Blackwood Recycling Centre

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8 reviews about Blackwood Recycling Centre

29 May 2017

Return visit to this recycling centre opposite the Blackwood Railway Station. Usually in and out unless it is just after Christmas period. Always friendly staff and I then have more room in my shed. Great

20 Jan 2016

Visited here with our accumulated bottles and cans. We waited for the after Christmas rush to pass so we did not need to wait. Quick and friendly service and now we can accumulate some more for next time. Good recycling systems

04 Jan 2015

Another trip here with our bottles and cartons. As usual at this time of the year it was a little busy but not a problem. Tidy surrounds and friendly and efficient staff. No need to go further afield to recycle these items

17 May 2014

Return the deposit items here. Usually easy in and easy out with friendly help. Good to have available nearby. Can be busy just after a long weekend but usually no waiting

31 Jan 2014

Returned a garbage bag of soft drinks bottles recently. Well set out area which is kept clean and tidy. My first try to return these bottles resulted in leaving as it was so busy even with numerous lanes operating. A couple of days later it was still busy but not quite busy as previously. Usually not such a problem but I guess being after the holidays many people had a great deal of recycling to do.

08 Jun 2013

I recycle my cans and bottles at Blackwood Recycling Centre. While it is generally pretty quick (just a few minutes in and out), there can be a bit of a wait on Saturdays. Would recommend doing the preparation yourself (removing bottles, separating into types and counting) before going so that the process is even quicker. Great to have such a necessary service available locally!

29 Jun 2012

This recycling business is by the Blackwood Railway Station. It is very easy to use and the staff are very fast at unloading and sorting bottles, tins etc.

10 May 2012

I only just discovered this place thanks to another review. The staff are helpful and it is a really simple and easy process.

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