integrity irreplaceable and thus I have recommended family and friends to his business and they all feel the same way 100%. You will not be disappointed!!
04 Feb 2016
Great work above and beyond the initial problem. Will certainly be recommending Robert to friends and family.
03 Feb 2016
Excellent work Robert! Thank you for your time and in explaining how to get my system working more efficiently! I will certainly be recommending Zoo computer repairs to my family and friends.
02 Feb 2016
Robert kept us informed with the progress and helped us get the best result for a very reasonable price - would recommend Zoo Computer Repairs to anyone.
01 Feb 2016
Zoo computer repairs did a great job and im one of the satisfied customer. The technician was very thorough and into details and I recommend Zoo Computer Repairs to anyone. worth it
26 Jan 2016
What I like most about Zoo Repairs is that Robert takes time and care with his customers. Nothing seems too much to ask and as I'm not a computer whizz; yet having much to be done on computers; as a teacher; writer; artist; I can confirm that I always have a lot of questions; a lot of little glitches which happen. Robert is truly a professional who knows his work and is definitely heads above all the rest when it comes to customer care.
20 Jan 2016
Fantastic service! Robert helped me immediately with my computer problem and had it rectified quickly. He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to assist me remotely. He communicated in very simple, easy to understand language. I will definitely be contacting Robert again if I encounter any further problems.
17 Jan 2016
Robert was extremely punctual and very helpful. I would highly recommend Robert. Thank you
05 Jan 2016
Hi i i called Zoo as i had a problem with my PC and had no idea how to fix.Robert helped me on the same day great service.
05 Jan 2016
Robert sorted out my email problems and sped up the computer at the same time.. removed viruses... Just like finding a good mechanic I'll keep Roberts number on speed dial and know I can call for prompt service and advice.
30 Dec 2015
Roberts response time was very good, and new what he was about fixing the computer. well done Robert
29 Dec 2015
what a awsome guy to deal with done a perfect job all done remotely which made it so much easier there was no hassle and he even finished the job off for free would highly recccomend this company and there services and we will definantly be using robert again
23 Dec 2015
Robert is efficient, knowledgeable and understands good customer service was able to make our system work the way it should
20 Dec 2015
excellent service and such a professionally down to earth consultant. I will be calling these guys if I ever have any issues again. Very happy :)
12 Dec 2015
Professional, timely service. Reasonable price. Cleared malware from laptop. Would definately use again & recommend to friends. Followed up next day with a question and query was attended to immediately with no fuss and at no extra cost.
11 Dec 2015
Professionalism, friendliness and technical prowess - Robert exceeded my expectations in his job of cleaning up my computer of its many viruses, while also giving information on other things I could do with it (the computer/net). Most importantly he was kind and respectful.
07 Dec 2015
Fantastic service - can highly recommend this business for its friendliness and efficiency
05 Dec 2015
installed win10 replaced all data solved printer problems explained and fixed error messages
19 Nov 2015
Doing my final research project for MBA, I inadvertently downloaded a virus. Robert answered my call and luckily I found him at a good time. He connected remotely and fixed my computer. Fantastic service.
01 Nov 2015
dayna-d from Alexandra Hills
Robert was awesome! I had a hard ware issue and a problem with my LCD and he was able to help me sort my issues out easily. Very prompt and professional! Easy to get along with and very talented. Deffiently will be back with any problems I have!
28 Oct 2015
Found Robert by chance, fortunately he is a good one. Hard drive failure led to a replacement of hard drive and now my computer is quicker now then when we bought it. As we needed the computer he worked on it over the weekend and had it back by Sunday. Good quick service, explained, in my level of computer knowledge, what was going on and what he did, and installed a clean up app to manage space. Would recommend him when the inevitable computer breakdown occurs. Thanks Robert computer working great.
11 Oct 2015
wingsb from Alexandra Hills
I had to help a friend and get her computer working after she made it full of viruses and they helped so much
11 Oct 2015
patrickw308 from Newmarket
Robert was a pleasure to deal with. Responsive to communications, explained everything as he went and was very cost effective. Graphics card replaced, and computer decluttered. Computer up and running again, much faster than before. Thanks again Robert, and look forward to working with you again.
03 Oct 2015
brucej727 from Acacia Ridge
I wish to thank Robert for his fast response and connecting computer and printer together.
02 Oct 2015
Its hard to trust things online. And even the computer assist people can be money grabbers. These guys were easy, and service was great. Its hard to rate the value. It was expensive but so far no trouble at all.
