Happiness Garden Chinese Restuarant

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10 reviews about Happiness Garden Chinese Restuarant

23 Oct 2016

It under new management it's just called Rootyhill Hill Chinese very nice friendly staff I found it to be quick service

11 May 2016

What happened to Happiness restaurant? Did they move somewhere else? There is a new restaurant in this location, Rooty Hill Chinese Restaurant, I would give it 1 star, poor taste, you can only taste salt, poor quality, more expensive and smaller servings.

kc-mareta276 31 Jul 2016 · 0% Trust

I agree, hard to find good chinese, I miss the Happiness garden crew.

No there still there just new owners it's called Rooty Hill Chinese now

14 Apr 2016

This is a great restuarant great value , best food ever . Unfortunately they appear to have closed . Phone is disconnectd . 04/2016

Approximate cost: $30

22 Jul 2015

very good quality food very consistent great value meals best chinese in the mt druitt rooty hill area

11 Jul 2015

New restaurant owners a few years ago. They also owned a restuarant in Merrylands that I used to go to regularily and now I found them again I'm really happy. No one has been able to meet thier standards they set at the original restaurant 10 yrs ago. Food is always fresh plentiful without breaking the bank service is spot on and fast. Love this place.

Approximate cost: $10

15 Dec 2013

I love the delivery service this restaurant provide, they manage to turn up within half an hour every time. The food is quiet lovely and reasonably priced, The family favorite is the Lemon chicken and the chicken omelets, never failed to satisfy.

This restaurant is worth the try, defiantly beats many Chinese restaurants I have tried in the past.

Approximate cost: $8-$14

21 Nov 2013

Live in the area, and go back to this resturant regularly, delicious food, very friendly staff, cost is very reasonable.

The shop took over the premises of the best cake shop in town and brought us this amazing resturant.

Approximate cost: $8-14

24 Oct 2013

Very friendly staff, great service, excelent food, fresh, the quality is equal or better than very expensive restaurants. We go once a week and have celebrated all our birthdays there.

15 Oct 2013

this is great little new restaurant in rooty hill. Had been 2 others on same street but there quality overtime had diminished and so good to see new place open with great food at very cheap prices for food portions given. Staff are great and eager to assist and take orders very efficiently and accurately

Approximate cost: $14.00

28 Aug 2013

Great little takeaway place in Rooty Hill. good quality food with real taste. The food is great and the price is reasonably low! Its not a flashy plus but you can count on good food.

Approximate cost: $10

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