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04 Dec 2019
Friendly, approachable and very professional.
23 Oct 2019
Very happy with the attention and service we received. No complaints!
22 Oct 2019
This business was recommended to me by a friend and I'll recommend it to others. Very happy with services.
22 Sep 2019
Chee drafted my Will and reviewed my other legal documents (Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive). I greatly appreciated his clarity, professionalism and patience.
30 Apr 2018
watersport from Craigburn Farm
This legal firm updated a relative's legal affairs well and I was happy that they ensured my relative's wishes were carried out. I went along as support and appreciated the friendly and helpful manner.
19 Sep 2017
Darren and his staff handled a number of legal documents for us and later prepared probate and negotiations with an aged care organisation which were done to an exceptional standard.
26 May 2017
My complements to Chee who has assist me in making Will for my assets in Australia . It was nice and refreshing to see somebody young yet sensitive and highly PROFESSIONAL . Thank you Chee.
20 Mar 2017
Darren provided advice on a family issue that involved elderly parents and their Enduring Power of Attorney. His advice was valuable because my parents were in denial about elder abuse and he was able to provide a legal opinion as someone not directly involved in the mess.
09 Mar 2017
I was going guarantor for part of a house loan for my son. Kruse Legal went through all the legalities in a clear manner and outlined the responsibilities and pitfalls of what I was taking on. I felt that I was better informed and more aware as I signed the guarantor papers.
03 Mar 2017
I was impressed by Darren's attention to detail and felt confident that he had clearly outlined the risks and responsibilities regarding the guarantee I am providing for my daughters. I would be happy to recommend him to others and would seek his advice in future, should the need arise.
15 Feb 2017
We received advice on being a guarantor for our daughter's home loan. I found Darren to be very easy to talk to and understand the required information.
19 Jan 2017
Darren and his team at Kruse Legal are friendly and easy to deal with. I found their service professional and efficient and I now will be using them for all my legal matters.
16 Jan 2017
The work completed was done in a timely manner and provided with clear and concise details of the arrangements so we could understand clearly the documents to be executed.
12 Dec 2016
Darren supplied valuable assistance to Rae and I. It was explained to us in basic laymans language to enable us to fully understand our legal obligations in respect of us going as part guarantors for our son's home loan.
01 Dec 2016
We could not be happier with the service and the personal attention Darren gave to our family. Kruse staff are helpful, friendly and efficient too. All this at a most reasonable fee structure together with all the convenience of a local office! Great work Kruse Legal.
10 Nov 2016
Preparation of last Will and Testament for elderly relative. This involved a personal visit by Darren Kruse to the nursing home and helpful advice to the Executors.
09 Nov 2016
Updated Wills and Power of Attorney, etc. We expected to see the same person to complete our business but we saw a different person for the final visit ... very competent but it would have been appreciated to know in advance.
31 Oct 2016
Will done through online survey, minor changes made through email and phone communication, then went in for signing. Only issue was that there was a delay in sending through the drafted Will for review, had to email and follow up where it was up to but then was called about it shortly after.
24 Oct 2016
Small changes to a Will .........................................................................
13 Oct 2016
Wills and Power of Attorney drawn up ............................................................
07 Oct 2016
The presentation of our mother's Will to the Probate Court. This was an exacting procedure which seemed pedantic and clumsily slow. Many millions of dollars must be tied up by this process and surely must be an inhibiting 'red tape' influence on the health of the State's economy. This is not to suggest that any problems were caused by Kruse Legal who handled the cumbersome procedure with competence and alacrity.
28 Sep 2016
During the process of purchasing a property through my self managed super fund, I required a limited recourse loan, resulting in numerous documents that required reviewing and signing with a solicitor. Darren was very helpful, I left the documents with him to view for a couple of days (at the last minute) then during my meeting with him, he explained and signed everything. He also helped me find an accountant who signed some additional paperwork (which I had a lot of trouble finding).