01 Oct 2015
Robert cleaned up all those annoying pop up ads, laptop now runs faster and easier, very good polite prompt honest service,
29 Sep 2015
Robert's service was outstanding. He went over and above to sort out my computer problems (virus). He also explained everything to us as he went and offered complimentary support for the next week. I will be recommending his service to my equally computer illiterate friends!
26 Sep 2015
mariam832 from Capalaba
What an awesome guy. Information plus. Robert is patient. Willing to share his knowledge. Fast acting on any communications....Returns calls and never leaves you waiting. Personable. I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience which started as a complete disaster. Thank you Robert for restoring my faith in computers and the technicians.Will be forwarding your business with confidence
22 Sep 2015
moragw from Holland Park
We're so glad we picked Robert's business from the myriad of computer repair places out there. Robert fixed our hardware problem quickly and thoroughly and was very helpful with some other software questions I had as well.
20 Sep 2015
breeannam92 from Alexandra Hills
had to get my LAPTOP fixed cause it had so many viruses and they did it at great price and so fast
31 Aug 2015
I would absolutely recommend this business. Robert was friendly, extremely helpful, prompt and an excellent communicator. A difficult computer problem was fixed to my amazement - he is a wizard!
25 Aug 2015
despinav from Chapel Hill
excellent,honest service.Robert took the time to explain my laptops issues thoroughly, definately recommend him
15 Aug 2015
iank856 from Brisbane
ROBERT is absolutely fantastic.He had my computer up and running in no time.A real gentleman who really cares about and listens to his clients needs. If only the bigger company's can learn from Robert....... Highly recommended and always ring and ask to talk to Robert. Thank You Robert.
13 Aug 2015
Prompt reply to query,Attended that day to fix problem. Answered further questions on line.
26 Jul 2015
wadew522 from Parkinson
Robert did a fantastic job in sorting out my computer issues, he also spent extra time in teaching me a few basic pc skills to help me in future. Would definitely recommend his service.
16 Jul 2015
I would highly recommend Robert. Great, prompt service. Resolved my issues & I was back working again with an hour.
11 Jul 2015
robert-t563 from Sunnybank Hills
After repairing both my computers Robert is the best technician I have dealt with, his professionalism, polite manner and very capable skills made it very easy for me to Highly recommend his services to everyone.
18 Jun 2015
melissaa454 from Coorparoo
Excellent support and service. Made everything easy to understand, prompt and great communication. The offer of remote support is second to none. Will definitely recommend to others. Cheers
11 Jun 2015
annec301 from Carina Heights
Excellent. I was kept well informed by Robert as he worked through cleaning my computer of the viruses and gave me several helpful suggestions during the process on how to regularly cleanse my data and access my emails. Would recommend company to anyone who needs their computer repaired. Also appreciated having the work done remotely.
09 Jun 2015
I have had two separate issues with my PC and Robert has come to my rescue both times in lightening speed. He's quick to identify the issue and fix the task at hand. Thanks Robert, as my PC issues are gone :)
03 Jun 2015
Dealt with once before and will call again! Prompt, Excellent service, always very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Would definitely recommend!!!! Competitive prices too!!
29 May 2015
What a champion Robert is, he called me and arranged for me to text him the next morning when I was ready for him to fix my laptop remotely He explained fully what he was doing. Great service excellent outcome. Highly recommend Robert.
26 May 2015
Robert's was very helpful and efficient in cleaning up my computer - removed viruses and showed me how to free up more space on hard drive. All done remotely. I highly recommend his service for any computer problems.
26 May 2015
Roberts service and skills were excellent..the problem of removing the virus and bringing back my files was fixed in a quickly and without any hassell ....the cost incurred was very reasonable and the after service was great....would definitely recommend Robert and his Company.
24 May 2015
Robert built me a new computer very happy with it and the service he has given after sale would highly recommend anyone wanting a new computer to give Robert a call.
24 May 2015
Robbie was quick and explained things in simple English. The new speed is super quick. Robbie is easy to deal with on after sales service. Thank you so much
21 May 2015
Such an easy way to have computer problem fixed! Robbie was very friendly and professional. He talked me through the process, and my computer was fixed in an hour and a half, while I did other things and didn't have to have anyone in my home. Compared to other times I have had computer repaired, it was very quick and very good value. I would definitely use Robbie again.
21 May 2015
Robert was courteous, efficient, and fast when remotely fixing my computer's slow speed. His phone explanations and instructions were clear and concise.
