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13 Jun 2007

Great smash repairer

When my car was hit by someone in a parking lot, AAMI awarded the job to Armstrongs. There was some pre-existing damage on the front bumper so I asked them how much more it would cost to have this fixed. Lindsay did a great deal because the paint was already been mixed. We have since had him do a number of other repairs some where the insurer wasn't involved.

Approximate cost: $0

Han 26 Jan 2009 · 0% Trust

If your bar was getting repaired, old existing damage on the bar should have been fixed for FREE. I personally believe that you shouldn't have been charged on top of what the insurance company was paying. He was repairing the bar anyway and to do a job properly, you have to paint the full bar, so doing a few extra repairs is not much more work. You wouldn't paint over scratches and peeling paint because you will see whatever is there, just with colour on top. Plus for the paint to stick, you have to rub and prepare the area. I'm sorry but i see it as the company taking advantage of you. Sorry

Tracy1 28 Jan 2009 · 95% Trust


The damage he was fixing under insurance was on the rear bumper not the front bumper... Therefore he was not obliged at all to repair the front bumper but he did a great deal on it because he already had the paint mixed. Might want to read it properly before commenting next time.

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