26 Sep 2016
I required a legal certificate in relation to going guarantor for someone else's loan ...................
21 Sep 2016
Kruse Legal prepared two Wills for myself and my wife. The process was simple and easy, the information was prepared online, the drafts were sent and approved. The final Wills were prepared and signed in-house. Excellent value and service.
29 Apr 2016
johnj132 from Eden Hills
Kruse Legal prepared two probate applications for me (Executor) within months of each other. Darren and his staff were very helpful, professional. Darren explained the legal procedures very clearly and thoroughly. We appreciated his prompt and efficient service.
07 Apr 2016
The reviewing of requirements and the establishment of Wills that fulfil the requirements for both myself and my wife.
14 Dec 2015
I had a will prepared and finalised. I loved the idea of using a website to pre-load all of my details in preparation of the will. It made the whole process quick and efficient. Great work!
23 Nov 2015
I was recommended the firm by a friend and have been impressed with the service received. I engaged Kruse to write my Will which was a simple process, but also acquired a great deal of further knowledge which was offered at no charge with regards to Family Law issues.
06 Oct 2015
Kruse Legal acted in a civil matter for the Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society ( AGPS ) in regard to an unfair dismissal claim, DEWNR v AGPS. The matter was resolved positively (in our favour) before the need of a court case.
06 Oct 2015
Power of Attorney and current Will for 2 people Sorting out my mothers will and estate matters
24 Sep 2015
We had our wills done by Darren, we were very impressed by Darren's professional manner in handling our slightly complicated situation . We have already and will continue to recommend his work to family and friends.
04 Sep 2015
A will and Enduring Power of Attorney set up, with some good advice given
28 Aug 2015
Guarantor documentation. Darren thoroughly explained all that I needed to know, including my rights and obligations, and took the time to discuss the particularities of my circumstances.
25 Aug 2015
I required that Kruse Legal gather, collate and provide financial settlement paperwork for the settlement of a matrimonial home.
29 Jul 2015
I had my Will redone by Kruse Legal. The whole process was extremely easy and I thought the fees were very reasonable. The innovative process by doing it online saves time for everyone!
15 Apr 2015
annf314 from Park Holme
Execution of Wills for John (Bob) *** and Mrs Fay *** and the witnessing of Enduring Power of Attorney's for Mr Alan *** and Mrs Ann *** We were made to feel very comfortable and given that some work entailed a matter of delicate handling, the way in which both Wills came together was excellently prepared by Darren Kruse.
27 Mar 2015
Very informative and diplomatic, in our particular circumstances, and empathetic of elderly parents' situation. Wills and Advance Care Directives were rewritten with understanding of discretion and accuracy - very much appreciated!
11 Mar 2015
Preparation of two wills Kruse Legal were required to liase with our accountant over binding death nominations
06 Mar 2015
We went to Kruse Legal to organise our Wills, Power of Attorney and Medical Directives. Darren made the process simple and understandable by stepping us through each stage of the paperwork and we feel comfortable in the knowledge that if we ever need to use this paperwork, he is happy to guide us, or those we have elected to represent us, through that process as well.
06 Mar 2015
Sympathetic understanding by Darren Kruse. Good efficient service under emotional circumstances. Well done.
06 Mar 2015
Prepare letters and defense in matter of fencing dispute at my property.. Advised on best course of action to be taken.
10 Oct 2014
1.Wills, Power of Attorney, and Guardianship documents prepared for myself, wife and my brother in law and his wife and duly executed. 2.Probate for my other in law and registration of executors also attended to. 3.Son's legal battle for house equity and custody battle. Matters 1. & 2. finalized in a very professional, prompt and efficient manner with constructive advice and guidance along the way. Matter 3. Still in train and expect the same outcome.
04 Oct 2014
We had our wills prepared and also our power of attorney.
