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12 Apr 2017

Ok .Didn't think it was as good as other reviewers. Colour could have matched better . Cut is ok and probably will get better as it settles in ,Niether GREAT nor terrible ..hence the 3 stars

Approximate cost: $163

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Hello Leigh ,

Thankyou for the fast review.

But You forgot to mention you came 30 mins late to your appointment today which for New Guests I need at least them to be in my salon 5 , 10mins before there appointment time as your know I work on my own & I still managed to work around it considering I had other clients today I had to keep waiting.

YOU Also mentioned you needed your eyebrows done? I recommended my partners salon. I don't think that's hard sell in anyway I recommend her to all my new guests.

Most people know both me and my partner I don't need to "hardsell" her in anyway. She's speaks for herself.

In NO WAY did I mention about your previous hairstyles as I just met you today how would of known what you have had done in the past!!

I did in fact mention your fringe needed to grow out longer to blend in more with the texture we added today .

If you're unhappy with your regrowth colour I would of happily changed it.

I appreciate your review but you came to me with a purpose today and this was it.

I usually let things like this go but considering I serviced you today with the up most respect and Quality considering you came late to your appointment as I do every guest who visits me at my salon.

09 Feb 2017

Awesome!!! Such a great salon. Nik is a total natural, he did my hair today and I have a beautiful colour and cut, love it. He listens to what you ask for, then puts his own professional spin on it. I highly recommend this salon. Thank you Nik!

01 Apr 2014

Nikola saved my hair!! As i had a bad experience which left my hair is a terrible state in another salon. He put my faith back in trusting a hairstylist. thx

Approximate cost: $170

09 Oct 2013

Walking into this salon was amazing, the smell and quality of their products were immaculate! Nik dresses to impress and the girls are just gorgeous. I felt comfortable and confident with the staff, Erin who was doing my hair was so fun to talk to and I left the salon feeling pampered and beautiful! Definitely not looking for another salon! I had my hair belayage, toned, washed, cut, blow dried and styled for what I felt was very reasonably priced.

03 Jun 2013

a friend told me her stylist Nik is one of the best haircutter's first off his salon is WOW felt like i was in New york not like your average hairsalon "no wallpaper's and cheap chairs" ! you can tell he has spent time and effort tt create a environment for his clients, so onto the hair his detail with my hair was amazing from the consultation to the finish result didn't want to leave the salon to be honest , im a client for life now.

13 Feb 2013

I have been looking around for good hairdressers, and this wasn't it. I also asked for an overall trim, but all he did was pretty much just cut my longest layer off and left the back layers the exact same length. It was quite a disappointing and boring haircut. He also seemed really interested in selling hair colour, and didn't seem to care about what I wanted. Its only saving grace was the lady who finished the blow dry, they sure can make you look good. I normally don't need to ask hairdressers to blow my hair straight to check the cut, but I would recommend this for newcomers.

Approximate cost: $70

12 Mar 2012

just like every other person who commented on this blog i agree with. Nik and he's team are amazing from the service to the hair such a young guy with a big future ahead of him 5/5 for me thanks nik for fixing my hair...sez xo

visit there web page and subscribe www.nikolakrstevsalon.com.au

12 Feb 2012

Trying to find a good hairdresser in Wollongong was also impossible till i found Nik Krstev Salon, I left his salon like a new person, the cut and colour was the best i had ever had, he talked through different options like a professional should, nik you are my saviour, bad hair days are now a thing of the past.

21 Dec 2011

i have been to every salon in wollongong and never been happy with my hair.... until i met nik @nikolakrstevsalon he transformed me with a balijah creative colour and a style cut which i have to admit is one of the best colour's i have seen and its on me lol. and he is such a top guy wish him all the best for 2012 you guy's rock as im a nik supporter 4life. look him up on facebook "nikola krstev salon"

Approximate cost: $190

31 Oct 2011

Nik has to be one of the best stylist i have came across in my life... and i always leave my hair up to him.... always.... bec.. #nikolakrstevsalon

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