19 reviews about Java Cafe

28 Aug 2014

this place is fantastic. great location friendly staff the place is quite big and very welcoming. i love the coffees and a variety of food they served. kids love it

12 Feb 2014

You get a hellova lot of food for your buck. Great place to take the family out for a meal the food is top notch, the staff are good ad the place is a beaut. One of my favourite places to dine

10 Feb 2014

I have been going to Java since it opened, it's food is top quality.
Java have the best bircher museli in Melbourne!!!!
The red headed barista makes great thickshakes:)

02 Sep 2012

They have great friendly staff, they might be quick or slow at serving the food some days, although waiting for it isn't a problem when what you receive will be great tasting

Approximate cost: $20

07 Jan 2012

ive been here a few times. normally really beautiful food and friendly staff. although the last time i was there we had the manager serve us. we had a table of about 10 people and she got a few of the orders wrong, and then refused to change it to the correct food that my friends had ordered. and she was quite rude about it.

Approximate cost: $15

29 Dec 2011

The most AMAZING eggs benedict I have ever had in my entire life!

Staff fantastic, always service with a smile! Meals not priced unreasonably, especially not for the fantastic meals you receive!!

Approximate cost: $15-20

28 Feb 2011

Dropped in for a very pleasant cappuccino one day and noticed that they also do meals in the evenings. Came back on Friday for their seafood special. Despite a moderate price for seafood we found that they hadn't held back on the quality or quantity. A delightful platter of oysters, prawns, fish, calamari, chips and salad. We'll be back soon!

Approximate cost: $20

26 Feb 2011

This is a real gem, and with a bit of publicity you wouldn't be able to get in the door once the word gets out! A special is offered for dinner Wed-Sunday with Parma, Steaks, Seafood, Pasta and on Sunday kids under 12 eat free. The specials are each priced differently, with the seafood platter for 1 (Fri special) being the most expensive at $20. We were delighted at the seafood we received, grilled fish, 4 oysters, calamari rings, 2 giant prawns, salad and the best chips I've ever had! We were on a Harley so we didn't check out the wine (don't drink on the bike) and we went for the seafood platter so we didn't check out the rest of the menu, but the value for the seafood platter can't be beat! If the rest of the dishes are half as good as the seafood, you won't be disappointed! The food is on par with a fine dining experience and shouldn't be thought of as "just a cafe". They do functions and catering as well and if I ever have the need for either, they will be my first stop. The "ambiance" is very much like a cafe, clean and comfortable, but not much on the romantic side but the food makes up for it! The coffee was really nice too. I'd like to have Equal or Splenda offered instead of "the pink stuff" for sweeteners. As for my rating on service, in Oz, I'd say most would give the service 5 stars as well, but my 4 stars is probably a cultural thing. As an American, I prefer to have someone come to the table and take my order than go to a register and be handed a table number. The only time "service" came into the picture was watching someone wipe down tables and our food was brought to us. On that basis, according to Oz standards, the service was a 5, friendly, smiling. Give these folks a visit you won't be disappointed! They are right off the Frankston Metro line at the Mentone station!

Approximate cost: $20.00

07 Dec 2010

Good coffee, friendly staff and good food. Serves are generous. Child friendly and very big and spacious for prams! Good decor and modern. Close to shops and playground.

19 Sep 2010

Great food. Very decor. Conveniently and centrally located. A great meeting place after school or work.

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