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06 Dec 2018
James and the Data Group have been outstanding. From the initial contact through to delivery, James provided a professional, timely and quality service. The Data Group initial quote came back within 24 hours within minimal fuss along with a 'can do' attitude, while a competitor's quote took 4 days and produced an estimate along with several 'if's, 'but's and 'maybe's. James has been a pleasure to deal with - thank you.
03 Dec 2018
Amazing level of service, very high level of professionalism and technical ability from the discovery phase all the way through execution, with the right amount of flexibility to allow new ideas to flourish. These guys are awesome.
15 Aug 2017
I have worked with James and The Data Group on delivering a piece of work that was under time constraints and budget. Throughout the process, James was very understanding of the specifications as well as being reliable, attentive to detail and very approachable. Definitely worth giving them a call to see if they would be able to help you. I would use The Data Group for web scraping services again.
29 Aug 2016
James was excellent. Delivery on time and on budget. As a non-tech person, we were able to communicate very effectively to design the project scope and outputs.
26 Aug 2016
Mind blowing amazing! Fantastic communication, service & delivery. These guys go over & above expectations. They get a brief & know exactly what is required. They pave the way on development, analytics & reporting. I have not found anything they can not do. I am very excited to have found James & his team & look forward to working with them for a long time. THANK YOU!
18 Aug 2016
James was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us with a custom project. He and his team delivered on time and everything as expected. Would use the company again and would highly recommend.
18 Aug 2016
jeffreyb416 from Cremorne
Excellent service, highly recommended! We are a startup running a e-commerce business, we got to the point where we could not keep up with the operational work as our customer base grew larger. We needed a more scalable solution to automate some of these processes by scraping the bank accounts. Being based in Melbourne ourselves, the Data Group is just a perfect fit for us, not to mention James is a delight to work with. Thanks James & The Data Group!
18 Aug 2016
What can I say. After so many bad experiences outsourcing James and his crew are a breath of fresh air. We've done some complex work together including algorithm refinement and scraping over 9 sources of data with around 30,000 records per scrape. But getting to this point was a pleasure. Defining the scope and getting it done painlessly is every time-poor business owners dream. And as for the future.. well I wish James didn't have so many strings in his bow as I can see myself excitedly shuffling more budget their way. Simply put. Don't hesitate. You will be delighted. And James, happy to have anyone call me if they wish.
17 Aug 2016
alexj285 from Port Douglas
I have used the Data Group twice for extensive web scraping of publicly available data. The data received in spreadsheet form has been accurate and exactly what was requested and has enabled me to substantially reduce my data entry time by approximately 80%. James was also very helpful in bulk adjustment of the format of my data at no additional cost, and also changed and sorted lines of data that I would have had to do line by line. I have another 3 projects in the pipeline which I will be using Data Group for. Excellent service and product, on time and as requested.
28 Jul 2016
Thank you for such superb service and dedication to accommodating our needs! I can't express our gratitude for your diligent efforts and flexibility :)
21 Jul 2016
In 2015, we migrated data from 5 old IT systems into one new ERP system. The project turned out to be more challenging than what we ever imagined and that is when we spoke to the Data Group. I am grateful to James and his team for helping at short notice and getting us through these difficult stages. They are a great bunch of guys who did not take advantage of us when our scope of work kept changing. The quality of their work was meticulous. A big thumbs up!
29 Jan 2016
This company has went above and beyond all expectations. They provide some of the most detailed quotes I have even seen in any industry. The team is very responsive and always get back with me immediately. We have been working with them for almost a year and have used them on several projects. They have exceeded expectations on EVERY project and done so in an affordable manner. I would highly reccomend them to anyone with data or database needs.
03 Sep 2015
Not only great results but great people to work with. Very professional and friendly service
27 Aug 2015
James & The Data Group did a fantastic job for us. It has reduced hours of manual work and delivered immense efficiencies and cost savings. Could not have been happier with the work to date!
13 Aug 2015
Dr Geek himself is approachable and is FAST at getting the answer. He is my go to guy for all things IT, excel spreadsheets and data scrapping. Always personable, highly knowledgeable and can explain it in non-geek speak!
03 Aug 2015
I normally don’t write reviews however am happy to do so in the Data Groups case. They accurately highlighted numerous duplicates in our financial database that our systems were unable to detect. Achieved this through a neural network algorithm plus manual checking too. Very switched-on team, pleasant to work with. Their efforts have helped our group move to a new level, for which I’m grateful.
