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17 Jun 2010

We have just decided to sell our house, we did the usual thing and called in 3 real estate agents to discuss price and how they will sell our house, 2 of 3 wanted to do an auction..with $3000 advertising..thats expensive!

We both dont work on the weekends when agents do their open homes, we have decided to give it a go at selling our own home, we are using a company called Real Estate By Owner who have a website where we have uploaded our own pics and a description of our home.

We have stated genuine buyers only and have recieved a decent feedback rate so far

Approximate cost: $200

Ah....Yoda 15 Sep 2010 · 100% Trust

Nickj1 , have you sold your house yet as I would be interested in any feed back . We have just listed our unit in Hervey Bay

meggas72993 22 Sep 2012 · 50% Trust

What is their website? I went to and I couldn't seen any $200 option.

toDi 18 Nov 2012 · 70% Trust

I wish i had read this a week earlier, have just signed up with an agent. please keep us posted on the outcome and the experience of the process. I would love to give the agents the flick

17 Jun 2010

I have just listed my house for sale, I have not used an agent because they are so damn expensive..I believe that I can sell my own house. I am using a website called Real Estate by Owner..I have uploaded pictures and an ad of my house.

The agent wanted $1200 advertising and then I had to pay $9000 in agents commission when my house sold...bugger that!

Approximate cost: $200

colleens3 23 Aug 2010 · 90% Trust

I'm interested to know - have you sold?

marys19 23 Jun 2011 · 50% Trust

Do anything to prevent an agent listing your home they are sharks and charge alot for nothing...and when they cant get a sale they sue you for a commission if you sell it yourself......they are nothing better tha parasites.

17 Jun 2010

I have just listed my land with Real Estate By Owner, its a free service where I can sell my own land or home and save paying agents commissions. The agent wanted $2000 advertising up front and a sales commission of $10,000!

Approximate cost: $0

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