Info for Businesses

Word-of-mouth is an extremely powerful way to spread information about your business. But like all word-of-mouth, the information on Word of Mouth is in the hands of your customers. However, you can take steps to encourage potential customers to choose your business;

1) See if your business has been reviewed and claim your listing

Check if your business is already on Word of Mouth and click on the "Is this your business" link (under the Review button) to obtain a login to manage your listing. Once you've claimed your listing, you'll receive free email alerts when your business is reviewed. If your business is not already on Word of Mouth, you can get started by joining Word of Mouth's Happy Customers Program.

2) Engage with Customers (reviewers are your "key influencers")

Reviews provide a great opportunity to engage with customers. When you receive a positive review, we recommend that you thank the reviewer for their patronage and reinforce your commitment to providing a high level of customer service. Likewise, if you get a review that's not so good, you should respond to this feedback and apologise that the customer didn't have a great experience (regardless of who's fault it is!). You can explain your side of the story and take this opportunity to demonstrate to everyone else that you're a business that cares about customers. For businesses on the Happy Customers Program, we also provide a Problem Resolution Process.

3) Recognise opportunities to improve your service.

Use your Word of Mouth reviews to find out about any potential service problems and help you continue to improve your service levels (particularly useful for times when you're relying on staff to provide good service). The customers reviewing your business will remain anonymous.

4) Get more Word of Mouth reviews

Businesses with several positive reviews tend to get a lot of attention and new customers. So don't be shy! Ask your customers to review your business on Word of Mouth. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your business will rank. Businesses with more reviews get more Word of Mouth traffic and more exposure on Google. By joining the Happy Customers Program, you can get flyers, widgets and website buttons which help you get more customer reviews ( see details).

5) Put your best foot forward

By joining the Happy Customers Program, you can add images and describe your business and the products / services you provide. You can also add opening hours, payment methods, email addresses and more. This way people can see your business in the best light possible (plus this information helps you rank higher in Google).

6) Display your Special Offer to local Word of Mouth members

Nothing entices customers to try your business more than a real incentive. Get new customers to try your business by giving them a discount, a 2-for-1 deal, or something for free. This is part of the Happy Customers Program.

7) Tell others about your great customer feedback.

Word of Mouth is all about letting people know about the businesses that provide great service. With the Happy Customers Program, we provide marketing materials that let customers know that you're a business that cares about customers. We've got tools to show your reviews on your website, certificates to hang up and more.

Find out how to use Word of Mouth to turbo-charge your word-of-mouth marketing here.