07 Jul 2015
ianh252 from Brisbane
The Data Analysis group identified some previously unknown, but essential drivers of our business. They captured over 3,100 paper-based surveys into Excel within a week, and the analysis was delivered three days later. Also included the categorisation and sentiment analysis of open-ended questions. The analysis and insights were spot-on, robust and clearly presented. I’m happy with their performance, costs reasonable and this project made our department look good.
15 May 2015
James is patient, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and fun to deal with. We decided to use them for a major data cleaning project primarily based on their WOMO reviews. I had many interactions with the team over the life of the project and every time I was left with the feeling that we were in good hands. Project was completed within our agreed budget and ahead of schedule. We have been working with the clean data over the last month now and have not found a single error in hundreds of thousands of rows of data.
14 May 2015
williams868 from Northmead
Fast & accurate. Harvested 60,000 contacts from an online specialist directory within 1 day. Impressive performance, friendly, great price. Will use again.
12 May 2015
chrism593 from Perth
I really satisfied with the results and service from Data-Scraping-Group. We were looking for somebody to harvest price data from a competitors website and tried companies in Russia, India and Serbia that we found off Elance. Whilst they were very cheap, they were unable to tame the target sites anti-leach mechanism. My manager suggested we try an Australian company that he found off Google. I spoke to their Chief Geek (James). He did some tests and came back to me with a quote a couple of hours later. Half way through the next day, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email advising that all was going well with the project. We received the final data two days later and it was perfect. They had succeeded where many others failed. We are looking to repeat this project every 6 months going forward and there is no doubt who we will be using. Highly, highly recommended.
10 Mar 2015
donnab29 from Perth St Georges Tce
Always friendly & exceptional service. They have completed a couple of projects for our company. For my department, they developed a cost effective strategy to clean our Salesforce data. Project finished ahead of schedule. Continue to hear good things about them from other project managers.
06 Mar 2015
oliverr1 from Brisbane CBD
We were deciding between and an offshore company for a web scraping project. Spoke to James on the phone. His passion and excitement about the project won us over. In contrast, the other supplier could barely speak English. Project has been running for 17 months now and every month we get our data on time and in the right format. Excellent customer service.
06 Mar 2015
sallyanneb1 from Townsville
James is always polite and professional, even when I have contacted him late at night. Their company developed a fuzzy-logic search algorithm for our database. Project was a great success. Will use them again.
06 Mar 2015
thomasm13 from Sydney CBD
The Data Group are reliable and honest. They continue to do web-harvesting work for our company. I don't know how they do it, but they manage to extract data from some sites, where the "big data experts" like Mozenda have failed. Highly recommend!
05 Mar 2015
lidial1 from Hobart
I'm a marketing manager, and get nervous when dealing with IT people. I spoke to James at the data group about getting contact details from a few web directories. He explained the process simply and without jargon. I did not feel intimidated at all. Job was completed within a week. No problems. A great company, will use again.
05 Mar 2015
jamesm73 from Darwin
In the land of scraping geeks, James is king. I tell him what we need, he listens, gives me a price, and then sends me the extracted data within 1-2 days. No stuffing around, no unexpected charges. It there is ever a problem, he personally calls. This company has advanced knowledge about getting data, cleaning it and storing it. Its a pleasure to work with them.
05 Mar 2015
bruces13 from Melbourne CBD
The Data Scraping company have provided outstanding work in all of my projects. They have (and continue) to extract data from many websites for me and then deduplicate the results against my main lists. Service is fast, efficient and quality great. They always work according to my requirements and do what they can to make it easier for me. Not the other way round as many other IT companies do.
05 Mar 2015
ethand from Adelaide CBD
We have used the Data Scraping Group for a couple of years now and they continue to impress me with their ability to reliably deliver hundreds of thousands of rows of data from many sites on a weekly basis. Nothing it too hard for them. Quality is great too. I once needed some scraped data for an urgent meeting. I called them about 7pm in a bit of a panic. I don't know how they did it but they managed to scrape this big site in a couple of hours. My data was there in the morning, before I got to work. Quite amazing. We've also tried some other web scraping vendors over the last year. They were a bit cheaper, but a nightmare to deal with. Data quality was disappointing, reliability poor. With hindsight, I now recognise that James and his team offer incredible value for money. If you are looking to extract data from websites, give them a call. You won't be sorry.
Heatherton, VIC, 3202
Tel: 1300788662

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