Sails on the Bay Cafe & Restaurant

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10 reviews about Sails on the Bay Cafe & Restaurant

20 Jan 2012

I loved this restaurant. I chose it for my sons 16th birthday dinner. My son is a celiac and the choices he had on the menu were great, its one of the first times he has enjoyed dining out, brilliant!! i dont know why people harp on about 'value for money' these restaurants arent about having a good feed but rather enjoying the art of food. I loved it and despite some comments below i was stuffed full afterwards! my daughters birthday is in may - hopefully be back then!

31 Dec 2010

The views of elwood beach are amazing and i recommend on a warm night siting outside! The food is super and the wine list extensive!

Approximate cost: $26

25 Jul 2010

had dinner there once for my birthday, it's not cheap but great seafood and atmosphere. the cafe next to the restaurant is the best place to enjoy a cup of coffee with the view.

20 May 2010

Sails on the Bay is brilliantly located and was just perfect for our day.. we loved the atmosphere and organisation.. everything ran very well. the entree (pork belly) was fab - our guests voted the sticky date pudding as fantastic!!
Thanks from Erin and Chris.

Approximate cost: $medium

30 Mar 2010

I had my birthday dinner at Sails with my family in Jan 2010. The atmosphere was great and the service top noch. Indeed the room was very glary and hot being 38 deg outside, but the restaurant was very good to make it more comfortable for us. The food was delicious - fine qulity oysters, and the entree was delicious. My Miso risotto was a bit too salty!! The serving is small, but that's what you get for fine dining. I ordered a $70 cake for 7, it was expensive, but we had the cake instead of dessert. Everyone loved the Raspberry/chocolate cake, and complimented the freshness of the cake. They make the cake onsite.
Had a great time overall.

10 Nov 2009

This is a very posh restaurant with prices to match. The meals are tiny and very expensive, but it is right on the beach and it has excellent service. When the sun sets it can be very glarey, but they try their best to shield the sun with shades.

melanieh11 20 Jan 2012 · 60% Trust

I went there a week ago, the meals were not tiny?

16 Sep 2009

This is a fine dining restaurant. Very fine food and great service - big downfall is parking and the fact you have to pay - but the view is fantastic. It is expensive and dont get too much for your money

26 Jun 2009

sails is just in a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean in elwood. the food there is always quite nice and the staff are very quick and nice. the food sometimes does take a while however

27 Feb 2009

Just a lovely dining expirience, perfect food, waiter was promt and not in your face all the time. Atmosphere and setting was great, enjoyed the night and could not fault the restuarant all all.....and I am an ex chef...

Approximate cost: $35 - 40

01 Jan 2009

Excellent - what an awesome restaurant & an amazing sunset view over the water. Great service & food. The atmosphere was calm & relaxing with a hint of romance as the sun sets. The menu is utterly fantastic.

Approximate cost: $20 - $70

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