8 reviews about Le Wrap

18 Aug 2016

Delicious fresh food, have never had a bad meal from here.
Highly recommend this place. A definite favourite of mine

Approximate cost: $11

08 Jun 2016

I wouldn't recommend anyone to eat here - Stingy! Staff are great, service is not bad, but they are stingy with their servings

03 Nov 2014

Although I would say this a fresh and healthy eating option and establishment, I cant help but be honest and say that there is nothing special about it, and it is just like the many others that are out there.
You pick off the menu and they make it there and then. I had a chicken, mayo wrap.

28 Oct 2014

I have tried wrap once, the wrap was fresh and add food amour of salads. However it was blend food, needs to add more spices. The staff was really good

12 Nov 2013

Good quality food,this is what I opt and stick with as I know it works,ive always had great food from here and have recommended it to friends when there in westfield Parramatta.Service is good too.

11 Nov 2013

Le Wrap specialise in fresh ingredients to create delicious tasting wraps, nachos, salads and their plates, which is either marinated & grilled chicken breast or lean beef strips with grilled mushroom, grilled onion and grilled capsicum, which can be served with their salad or with rice instead!

I personally love the Chicken and Avocado wrap Chicken and Avocado which comes with grilled/ marinated chicken breast strips, guacamole, lettuce, cheese and served with caesar dressing. The nacho's are really tasty here too.

You simply order and pay at checkout and watch as your meal is made in front of your eyes - behind the glass counter , where your meat (protein) is cooked and sliced before the fresh salad ingredients are added. Nice to see it all being made fresh on site too. The service is quick and friendly as well.

Baby_Tankee 12 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

That sounds good, i might try them next time i walk pass. Thanks for the review

26 Jul 2012

Have eaten here a few times, food always fresh, tasty, and always busy here too. It is pricey though the quality, freshness, and quantity of menu/food makes up for it.
Keep up the great work

Approximate cost: $15.00

25 Jul 2012

tried here 1st time for lunch today as my new job is close to this place. Was pretty good place, fresh food and chicken wrap was great.

25 Mar 2010

This place is the best for fresh, and quality food. Their grilled chicken is amazing and worth every dollar. I advice their Cesar salads with grilled chicken pieces.

Approximate cost: $8.95

28 Feb 2010

Had their chicken wraps a few times and they were great. Quite a variety of options is available. Average price. Good as an alternative to the kebab rolls :)

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