15 May 2015
I would give 6 stars if possible. Rob was great in explaining the problems and fixing them while we were online. The service was great value for money and the clean up software he used stays on the computer for our further use. Happy customer.
15 May 2015
andrewd920 from Birkdale
Quick and friendly service, a change not having to argue with someone from Mumbai or Manilla, Remote service made things fast, computer was fixed within the hour of calling. Didn't make an appointment, all done on the phone and remote screen. Thanks again Robert
15 May 2015
Robert is excellent in fixing computers very fast and he explain to what hes doing getting rid of all viruses i highly recommend him. I will be using him again
13 May 2015
Robert was really efficient and helpful when we had problems with our computer, coming out the next day. He had to reload Windows and Office for us and returned our computer with a shortcut to our Old Computer files which was very great!
02 May 2015
Robert fixed our blue screen of death, reconfigured everything, installed additional maintenance programs and made us all smile again. Robert is reliable, honest and worth every cent. I dropped my desktop computer off to his house and upon pick up he took the time to sit with me and explain everything in plain English, he wasn't rushed and genuinely cared about me understanding everything he had done -which hasn't been the case with other repair companies in the past. If you need your computer fixed Robert is definitely the guy to go to, you won't be disappointed :)
29 Apr 2015
Phoned Robert for the first time because my computer was very slow. His prompt response to my call found the problem to be an unhealthy hard drive. Within a couple of days, my computer was returned and its speed is magical after replacing with new technology. I highly recommend Robert to all my friends and am so glad that I found him.
17 Apr 2015
carolc47 from Eastern Heights
Robert was excellent, explained everything before he started work on my slow compute. Would highly recommend him to family & friends. Price was great for the work he did and time he spent.
15 Apr 2015
Unable to open my internet explorer on my laptop, due to so many viruses and popups, Fix It Computer Repairs fixed all the issues. Even though I did not meet Robert face to face - he displayed great communication and customer service skills over the phone and by email, and was flexible to my needs. Highly Recommended.
15 Apr 2015
Robert spent many hours removing a tricky virus from our computer and stuck with his commitment to charge a maximum of three hours. He also repaired my daughters laptop at no charge.
14 Apr 2015
Had a great experience with Robert! Very friendly and definitely gets the job done well! I would recommend him to everyone! Great customer service as well!
09 Apr 2015
i wish i knew him beforehand so that I won't need to buy a new laptop.anyway, i was nearing my uni assignment due date as well as exam. however, my laptop refused to login into windows which was saddening. it was a public holiday and i am in a need for a fast laptop repairing. found his website and called him. luckily, he came over and brought my laptop to be repaired. it's now working again and ready to kick any assignment given to her. price is cheap (on aussie standard). would definitely use his service again if there were some problems.
03 Apr 2015
Unable to open up my scanned documents - this was fix completely and able to re use again. This has been of great help as this section of my work is used on a daily basis.
02 Apr 2015
I would like to say a really Big thank you to Robert for his quick response in repairing my computer. I had a uni assignment and end of term reports due and my computer crashed. Luckily Robert heard my cry for help and took the time to repair it in a day. He was patient and explained what had happened, then showed me how he had improved my computers functionality. I would differently recommend his services to anyone who needs their computers repaired or serviced.
27 Mar 2015
Not sure what I did to my laptop....having no access to my emails & facebook/games for nearly a week, Robert came to my rescue and worked his magic, giving me a new email setup easier to access.... So happy to see my laptop come alive again. Thank you Robert for not only fixing my laptop but also for the interesting confersations we had....
23 Mar 2015
installed my printer/scanner, cleaned the mess I had made to my computer, installed email which was easier to access and use. combined by personal and business emails to one easy to use page. showed me how to access areas on my computer after making the changes. Efficient and highly competent. great service great price will be recommending to other clients and friends.
15 Mar 2015
susand30 from Brookfield
Robert completely rebuilt and installed a new computer and transferred all files for us. He spent extra time transferring music files which were tricky.
26 Feb 2015
I had an unknown issue with my laptop so I got into contact with Robert. Of course, I wanted the best service for the cheapest price and honestly Fix It Computer Repairs can't be beaten. For the hour, we just sat down, went through all possibilities and identified then solved the issue. He's honest, reliable, friendly and very knowledgeable.
24 Feb 2015
Joch2008 from Sherwood
Fix It Computer Repairs, as a mobile service, came to our house to assist our computer and internet issues. Robert was knowledgeable, friendly, didn't use technical jargon and ensured we got value for money for the time he was there.
