5 reviews about Jong Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant

02 Sep 2014

I was very keen to check out Jong Ga as I was interested in having a true Korean BBQ experience and cooking the meat in front of me. I was left a little bit disappointed though as the quality of the meat was very good and the service left a bit to be desired. There wasn't the range as advertised and it all seemed to be cheap cuts, the buffet selection was quite limited too and all seemed quite old. It was a good experience however I would go elsewhere to do Korean BBQ again.

02 May 2012

I like their buffet for the value.
I wouldn't say it's great food, but if you want to be full without a fuss, it's good place to go.
It's always smoky inside from the BBQ.
Service isn't very efficient.

25 Feb 2012

Korean BBQ - twas our first experience. We had heard great things about this place, but when we first rocked up we were a bit unsure - the decor is lacking and it looks a bit run down. Apparently this is the usual style of a traditional Korean family restuarant. A little bit of westernisation wouldn't go astray - a slap of paint on the walls and some matching tables and chairs with some non-tacky decorations would go along way to making this feel more comfortable, as would some air con! That being said, the food is so good and such good value that you quickly forget your surroundings and just dig in. Next time we go we will be sure to take our kids, as no doubt they will get a kick out of cooking their own food!

22 Nov 2009

Good Value for money Buffet Restaurant. Not the cleanest place around, but certainly reasonably authentic experience for a Korean (with a Japanese hint) Restaurant.

07 Aug 2009

Jong Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant provides great authentic Korean food. Seafood, sushi and lots and lots of other stuff on offer. Yummy food. It is great and worth a try.

Approximate cost: $28

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