12 reviews about Book Express

06 Oct 2012

Great service over the years but are now having a relocation sale
due to over inflated shop rental prices
Hurry up, drop in and grab some good bargains before it's all too late

22 Aug 2012

My husband was trying to track down Louis L'Amour Western books. They are incredibly hard to find. He finally found half a dozen of them at Book Express to add to his collection. They did a print out of all the books L'Amour wrote, so he could tick off what he had. They then went about searching for as many more as they could, and ordered them in for us. Great service. They sell new and used books, and will buy books in reasonable condition. Friendly family business.

09 Jun 2011

An absolute treat, living in a major country town it is hard to find current well priced books.
I email Book Express for my selections and they send them up in the mail for me. If they haven't got what I want they will always find them, somehow.
I just wish there was a Book Express here in Geraldton!
5 star service is just amazing.

17 Mar 2011

Its a friendly and helpful experience lots of advice and knowledge - a great place to go. Everyone in the store is lovely and welcoming - they will order you anything u want if they don't have it in store - always recommend to people I know and meet who want great books to read.

11 Mar 2011

Awesome biggest paranormal collection i've seen. Staff are friendly and very helpful, recommending new authors. I LOVE MY BOOK EXPRESS.

09 Mar 2011

Book Express is a very unique and special bookstore. They provide excellent customer service and have a wide range of new and used books for a very reasonable price. I have been going to Book Express for about 4 years now and I would recommend them to anyone who loves to read and is looking for a great book! The staff are always very helpful and take special interest in each customer. They remember the authors that I like to read and let me know when new books are coming out by the same authors. If they don't have a book in store that I'm looking for, they are always very happy to put in a custom order for me. They are also great at recommending new authors which I might enjoy reading. I think Book Express is the best bookstore in Perth!!

08 Mar 2011

Great customer service and product knowledge is amazing, remembers what their customers want and make sure they provide it...even to introducing them to new authors.

08 Mar 2011

The Best New and Used Book Shop in Perth!!

Great staff who actually read and know what they are talking about, fair prices and a great stock of books. Never go anywhere else!!

07 Mar 2011

they are the best
so helpful all the time always go out of they way to find my book and always do

07 Mar 2011

I've know Karen since before she began the shop. I have followed from the Wanneroo SC to the Woodvale SC.
The second hand books look like new, the new books are cheaper than or equal to the larger chains. Credit is paid in cash. The staff really know their thing and what they don't know they find out. They will order anything but the rare or uncommon must be paid upfront.

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