Info For Users

Word of Mouth is different from other directories - mainly because it's designed to provide a useful community service. Here are the main ways Word of Mouth differs from other directories;

1) The real story - straight from the horse's mouth.

Reviewers provide a lot of information about the businesses they use - not just whether they were happy or not, but real insights. Like whether the quality of the food was good, whether the plumber cleaned up his mess, whether the gym has a pretentious attitude, whether the roofer specialises in old-style tiling. Armed with this type of information, you're in a much better position to choose a business that will actually suit your needs (without making 20 phone calls).

2) Businesses can't buy good reviews.

Word of Mouth levels the playing field because businesses can't buy good feedback. This helps you find the businesses that other customers like best - rather than the ones that spend the most on advertising. Sometimes it's the small, hard-to-find businesses that actually give the best service. Almost all businesses on Word of Mouth are reviewed, so you'll find fewer choices, but you'll have all the information you need to decide whether they're right for you. Other directories might give you 10,000 results for a mechanic, but how many do you really need? Quality always beats quantity. Businesses do pay if they want to add extra information about their business, but they can never affect their rating (no matter how much they complain). Word of Mouth is all about word-of-mouth, not word-of-advertiser!

3) Find businesses near you.

A lot of directories talk about local search functionality, but on Word of Mouth the postcode filtering feature shows you how far away each business is from your home (or whatever postcode you enter) and allows you to sort by the shortest distance. It's simple but effective.

4) Your own, personal directory.

Once you've reviewed the services you use, 'My Profile' gives you your own personal directory. Next time you're trying to think of where to eat dinner, or remember the name of that plasterer that did a great job 6 months ago, you can see all the businesses you've reviewed listed here. You can easily see what other people thought of these businesses too. And when someone asks for the details of your hairdresser or to recommend a dentist, you can just give them the link to your 'My Profile'.

5) Find the businesses your friends and neighbours use.

Next time you're looking for a restaurant, cleaner, child-care centre, or physiotherapist, think of someone you know that might have used one recently. With Word of Mouth you can follow people to see their reviews (choose people with similar taste to you). The more people that review businesses on Word of Mouth, the better it is for everyone - so ask that person who seems to know all the best businesses to list theirs down today.

6) Special Offers exclusive to Word of Mouth users.

Lots of businesses include Special Offers for Word of Mouth users. They can't change their rating but they can give Word of Mouth users an incentive to try their business. You'll see these on the Special Offers page and on businesses who are part of our Happy Customers Program.

7) Get better service!

Tell businesses that you found them on Word of Mouth or that you'll be reviewing them on Word of Mouth and you might find that you suddenly get extra special service. Funny that!

Word of Mouth is simply the best way to find and choose businesses!