8 reviews about Michael's Fish and Chips

10 Sep 2014

My man usually orders everything for me but he seems to go back often and I would only assume it's because of great service along with their awesome flakes!

Approximate cost: $40

17 Oct 2013

decent priced, close to station & quick service

the chips were nice and crispy, not soggy

only downside was the fact that i had to pay extra for tomato sauce

05 Oct 2012

Best fish and chip shop in the area, friendly staff, we always get a few extra potato cakes thrown in for free. The Fish is always cooked perfectly, delicious crisp batter and very tasty grilled too. My partner likes the plain hamburgers.

Approximate cost: $20

28 Apr 2011

magnificent food and always fresh
best fish and chips in the western suburbs
always order from there

22 Jan 2010

I ordered 6 calamari rings after seeing their fresh calamari in their refrigerated display window. I ended up getting six fried fake calamari rings. They went out the back and got some frozen processed packet of fake calamari rings which tasted more like low grade fish molded into rings and deep fried. One bite and I threw the rest out. I didn't get what I paid for. The ones I saw on display were just there for looks. False marketing.

Approximate cost: $15

nathank1 04 Nov 2010 · 0% Trust

Thats funny as i have been going there for over 6 yrs and they use nothing but fresh seafood including calamari rings. One thing that puts this shop over the rest is that it does not pre fry any of their food wich a lot around this area do.

29 Jun 2009

We've been getting our fish and chips from Michaels for years now... They're food is above standard for fish and chips, I think it's the oil they use... We always get more than what we ordered, whether it be another small piece of fish or a couple more dim sims or potato cakes...

Try their burgers! :)

17 Sep 2007

The food is always cooked beautifully and the service is excellent, they are always friendly and polite.

Approximate cost: $-

14 Sep 2007

The staff at Michaels are friendly and always welcome you with a smile. Everytime I go there they chat no matter how busy they are. When I place a phone order, if they say it's going to be ready by a certain time it is. The shop is clean the food is good and the people are very personable.

Approximate cost: $Varies

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