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59 reviews about Pulse Laser Relief

27 Nov 2017

My GP told me I have osteoarthritis in one knee and that there was nothing to be done about it other than to take painkillers. Happily my chiropractor suggested I try cold laser treatment, which was so effective I invested in my own Pulse Laser. I'm really impressed! The device itself is easy to use, which is handy if you are useless at reading directions, and so far I have had a definite improvement in what was a severely limiting condition. I don't know whether it is a cure, but I'm going to keep at it and find out.

Approximate cost: $575

13 Nov 2017

I am in love with this product!! I suffer from POTS and it has helped me to manage the illness and function a lot better on a daily basis. I use it on the points on my body to help support my autonomic function and tachycardia with the instruction and monitoring of my chiropractor who introduced me the Laser. It has truly helped my quality of life. Well worth the money.

11 Nov 2017

Yes, excellent device. Every family should have one with young children or older folk with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Good for lumbosacral disc disease, easing shoulder pain and tennis elbow. Use them in my clinic and bought another so I could use at home. Excellent value as same configured device costs an unbelievable $2500 AUD more!!

Approximate cost: $575

08 Nov 2017

In April 2016, my wife had a fall at our local shopping centre resulting in a fractured right elbow and pelvis. After some surgery to mend her elbow fracture she had various treatments of physiotherapy, ultrasound and then advised to seek help from physiotherapists who specialised in laser treatment.

She found some comfort from this treatment and after a few of these it was suggested to her that we purchase one of your units.

We thought it somewhat expensive at first and also that it was just a ‘Placebo Effect’! Further uses convinced us of its considerable help in relieving pain in the troublesome area of her lower back.

I too have found it rewarding in use on my thumb joints and find that treatment is only necessary about once a week for 5 minutes.
We have let friends try our unit with agreeable responses!

Thank you,
John L.

10 Aug 2017

The pulse laser has helped me with my inflamed shoulder. I can use it anywhere, anytime.
I strongly recommend it to anyone with inflammation.

16 Jun 2017

I use the device to help control lymphedema. It is hard to judge how much effect it has but I definitely think it has helped.

Approximate cost: $575

14 Feb 2017

I started to use the Handy Cure Laser after my initial laser course at Quantum Pain Management, at the recommendation from the doctor there.

I have severe arthritis on the medial side of my left knee and after tearing the medial meniscus it exposed bone on bone. I managed this with Synvisc injections from my orthopaedic surgeon over two years but these became ineffective. I then had PRP injections, a course of three with good effect which lasted for several months.

In October 2016 after reading about cold laser I contacted Quantum. I am a specialist doctor and understand the process.

I completed the initial laser course in early December 2016 and went on a trip to Patagonia where I was trekking in the mountains. I took the Handy Cure with me and used it after a long walk. Initially we were trekking for 5 consecutive days then had 3 days rest then 2 more consecutive days, 2 days rest and shorter easier walks over the next 5 days. I used the Handy Cure during the big treks. I had minimal pain which settled well with minimal discomfort in between.

I had my final check up with Quantum on 30th January and don’t need to see them again. I have been advised to get another PRP injection to assist the healing process from cold laser. I trek train walk for 3 hours one night a week and over the next 3 months every second Sunday morning. I plan to trek in Nepal in October so if the current improvement continues that should be possible.

24 Jan 2017

I have used the laser following major surgery for Lipoedema on swelling, inflammation, scars and lymphatics. I found it be amazing in reducing all of these symptoms and improving the healing and decreasing the pain and uncomfortable tension associated with this surgery. It has enabled me to provide my own treatment rather than seeing a therapist for regular treatments at a larger cost. As it has so many uses I know it will come in handy for other members of my family. Thank you

19 Jan 2017

I use the Handy Cure Laser for a range of things, from keeping my fibromyalgia under control, to headaches, to cramps after exercise. Even my partner, who was sceptical, uses it for his reflux now and any back twinges he gets. 'Handy' is definitely the word - it's like a painkiller, only much much better!

18 Jan 2017

the pulse laser relief is very effective in reducing inflammation. i have MS and the laser reduces the inflammation and consequent spasticity. My chiropractor recommended it.

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