10 reviews about ALDI

18 Jul 2015

ALDI is the only Supermarket from where my Grocery, Household, Clothes, Furnitures etc are purchased. 80% of shopping in the year is done from ALDI. there is hardly any section of products which is not covered by Aldi. Superb Price,Quality & Service too. Great Return - Refund policy. Hassle free. Thank u

Approximate cost: $1000

08 Sep 2013

as aldi is its quite good on the pocket for bulk items, I like this one in Werribee but prefer the new Wyndhamvale one as this one is hard to get in off the main rd and the parking area is quite cramped and small. They need to extend their carpark for sure would make this alot more popular due to being in the main strip

13 Aug 2013

It is one of the best grocery shop. It has quality items on reasonable price. 2litre milk is less than $2 and many more discounted products. It is bit far from my place , otherwise would love to my regular shopping over there.

12 Aug 2013

i have visited aldis often when they have the specials you need to be quick as they are gone quickly some of the items cant be found again if you want to purchase again..not all that wrapped in some of the strange where from food lables like to stick to brands i know ..have to pay for carry bags and pack your own goodies ..i am a pensioner and find that they can not get you away from the register as fast as possible no thought for elderly people that dont move as fast as they would like prefer to shop at supermarket

Approximate cost: $80

09 Aug 2011

pretty good of all the supermarkets around its probable the best. good qaulity at good value. if cklose enough always go first.

12 Jan 2011

Aldi is a good, cheap place to buy groceries. They have a very big range of products and it is much cheaper than most other supermarkets. the quality is still good

14 Aug 2009

Great alternative to the supermarkets. Their weekly one off products are always value for money. Be quick they are limited numbers.
Basic household items are must to buy as there is little difference to some leading brands.Good refund/return policy.

05 May 2009

This aldi is an excellent store with good quality groceries and it is very cost effective and the staff are friendly and the service is excellent. Good value for money for all products

01 Feb 2009

I also Love this Aldi's , the service is fantastic , great products , very reasonable prices . There is no way my family could have half the things we do without this store.

04 Jun 2008

I love Aldi's! Great products, great prices. I am shopping here more and more and can't wait for the Point Cook one to open. No risk in trying products with the return/refund policy.

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