6 reviews about Horsham Masala Indian Restaurant

29 Jan 2014

my mother said to try out this place when in horsham so me and my wife did im not a huge fan of indian but i was surpriced of the quality of food made here there chicken which i had was so tasty and full of flavours it was so enjoyable easy place to find and when we were here it was very busy as well but still seemed to be served rather fast and never had to wait all that long for our meals either great selection on there menu as well and all priced well great relaxing meal i had here and will eat again for sure when i feel like a little indian again thanks

Approximate cost: $17

10 Aug 2013

My mother in law recommended this place to us as one of the best places to eat in Horsham so wanted to try it out. Not really a fan of Indian foods I was very surprised. The food is beautiful with a great variety on the menu.
Even better that its so affordable.
Pity it isnt open for lunch as that would make a great change for lunch options. Conveinient location is now one of my favourite places to eat

04 Dec 2012

The food is amazing, We normally don't get this sort of food if we are out in a new area but we had a quick look on our phone and saw the amazing reviews my husband and I thought the reviews cant be that good. Well it took us for surprise the food was amazing, The décor could be a little updated but the service was fantastic, Most likely the best service we have gotten from a restaurant like this. We will be going back to this place for sure. The pricing was around the same as any where else.
I highly recommend this place to anyone that is in the Horsham area.

26 May 2011

We love eating here. The Saag Chicken is to die for. Everything is yummy, yummy, yummy and not expensive. We take friends to eat here all the time. Best restaurant experience in Horsham. One friend told me it the best Indian food he has eaten outside of London and that's saying something to all the Poms who love their Indian on a Friday night. Even my kids 2-6 enjoy the experience. We order the butter chicken and a mango lassi for them.

Approximate cost: $10-15

01 Aug 2010

food was so amazing, so many different colours and flavours. the only problem was i couldn't fit it all in!!!

Approximate cost: $16.50

30 Jun 2010

This is a really difficult review to write as my experience AT the restaurant was fantastic. Food was delicious, service was excellent and pricing was pretty good, however what came after was the killer.

My wife, myself and my mother (her first Indian cuisine experience) dined here recently and enjoyed the food amazingly. The flavours were amazing, portions sizes excellent and in general had a really enjoyable experience in the restaurant.

About 6 hours later it was another story. All three of us were struck down with diarrhoea and vomiting. The only thing we ate in common all day was the meal at Horsham Masala.

Needless to say it's not easy to recommend a restaurant that you suspect made you ill.

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