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04 Jun 2016

Small and cozy venue. Good old fashioned Warm Afghan hospitality. The exotic interior colors and the rugs create a magical atmosphere. Most importantly the food is hearty and full of flavor. Afghan cuisine is a mixture of middle eastern, Indian, Persian and Asian influences. The menu consists of BBQ meat dishes, kebabs, curries and several vegetarian options.

25 Apr 2013

Delicious food and great service. I loved this place!
My husband and I were eager to try a different cuisine and thought we'd give afghan a go. We certainly weren't disappointed!

14 May 2010

Fantastic service and amazing food! The restaurant is decked out in afghan art and is quite small and quaint so you wont be affected by large loud groups whilst you enjoy your intimate dining experience.

Approximate cost: $20

19 Jul 2008

Reserved a table for 5, however when arrived, had to increase to 6, the staff were more than happy to assist by increasing my table size.
We all had the $35 banquet which was absolutely wonderful! BYO for this restaurant is great. The small restaurant space that seats approx 42 guests and the two waiters were very helpful explaining the dishes being served and came with a very friendly smile. Great dining experience.

Approximate cost: $25

14 Nov 2007

If you're keen to try something different that's delicious, this is the place to go. There are several banquet options that come highly recommended and are reasonably priced. The eggplant dish and the mung beans are a must.

Approximate cost: $25 - 35

27 Aug 2007

Fantastic Afgan food at this place. The service is great and there's a nice atmosphere. This place is best enjoyed sharing dishes between friends to get a taste of everything.

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