21 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Booval
My PC was in such bad shape that remote access was impossible. Robert came over the next morning in deplorable weather and had the pc purring along in no time. Found Robert by chance and will highly recommend to everyone. Up-front and honest! No better way!
21 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Bellbird Park
Cexcellent service, very prompt. Calls back when he says he will fixed my computer again, this is the second time I have used Fix It Computer Repairs very reasonably priced I would recommend him to all my friends.
20 Feb 2015
carab3 from Emerald
Excellent fast service and advice. Very easy to understand instructions. Fantastic price. Will definitely use this service again and highly recommend to anyone.
20 Feb 2015
rachell28 from Gaythorne
Very happy with the service I received from Fix it computer repairs. Robert was able to offer same day service and have the issue fix within the hour, removing the nasty virus I had collected and clean up my laptop. I also loved that I didn't even have to leave home, using the remote access and could still watch what has happening on my laptop from home. Robert was friendly and professional. I will definitely be calling Robert again if I have any more issues in the future, definitely would recommend to others.
17 Feb 2015
derrynn from Jimboomba
I would recommend this business way before anyone else. Robert was prompt, fast, efficient, knowledgeable and polite. He offered sound advice and cleaned up my laptop that was overloaded with viruses. Fixed within the hour. Don't bother with the big companies when you have a fantastic small business operator like this.
15 Feb 2015
chrisl49 from Flinders View
Problems with router and modem which optus couldn't repair and set up of lap top. All work performed was clearly explained in my terms and no request was turned down. Came at very short notice. Over all experience was absolutely brilliant.
12 Feb 2015
julied70 from Annerley
Really good service. Prompt response, came out same day. Robert knew exactly what he was doing, and he did quickly. Removed viruses, and did general clean up etc. I forgot how pleasurable it is to have my computers running at their optimum capacity. Highly recommend!
11 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Yeronga
Quick response to my problem and it was fixed with in hour an hour. I really appreciated the excellent service.
04 Feb 2015
asiat from Flinders View
Robert performed a very great job. He is a very reliable person, with a very wonderful service along side with an amazing attitude and personality.
01 Feb 2015
shannons14 from Rochedale South
Service on my desktop computer (including virus removal) & replacement of Ethernet connection. My computer is now running much faster and not cutting out all of the time. Robert was incredibly helpful and explained what he was doing the whole time in a way that was easily understandable. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone
30 Jan 2015
philc16 from Rochedale South
Computer service, Ethernet card replaced with wireless to prevent serge issues. "cost below includes parts"
30 Jan 2015
maggiek2 from Sunnybank Hills
Virus removal and general clean up of lap top. Robert is a very professional friendly young man . My I.T skills are not good , Robert didn't give me all that I.T speak but explained everything that he was doing in language that I could understand . I would be very happy to engage Robert's service again if required.
28 Jan 2015
sonic1 from New Farm
Computer clean out, data transfer, hard drive purchase etc Fantastic service, fast, accurate, brilliant. All problems solved with no fuss! Very trustworthy. I would never use anyone else!
24 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Upper Mount Gravatt
Data transfer from old computer hard drive and email set up were performed expertly and efficiently.Robert has a very pleasing manner and explained things in layman's terms
23 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Coorparoo Bc
Excellent training on my new computer, tech answered all questions very well , extremely patient and understanding will definitely use his services again
23 Jan 2015
narellej2 from Runcorn
Ensuring all backup from old desktop prior to moving to new Laptop. Downloading new software & old software, advising on options. Setting up a dock to connect monitor, keyboard etc. etc. It took a couple of hours but for me would have been a full days job with lots of confusing components that Robert could just solve. Brilliant!! He will be my first call for future problems.
06 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Loganlea
oh my god had a great tec out got the husbands computer up and running even gave my laptop a service put his number in my phone will call him again if needed
06 Jan 2015
luanab from Park Ridge South
The technician came to fix a problem with my external hard drive and was HONEST enough to admit that he may not be able to recover the data that was on there instead of ripping me off and getting my hopes up. So instead of leaving it at that, he was able to fix my favourite computer that had a critical error that I didn't think was fixable. So grateful. My technician was courteous, on time, used simple language to explain what was wrong with the computer and is very knowledgeable. I would definitely refer my friends, family and older people to this business as they are very HONEST and well priced compared to the rest of the market.
02 Jan 2015
donaldg from Loganlea
I have had Robert over to fix my computer and my mistakes a few times now, I am thoroughly convinced he is as good as his word, and sorts out the mess time and again, his prices are fair and his service is good, forget the rest he is the best.
