JT's Bakery Cafe

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3 reviews about JT's Bakery Cafe

08 Oct 2014

The food at this bakery is really yummy, Unfortunately they have one lady who works at this bakery who is extremely rude! Every time i go to this bakery I hear the way this one person speaks to customers and I cringe. As there are a lot of great bakeries in the area, i have decided to go elsewhere. Great food, if you can put up with the attitude.

08 Oct 2014

I work down the road from Pinewood S/C and occasionally stop and buy lunch at this bakery. Everytime I have been in there, there is one particular staff member who is always rude and obnoxious and needs to learn some customer service skills. The prices are a bit high compared to the bakery around the corner but the food is always nice.

15 Jan 2010

Delicious chocolate eclairs (fresh cream, not mock cream), lamington & vanilla slices. Super yummy! However, we sometimes refer to it as the "grumpy bakery" - some staff are quite pleasant, but others need a course in friendly customer service. Bakery treats are delicious though.

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