Lyrebird Pearls

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5 reviews about Lyrebird Pearls

16 Mar 2012

Excellent customer service Ursula very friendly and very helpful in helping me decide on product selection. Also very fast delivery of goods.

05 Aug 2011

I was searching for a pair of flameball pearl earrings to complement my flameball pearl necklace. I came half-way around the world (on the internet) to find this pair at Lyrebird Pearls. They match perfectly and the quality is excellent! The delivery time to the USA was very fast, and it was very well packaged. Also included was a pearl care kit, which is very much appreciated. Thanks Ursula, for great service!

23 Jun 2011

My husband purchased a beautiful bracelet from Lyrebird Pearls for my birthday. I love it! It is unique (which I love) and the colour of the pearls is perfect. This is a treasured gift that will be loved by me (and my daughter I am sure) for many years to come. Ursula has an awesome knowledge of her products and genuinely loves her work, which makes it such a pleasure to deal with her. Her customer service is second to none and she is only to o happy to assist with any queries and issues.

22 Jun 2011

I purchased a beautiful and truly unique bracelet for my wife and she was so impressed by it and wears it always - she absolutely loves it. Lyrebird pearls are wonderful, hand-crafted works of art to cherish for many, many years - I was really impressed by Ursula's knowledge and friendliness. I will definitely purchase another gift from Lyrebird Pearls. Thank for heaps of brownie points - easiest and best gift for my wife ever!

Approximate cost: $55

20 Jun 2011

I was at the Bendigo Square market this weekend and I was blown away by Ursula's knowledge! I have never really been into pearls that much and I was just browsing but by the end of her pearl talk I just had to buy something. I never knew freshwater mussels could be nucleated with 30 to 40 pearls at once, and all the new types...flameball pearls and keshi petal pearls, I mean WOW I always thought pearls were plain round and white! I've never seen the amazing colours and the shine was stunning!

I bought a pair of mauve flameball dangley drop earrings on beautiful swirly handmade wire hooks. They come with a lifetime guarantee, so far nothing has happened but I think it's impressive that apparently if it broke I can send it off to her and it'll be fixed and posted back to me at no cost. I wish my husband came with the same guarantee!

Approximate cost: $139

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