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29 Oct 2013

kmart munno para always has loads of stocks at great prices and if they dont have what you want they are always happy to give rain checks. service does need to be worked on as some of them are quite rude. but over all is easy to find what your looking for and a great store

Approximate cost: $60

19 Aug 2013

A value for money store for your everyday needs, clothing, food, gifts etc. Low prices, lots of stock available and don't get forget to use your Flybuys card to get extra rewards. Self service checkouts make shopping faster and easier. A great place to shop for back to school items or just what you need.

01 Apr 2013

Kmart at Munno Para always have what I need for a good price. I loved that I could get my son a cookie monster dressing gown for only $12! (seeing as he grows so quickly!). I didn't come into contact with any staff members and did self-checkout. One thing I noticed was that perhaps they need a few more checkouts, the lines were extremely long, but it was Easter Saturday...

14 Jul 2012

the store is pretty good, they always have what we need and the prices are very competitive which can be good if you are wanting to save money.

31 May 2012

Since they have done their make over thing I've shopped here more often. The item I buy the most would be underwear. I get matching bra and knickers for $9. You pay that for a g-string every-where else. They still have the dearer items but these are just as good quality. When I've asked for assistance from staff members the have been great. Quite happy to find something out for you or go find something. Love the new prices in this store and makes other stores drop their prices to compete.

09 Apr 2012

Shopping at kmart is very good lots of clothing and items to purchase, price of clothing is very affordable

17 Aug 2011

Its a pity they dont carry a wider range of items like they used to. i think maybe they are concentrating too hard on things geing cheap. Not many staff to help either

30 Jul 2011

For a discount shop, you get what you pay for. There never seems to be enough staff on the floor or at the registers. It also seems that they are always out of stock on either a display item or a particular size or colour on most items. The make-up section always appears to be out of stock at every visit on particular iems. I visit this store weekly as its my only local large department store. It can be frustrating. However, prices are very good.

03 May 2011

Prices at Kmart are unbeatable, great value for money and always have what I'm looking for. Helpful staff when something I wish to purchase isn't in view, overall great products at affordable prices, Kmart is the first place I chose to shop at for any occasion

Approximate cost: $100

07 Feb 2011

Store is clean and easy to find your way around. Staff are helpful. Returns process for wrong purchase or wrong size is easy and hassle free. Price check machines work.

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