3 reviews about Bray Street Hot Bead Shop

03 Oct 2013

Conveniant little bakery. I found pies here to be of average quality. Bread and rolls really nice and I cant comment on the cakes. I have tried a few pies from here both meat varietus and their vegedable. Yhe meat varietys i would raye o.k., the vege was very bland and tastless I would not buy again. Bakery does seem clean and staff are friendly. I believe this bakery use to be related to one at Urunga as many products were the same but this may of since changed. I know it is pretty standard for bakerys to freeze their pies but it is always nicer to think they are all freshly made the night or morning before. Parking is definatly no problem at this bakery as it has its own car park that it shares with only a gew oyhwr little local shops. Over all pretty good value for money as priced well.

Approximate cost: $2.50-5.50

22 Aug 2013

Love this bread shop, it has beautiful bread and pastries and I especially love their sausage rolls and cost around $2.20, very happy with the quality of their food and cheap prices and friendly staff.

20 Aug 2013

My favorite bakery in coffs they have a great selection of bread, rolls, sweets, pies, sausage rolls, pasties, sanwiches. All their food is is delishousand well priced and the staff are super friendly :)

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