3 reviews about Jump And Bounce Trampoline Park

04 Apr 2016

I was Invited to a party where the whole venue was booked out. The person we dealt with that night was a very unfriendly rude lady who made all the kids and parents feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Firstly she didn't allow us to plug in our kettle due to wasting her electricity and that wasn't part of the venue booking, venue was hired until at 8.30 but at 8 she told kids they wernt allowed in anymore. She yelled at my daughter and told her to sit for two minutes. . I have been here previous with old owners but since new ones came I could not believe the behaviour. Yelling at the kids because they were jumping in a jump n bounce venue. She also made it very clear in her loud tone that everything must be cleaned before we leave. It was a kids party with a venue whole booking of corse there is going to be a few paper plates, cups and of corse it was all cleaned before we left but her attitude and face expressions throughout the night ruined these kids birthdays and I would not recommend anyone book this out. I would not have paid her a cent if I were the one having the party. Needs big training on customer service and how to deal with children

14 Jul 2015

I took my family over the holidays and everyone loved it. The staff are friendly and helpful and the food in the cafe is cheap. I booked my sons party there and he cant wait. Thank for a great day out with the family. Kids were $10 each reasonably priced I say

20 Feb 2014

Kids had a good time but far too many rules for little kids and a lack of customer service. Kids were scared of the guy at the foam pit always yelling at them. $15.00 for one hour session. Much prefer the extra travel time to Altona Flip Out!

Approximate cost: $15.00

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