28 Sep 2014
We had our wills and POA done by Darren at short notice as we were relocating overseas permanently. We very much appreciated the prompt attention. We have told many of our friends about the great service we received, so hopefully you will get some business from this.
27 Sep 2014
Codicil to our Wills. We appreciated the thorough work done, including the finding of an error made in typing in Peters name by our previous Lawyer.
24 Sep 2014
peterc94 from Happy Valley
Had a Will re done for my Father. Will needed upgrading to reflect my father's wishes and to avoid possible trouble with his signature on the original (was signed in different coloured ink).
18 Jul 2014
Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directive
07 Jul 2014
I attended Kruse Legal with my husband in view of finally legalising our Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys and Enduring Power of Guardianship. We were most impressed with Darrens grasp on gathering the information required and individualising our documents to satisfy our special and slightly complex requirements. We appreciated the set fee for service and dispite the fact that our requirements were based on our individual needs (and as such little more complex than most) there was no alteration to the quote.
04 Jul 2014
Wills, powers of attorney and medical preferences all completed quickly and beautifully worded. We could not have wanted for a better service. Thank you.
16 Jun 2014
Advice regarding employment harassment complaint against my husband
22 May 2014
Completion of Delegation of Trustee by Power of Attorney Completion of Corporate Power of Attorney
13 May 2014
Wills, Power of Guardianship and Power of Attorney were drawn up for a married couple with one young child. The documents were very straight forward with only a few questions raised. These questions were answered promptly and succinctly. We were also given some very valuable advice on how to word the documents so that we are covered for our future with a growing family.
12 May 2014
Required commercial lease to be examined and explained to me. I found Kruse Legal to be friendly and informative, explaining it to me in easy to understand language.
12 May 2014
I had my Will prepared by Kruse Legal and found them friendly, efficient and thorough.
22 Apr 2014
Property Guarantor advice for us on a property our son was purchasing
08 Apr 2014
Preparation and lodgement of Will. A process conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, explaining all the possible elements of a legal document.
07 Apr 2014
Helped me get some financial commitment from SAPN and Telstra regarding our common easement and drive way
07 Apr 2014
Acted as defence in civil action, which we won and were awarded costs etc. Accompanied and advised me during reading of investigative report against me for bullying, not as yet resolved. Currently acting for our society in another action against a Government Department, not as yet resolved. COntinues to advise and support during ongoing actions.
18 Mar 2014
Complete Life Planning Package -Wills, Power of Attorney & Power of Guardianship. We were listened to. Our wishes were understood and implemented. Best service we have had from a solicitor!
28 Feb 2014
I had a will and Power of Attorney prepared. Very satisfied and recommended their service to daughter. Also prepared shared separation document for family court for myself and husband. Prepared so that it was easily stamped by the court. Only a small glitch along the way due to Christmas not legal firm.
28 Feb 2014
Application for Probate. Was carried out really well and were able to understand everything when explained to us. Communication was great and everything confirmed via emails. The client folder was well presented making it easy to show all family members of the work that was carried out by your firm. Would recommend you to anyone who was looking for legal advice etc.
24 Feb 2014
Without going into detail, I found Mr Kruse's explanation regarding a contract for a nursing home easy to understand and very helpful.
18 Feb 2014
We had wills drawn up for both my wife and myself. I was very happy with the service and Kruse Legal was recommended to me by a friend.
14 Feb 2014
I found Kruse Legal online after searching for someone local. I made an appointment and within no time at all have mine and my husband's wills done. The process was painless... much quicker and simpler than I imagined it to be. Darren and the team were very friendly, trustworthy and organised, and made sure that we got exactly what we wanted in terms of clauses in the wills. Job well done - thank you!
09 Jan 2014
lisam80 from Flagstaff Hill
Kruse Legal assisted my Grandmother with her Will and Enduring Power of Attorney. As the executor of her estate I was then assisted with the granting of Probate. Kruse Legal provided a caring, professional service. I received ongoing advice and support regarding my responsibilities as Executor which made things less stressful for me. The service I received was great value for money. I would highly recommend Kruse Legal.
