2 reviews about Totoka Day Spa

28 Jan 2012

DO NOT buy a deal from this company. It is next to impossible to get an appointment. They do not answer their phone, they do not call you back, and they refuse to make appointments by email. Their customer service is absolutely shocking. UPDATE UPDATE After three months of ringing Totoko Day Spa I finally tried their business phone number instead of the number on the offer and they did ring back, but did sound slightly irritated that I rang on the wrong number. I explained the difficulty I had and received an appointment. Four days before the appointment date, I received a text advising me that the appointment was the day before and no refund would be given. I phoned them and they confirmed the text was an error and my appointment was four days away. They day before the appointment they rang and asked if I could come ealier and I said I would try. On the day of the appointment, I arrived half an hour early but still had to wait until my alloted time, even though there were no other customers, while two assistants tried to fix their broken down computer system. When I finally went through to the treatment room, the attendant had to leave the room 3 times to get equipment that she had forgotten to put in the room. The quality of the massage was good but my appointment ended half an hour earlier than the time allocated on the offer. Overall I would not use their service again.

Approximate cost: $49

15 Oct 2011

I came here for a 3 hour treatment and it was absolutely perfect. They were so busy that they opened up on a day that they usually don't trade on to cater for more and new clients. The staff opened the door for me, I filled in my details and off I went into the lovely treatment room where the bliss started. My experience was fantastic and I even left with a wonder brand new skin care package that is certified organic.

Give them a go :)

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