7 reviews about Narregate Medical & Dental Centre

23 Apr 2017

Do NOT visit! 2 hr waiting time for ONLY 3 mins with a doctor.

23 Jul 2012

I used to visit a doctor here before they put a tax on top of the bulk billing... for the quality of the service they offer is not really worth paying the extra money

17 May 2012

The quality of Narregate is alright although chould be better. I love how you can finish your appointment and get whatever you need from the pharmacy inside Narregate.

06 Oct 2011

My doctor here is good, helped me with my weight loss, provided useful diet, information and was a very good motivator- not just appetite pills , I don't know about the others but I imagine the same. I generally private bill, don't like to wait at some of the other clinics, could be cheaper though. Open most days and till late which is a plus.

11 Jul 2011

You will have to pay extra on top of the bulk billing for exactly the same service you would get elsewhere for no extra charge. Pharmacy in the center is handy, but a bit overpriced as well.

Approximate cost: $`

07 Jul 2011

I do not use this clinic very often but it is a great back up clinic for our family as they are open 7 days a week and are open later at night.
They also have a pharmacy in the centre so very handy to get sick kids scripts filled quickly without having to try and find an out of hours pahramacy

01 Apr 2010

great doctor surgery. can usually getting very quickly the doctors seem very carring and friendly and have never sterred me wrong. plenty of things available in the centre such as patology and ultra sounds great place to go i take my kids all the time

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