22 Nov 2013
We had a couples will package done initial interview was very comprehensive and informative with all our options explained,draft copies received in good time ,small changes we requested were actioned ,sign off interview was done a couple off days later and except for a clause that had changed from the draft copy(which was promptly changed immediately) we were very happy with the service provided and would recommend it to anyone that required this service.
01 Oct 2013
Kruse Legal provided their services to have our Last Will & Testament put in place. The process was explained well and was very professional. We easily understood our requirements and found the process very quick and smooth. We would thoroughly recommend Kruse Legal's services.
01 Oct 2013
margaretpeterd from Blackwood
Will preparation. Advice was professional, descriptive and explanatory. Fee for service charges were reasonable. Our document preparation met our needs and satisfaction.
26 Sep 2013
scottt4 from Woodforde
Darren prepared wills, enduring power of attorney & enduring power of guardianship (medical wishes) for my wife and I. Darren provided very thorough, professional and prompt advice for a reasonable fee. Our wills were prepared within 1 week of our meeting, and signed 5 days before we left on a holiday away from our children, we had been "putting it off" but were grateful that it could be sorted out before we left. Wills may be straight forward for lawyers, but Darren was happy to spend the time to explain things and answer any of our questions.
06 Sep 2013
We used Kruse Legal for a family law (child custody) issue and were very happy with the service and outcome. Darren was able to answer any questions we had, and reassured us throughout what was a very emotional and difficult time. Having previously used other law firms for the same issue, we noticed how much more personal the service at Kruse Legal is, and we were also happy with the lower fees charged. We will continue to recommend Kruse Legal to any of our friends needing a lawyer.
06 Sep 2013
Preparation of documents on the death of my mother for the purpose of application for probate. I consider the service provided by Darren at Kruse Legal to be excellent and good value.
06 Sep 2013
My partner and I had Wills, Power of Guardianship and Power of Attorney documents drawn up by Darren at Kruse Legal. We found the service professional, prompt, and would recommend Kruse Legal to others.
04 Sep 2013
benm28 from Flagstaff Hill
I initially went to Kruse Legal for advise then asked them to write an official letter.To make up 100 characters that is all I used Kruse for but they were really good for what I needed and I will be going back to them if needed.
02 Sep 2013
Preparation of Wills for my wife and I. Everything explained in simple language to make the whole process easier. Very easy way of achieving something we should have done a long time ago.
23 Aug 2013
Wills, Power of Attorney and Power of Guardianship. Everything was explained well and with clarity which was pleasing. We also cleared up matters re: our Superannuation and identified ambiguities re: our Family Trustee. The entire process was started and finished within 3 days prior to interstate and overseas travel.
17 Aug 2013
sandy61 from Woodcroft
Kruse Legal were professional and efficient in ensuring my best interests were met in a responsive manner. I was extremely satisfied with the service offered and have full trust and confidence in using Kruse legal in the future.
15 Aug 2013
katrinab13 from Belair
We were wanting information regarding liability after a traffic accident and whilst Kruse Legal did not deal in this type of law, we were able to get sound advice over the phone and a referral to someone who dealt in traffic law. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kruse Legal to others.
08 Aug 2013
*Preparation of Will, Guardianship and Power of Attorney documentation. *Friendly, easy to understand - with clear directions and helpfull explanations *Offered coffee *Documents were easy to understand. *Presentation and will documents looked great and on nice quality paper. y
08 Aug 2013
Preparation of Wills and EPOA and EPOG Efficient, friendly, prompt and value for money. The process was clearly explained and thorough.
08 Aug 2013
Kruse Legal performed the preparation of our wills and has provided other advice on the role of a guarantor. The service was friendly and professional and explained very clearly and simply to us.
Blackwood, SA, 5051
Tel: 0882781779

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