2 reviews about 128 Butcher Coffee Shop And Eatery

22 May 2018

Great cafe to take your young kids. Delicious brioche burger options. Great sandpit and turfed area for the kids to play in out the back.

05 Jul 2014

It was a chilly winter morning when I headed there for breakfast with the Mrs and 6 year old in tow. I had read about this place in a recent newspaper review.

Located in what used to be a butcher shop, the cafe has a nondescript shopfront. It even still says Butcher which caused me to miss it as I drove past.

The interior is spacious. Not one of those joints which try to cramp as many sittings in as possible.

I had the Persian Eggs and while Mrs had the Butcher's Breakfast. They were both outstanding, the Persian Breakfast with the hot smoked salmon and the creamy pecorino laced mushrooms in the Butcher's Breakfast. The poached eggs were perfect, and definitely the highlight of the dish. Not only in how they were cook but even in form, I've never seen poached eggs done so obsessively clean it boggles the mind.

The little one's hot chocolate from Mork was great too, thick and delicious.

Music is mellow (did i hear Explosions in the Sky???) and just at the right volume.

Great cafe and definitely one to check out if you're in the area.

Approximate cost: $18

Seaspray 06 Jul 2014 · 100% Trust

This place sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. There is a lack of places like this in the area.

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