01 Jan 2015
sabinas from Stretton
Fixed internet and cleaned up computer to run faster. Gave lots of helpful advice regarding computer, printer, hardrive and wireless. Extremely great service, price and friendly. Would highly recommend anyone that has a computer problem to call Robert and he can fix it.
29 Dec 2014
veronicac12 from Mount Gravatt
sorting out computer problems, explained things in easy to understand language and didn't make me feel stupid
29 Dec 2014
ianm38 from Bellbowrie
Problems with internet connection. Had to replace modem. Came very promptly to a first time user despite being between Xmas & New Year. Very professional, will definitely use again.
24 Dec 2014
ursular1 from Ashgrove
Problem solved a number of computer issues varying in complexity. Responds promptly, very considerate of the importance of getting our computer back on line
23 Dec 2014
peters118 from Capalaba
Robert replaced hard drive and recovered all of my data (photos) from my old HDD. He was explained everything in layman's terms and was extremely helpful with any questions that arose. More than happy to recommend his services.
17 Dec 2014
robertw22 from Jindalee
Robert is very knowledgeable & responds in a way that even the most inexperienced person with a computer can understand. You cannot compare his service & value for money for this rebuild of Windows 7. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has any type of computer issues & who wants it fixed fast with value for money.
16 Dec 2014
anitah12 from Silkstone
Robert was professional and informative for the computer problems we had and solved them quickly and efficiently. He explained thoroughly what he was doing at all times and showed me simple ways to make my computer experience easier. Will most definitely use him in the future.
14 Dec 2014
waynes15 from Coopers Plains
Absolutely great! Robert fixed all issues and more, explained everything clearly. Couldn't be happier with his service and style! Would highly recommend him.
14 Dec 2014
larryh7759 from Mansfield
Rob l am over the moon at the way you present yourself and to explain everything in detail what you are doing.You set up a new computer to wireless, the printer and also a new tablet.Programs were also loaded onto the new computer and all completed within 1 Hour.Now l've finally found a honest and reliable computer IT Guy. Thanks Rob
14 Dec 2014
rosemarys2 from Moggill
Our call out was actually for my partner's computer which had been very poorly repaired by another repairer. During the quick and professional service to my husband computer Rob offered to check mine and found it was running very slow and after a few clicks to clean it up it is running very well. For an old laptop the fee of $50 dollars ( he was already repairing my partner's) it was well worth it. Rob is an extremely pleasant young man and works with confidence and knowledge.
14 Dec 2014
toms25 from Moggill
My computer couldn't load Google Chrome and open attachments on my email as well another Computer Repair shopfront business in Kenmore had taken a week and the computer had more problems than before. Robert fixed all problems quickly and improved the speed with long term fixed.He was quick and smart.
13 Dec 2014
Extremely happy with the service and sound advice from Robert, my desktop failed and Robert helped with deciding what was my best option, he then recovered all my data and put it all on an usable device so I could transfer it to my laptop, great advice with great prices.
12 Dec 2014
Stuff supporting the bigger companies that Charge twice as much. Robert was reliable, on time, polite and fixed my problem in under an hour. Last time I used a geek it cost more than 300 dollars
12 Dec 2014
kyleh2 from East Brisbane
After the storm my computer didn't work got Robert out to check what was wrong with it he took it away and in a day he had fixed explain why it wasn't working and was good price also got a graphics card switched for a brad new one for free as the other one didn't work and he swapped it out alsome didn't have to wait ages for a claim on it...I be using thee guys aging
08 Dec 2014
suzannek4 from Holland Park
Reinstalled printer. Unlocked Outlook - would not open. Cleared my mailbox - reconfigured so it will not fill again. Checked warning signs received re security and Office & fixed. Explained clearly. Installed additional maintenance programs. Reminded me of dates to be remembered re new security program etc. Punctual. Phoned me on arrival - I prefer to be notified before the doorbell rings.
06 Dec 2014
breeannam1 from Alexandra Hills
My daughter ended up breaking her laptop and not being able to any wireless network and made it riddled with viruses, we had a look at some good computer repair shops and decided to use this service. Robert was very helpful and made sure we got our laptop back in perfect condition and fixed something I didn't think could be done, they are a very knowledgeable and professional service and are also reliable and quick! Defiantly think I picked the right service, they are also very reasonably price! Highly recommend!
06 Dec 2014
geoffreyw1 from Rochedale South
Robert's response to my call regarding the replacement of a cooling fan in my desktop was quick and the resulting repair and at the same time a change in the set up of a wireless printer was carried out very professionally.
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