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15 Nov 2014

The kids of course love this place, I thought it was dear and the service was not very good, the girl at counter was talking to her friend and could not have cared less about anyone else, we purchased some lollies and left overall dont go there. it was good with nice lollies.

Approximate cost: $12.40

Taraskye 17 Dec 2015 · 100% Trust

good review

10 Aug 2013

i have never seen so many lollies!
I have ordered from lollyworld, their prices are cheap and shipping is reasonable. They have a lot of different brand to choose from popular brand of lollies to lollies i have never seen before

10 Jan 2013

Lollyworld is just amazing! They have such a huge variety of chocolates and lolly both Australian and overseas. They have some great bulk buys deals and often have great seasonal specials for Halloween, Easter andChristmas . They also sell wedding chocolates so they really have something for every occasion.

The prices are the best I have seen, postage is very reasonable and very quick!! We ordered a one kilo chocolate Easter bunny from them last Easter it was well packed and delivered in one piece.

The brands are well known like Allen's and red tulip so you know your getting quality products at great prices.

Highly Recommended!

15 May 2012

Lollyworld is great! So easy to use. Huge range of products, even hard to find products from all over the world. They have great customer service and are extremely helpful. Easy and safe payment options. Prompt delivery. Great way to buy gifts or just to buy something to treat your taste buds. Lollyworld has something for everyone. Will continue to use their services. Highly recommend!

Approximate cost: $from $5

04 May 2012

Lollyworld has a great selection of lollies to suit all diffrent tastes they have a great customer service team they were helpful to help me find what i wanted

03 May 2012

This shop has candy from all over the world, my husband and I buy all our favourites dolly mix and lemon sherbets for me, hubby stocks up on his Dr Pepper soda and his Hershey's chocolate bars...
This is a one stop candy shop for children of all ages......

TanyaWA 10 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

If you have a $2 shop or red dot near you check it out they often have cheap lollies like $1 or $2 a packet and drinks as well
If you go on you can sometimes get there catalouges emailed to you
If you can get Nestles Turtles from Canada definetly worth a try
They are shaped like little turtles covered in chocolate have caramel and a pecan they are individually wraped My sister use to bring or send them to me This year my brother got me a cool tin one

20 Feb 2012

I love this shop as it has everything I love...Chocolate bullets in small bags through to bulk bags. It is a great place to grab a gift for those who love chocolate.

19 Jan 2012

Lollyworld stocks fantastic Gluten Free lollies. Most of the GF lollies are horrid but these are the best. Staff friendly and good variety.

08 Aug 2011

you cant go wrong with this place! love love love it! has everything you could want and everyones got a smile

Approximate cost: $20

27 Apr 2011

I have been coming here for years. Great selection for special treats from arounf the world. I myself am partial to Dutch licorice and come for the large variety they have for sale. Always friendly, helpful and good humoured service in this family operation. They also deliver via on-line orders.

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