6 reviews about Aldi

06 Sep 2011

Shopping at ALDI is always a pleasure. Not only can you get inexpenisve food but they have lots of interesting stuff to purchase like computers and other electronics.

Approximate cost: $200

19 Jun 2010

I am so glad that we have such a great Aldi store near us. I love seeing all the new specials every week and the great quality products that they sell. It is a large store with a wide variety of things on sale whether it be regular shopping such as food or TVs, stereos, vacuums, stationary etc. You can't beat a great store like aldi when it comes to quality and wanting to save money.

19 Sep 2009

Aldi Store is the best store for food and variety shopping like fridges freezers
CD players mobile phones batteries remotes, CD'S
books, they sell most things but for over half the price of other stores

29 Aug 2009

first Aldi store on the Central Coast. They always have great specials, good quality products. Fruit and vegies are on bargain price. They have some great tasting chocolates and biscuits.

26 Jul 2009

This is a good sized Aldi store with plenty of parking right at the door. I love a shop with easy parking!! Always has the advertised specials in stock and has plenty of checkouts.

20 May 2008

So much to choose from at prices cheaper than Coles & Woolworths. They have great weekly specials - everything from DVD players to clothes. There regular range is always cheap & the quality is superb.

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